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Jason McCree

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Photoshoot with “Huge” surprises:

#Alisonn came to me the other day and asked me if I would like to do a photoshoot for one of her friends too and of course I could not resist a nice offer like that. 

So contact was made with Crescendoo & Natasub 2 wonderful love birds.

We had a nice chat about what they wanted.


I wanted to start with the photoshoot and asked if they were ready to take their clothes off.

Well I didn’t have to ask that twice… clothes come off that quick then when I blinked once they were off. 

And then in needed to duck away because Natasub was walking towards me and passing me by in the room. She had a fricking huge cock :o 

I hadn’t read their profiles so I was in for a real surprise and then only to discover Crescendoo has one too^^.  :blink:


I must say that somewhere deep down I have a little soft spot for this. All though my own ass is very “holy” to me :P I would love to participate in 1 on 1 or 3 some session one Transgender in the mix. But my ass stays closed!  :P

With a little idea of what to expect (so I thought ) I started on the photoshoot.


Crescendoo took her spouse right on the bed in a pose that  was well in expected to start off with

She started really to bang her spouse really hard. Like you wouldn’t believe. Natasub’s cock was banging all over the place… so hard so fast that I almost couldn’t a steady shot and when I finally had it…. I hear Crescendoo already scream of enormous pleasure…. An orgasm that’s out of this world.

I focused my camera and try to take a shot with her cock almost out of her ass and see a huge thick load of cum pumping & dripping out of Natasub’s ass.

Unfucking believable what a load….  :o


That made Natasub so fucking horny that not long after she also exploded with extreme force i might add on to herself.

Natasub’s throbbing cock was pumping the loads out of her on her on tits, neck and a bit on her face. Thick longs swirls of sperm whooshed and rolled over her body.

Holy shit!!! So fucking hot that was it got even me hard! Not professional I know but hey what can a man do right? Only human  :P


Crescendoo and Natasub got up and Crescendoo started sucking Natasub in a we guys only dream of.

Nice an sloppy, she had her hands firmly on Natasub’s cock. The thick cum was all over her cock and was dripping off.

Natasub’s body was drenched in her own cum… and her cock was still pumping cum in Crescendoo’s mouth… I was amazed to see how much it was….


The Natasub got on her knees and grabbed the cock of Crescendo firmly and suck her dry. I mean realy dry. Only thing that remained was the cum on Natasub’s mouth.


And the something I had seen before happened (with #Surreal and #Alisonn) but all to horny.

While Natasub was dripping with cum and her cock was still dripping as well… she pushed Crescedoo on to the bed and started kissing and cum swapping. :wub:


All that shiny cum was smooshed around their faces. The cum was squeezing from their lips while they were kissing and oozing down their chin dripping on to the bed which was soaked with cum.


A big puddle of cum. :o

As they were kissing and moaning and stroking each other’s cock slowly they even didn’t notice I was there anymore.

So with the shots I took I left them a little note and left with a huge HUGE boner! 

This was unbelievable fun, horny and beautiful.

Thanks to Crescendoo & Natasub for posing. Was great incredible fun.  ;)

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Thanks to the wonderfull most sexy #Evalv. The shots i took with her and the contrast realy turns out amazing. SHe’s also wonderfull and very kind and has a very naughty mind :P

This one is going to be continued as there will be a story added to this one written by #Evalv her self.. 















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A shoot with #PetrovaFord "Personal - Trainer" Shoot.

Meber here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/user/14511-petrovaford/

Thanks a lot for you time hun!! was so much fun!!! <3

Peeps, have a look at her website: https://petrovaford.wixsite.com/petrovaford you can see the full shoot at here website or at my thumblr page.






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The lovely couple #Chouun & #Vampixie
(Vampixie is a hybrid Vampire that had one red eye and one green and can grow a cock when an other female has a cock or uses a didlo :P  :D )


Was fun to work with them. Thanks for posing Girls.


@ #Vampixie i will come back to you sometime soon about my vampire story. As soon as i’ve figured out a nice setting. 
One thing is for sure, it's going to be a big shoot and serval edits per picture of all sorts of story / erotic vamp side, with filters / gothem like dark setting...












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Been out of the running due to a nasty cold/flue but getting backup again and been bussy fine tunning the website and uploading pics.

New Avi & Real Pics & Shoots added to my website. Have a look at:




Some examples that have been uploaded:




​Much more at:


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New photoshoots added to my website:


Shoots are:

  • The Drenched Dance with Larienna
  • Hot Coffee with SexxxyJessica
  • Fountain of Love with Natasub
  • Personal Trainer with PetrovaFord

Aslo new feature added, you can now watch pictures FULL screen and also “like” pictures.



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