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Awe Jimmy I think your wrong for the most part. And Drama only gets to people when they take every little thing to heart. For instance I got one guy maybe two that love to try to push my buttons. I wi

... ... ...   I guess ...   If that works... This could work too...   Private messages have become nothing other then a hate and drama center that serves no purpose at all. Everybody is so mean to me

Turn off notifications, don't read, problem solved.  

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Close down this thread  :P





saw the "upcomig flames" n posts (in this already mentioned, unnecessary waste of time, harddisk and webspace in other words and with mr.iceCub's best ever 'serioulsy gif' a freakn, fukn, bloody pages before this 2nd n last post - fullstop) poping into my eyes through my mobile phone device at a fam-xmas-lunchtime 50 miles away from home... and, i was just havn n enjoyn an awesomly n gorgeous, incredibile n fantastic an so intense good fuck, lol sry, i ment duck (quack quack) and shortly ... nearly had to mentally:



... again, as evrytime, when i saw a new post, without evn readn or clickn on, or "in it" ... since the appereance of 'this topic' - that just simply produced, generated n created a feeling like in that vomit.gif above^^ didnt evn read anything actully due a lack of vomitbags n precious lifeTime and only "overflew it" - till i quickly n suddenly  - just saw freya's answer - n simply clapped n applauded to here, also menatlly ofc ... and yes gizmo'n lisa, for christ sake, the sake of urself and literally US @ll inhere




simply just fukn close down this topic as freya wrote^^ and lol, "losing my shit" like in that pic?! hahaaa, it sure takes mucho, mucho and much more ... till that happenZ with & "in me" lol, naughty U, yes u readn "this shit" now: and lol again, i didnt mean that deep "in me" at all, lol 3.0 and who was talkn n typn of 'deep' and 'in me' or U n US and this rediciouls idea of closing WC anyway!?!? i only can imagine, cause im not much on like with "the needles" up my arms in this game 24/7 in he beginning anymore, but 4 that, in a mucho more "healtier way" and sure, U BET and ik that WC can sometimes be just like writtn somewhere in my forumprofile - just like these forum n gamimg days - some some days - "a real bitch" and on atleast, or only on somedays, its better to enter both maybe with a bulletproof vest! thinks: wtf, im writn here n who cares anyway, lol!

so joking seriously, or seriously joking ... ill just quote freya again, before evn think of opening only 1 fukn single, m**** f***** browser task, to waste my fukn time not any bloody further with a fukn 'Close this Shit' pig, aeh, pic or gif gememmels und geraffels and  last lol 4.0 - what did i just say? i knew id simply just couldnt resist lettn this WoTp end without any "visual efffects ... as u now apparentl see below" -

Close down this thread close.jpg?id=90768933




auf was? auf wie? aufwiedersehen!
- habe fertig -


soz guyz 4 "faul-languageDotCom" n today - he/she, who fukn ev0r, may find all fukn 'F' words inhere
in this WoTp (WasteOfTimepost)- can simple keep em as a gift n so today, evrthing "is on da house"









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