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How to get better at RP?

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When I am with a partner I focus on what I am feeling and what she may be feeling. Then I put that in words. If the partner is also descriptive it is a lot of fun. I do not follow any rules or script and at times started with some defined roles as openers. One of my favorite is Pizza Delivery man when she only has credit cards and I have to take cash. She has to pay by other means. Or she is a doctor who has to "fix" my ramrod.

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  • Listen to what the other says. Imagine how it would feel if they did that to you. React and immerse yourself in that.
  • Don't feel wedded to a scenario you have in your head. Allow yourself to follow the flow. All plans change with other humans beings involved. The best sex you just both... follow where it leads.
  • Focus on them. Don't be having too many distractions.
  • Show them you want them, that you need them.
  • Don't take too long responding. Sometimes a short punchy reply is better than none at all.
  • Learn rhythm. The best sex (for me) starts with long paragraphs... but as the excitement builds... got shorter... and shorter..... and shorter... and.... ohhhh.. ;)


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