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Greetings from a newb

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Hi and welcome. I agree with Tanya, the night club and Sin Club are popular places to visit. The yacht is also nice if you are in the mood for a cruise with nice relaxing music. Also very good tips from Hera. Have fun :D

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Guest Suikazura

I have found, especially during quieter times of the day, people tend to migrate. So I usually check all the different locations (usually with Sin Club last since I tend to hang out there), then decide where to go from there. I think everyone finds a favorite place, and tends to spend most of their time there.


As Hera said, read people's profiles. Most people spend the time to fill out their profile with what they want and like, and dislike. The least you can do is take 30seconds to read it. 

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Hi, I am just new here too and my name is Maryoz. Very unsure of my self on here to be truthful. Walked and danced a number of times and after learning how to move and use the camera after being on for about a month I finally wanted to try out the sex part. I am married and have never cheated on my husband and thought this was okay. It took about an hour for a nice male to ask to dance with me which I accepted. A slow dance and even a kiss. After a period of time he invited me to his place, which I accepted. I don't know how other females felt their first time, I was shaking like a leaf, breathing was short and my heart racing. At his place we just sat and he held me gently which only made me even more wondering what was going to happen. As he cuddled me for about ten minutes he kissed me and then suggested we go to his bedroom. I accepted and that made me so aroused my whole body was reacting in a way that only other females would understand. The bedroom sex was sensational, viewing all of it at different angles through the camera. I had multiple cums and loved every minute of it. It was the best (non) sex I have ever had and I sincerely hope all the males will be as he was. He friended me, what ever that is.?

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