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[solved] Servers down?

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Almost 5 hours now, this update better be worth eets, like new clothes, dance moves, 5 new clubs, a pet, a ferrari, and weapons.

Hi all! We are sorry for the inconvenience. We lost vigilance today. We are trying to fix the music in the next few hours.

In other more pressing news.   Pensioner’s Giant Cock Has Become A Tourist Attraction.   http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/uk_57ad8964e4b01f97d8f255fa?utm_hp_ref=uk-weird-news   Yeah, I read some weird s

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Something profound and philosophical to mull over while you pass the time.


Do we have free will?




Also called the dilemma of determinism, we do not know if our actions are controlled by a causal chain of preceding events (or by some other external influence), or if we are truly free agents making decisions of our volition. Philosophers (and now some scientists) have been debating this for millennia, and with no apparent end in sight. If our decision making is influenced by an endless chain of causality, then determinism is true, and we do not have free will. However, if the opposite is true, what's called indeterminism, then our actions must be random — what some argue is still not free will. Conversely, libertarians (no, not political libertarians, those are other people), make a case for compatibilism — the idea that free will is logically compatible with deterministic views of the universe. Compounding the problem are advances in neuroscience showing that our brains make decisions before we are even conscious of them. However, if we do not have free will, then why did we evolve consciousness instead of zombie-minds? Quantum mechanics makes this problem even more complicated by suggesting that we live in a universe of probability and that determinism of any sort is impossible. Moreover, as Linas Vepstas has said, "Consciousness seems to be intimately and inescapably tied to the perception of the passage of time, and indeed, the idea that the past is fixed and entirely deterministic, and that the future is unknowable. This fits well, because if the future were predetermined, then there'd be no free will and no point in the participation of the passage of time."




Anyway! Off to work I go.

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I guess we can just talk here then, wot the heckins I say hehehehe

My day was pretty good and I slept pretty goods too :))

How was your day Catterdoodle?

Hope to be smoochin on ya lippies el pronto no bamboozlins :P

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss <3


2troos an totes magoats hehehe

Day was lamers tho, workins the whole times boooooo an now i dun even get ta see yas...cant stay ups too late neithers


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