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Celtic Classic Night - 19:00 GMT, Fri 29 July

Guest SayaX

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Guest SayaX

Hello, Dia dhuit, Hola and Здравствуйте! :D


Short notice!! Everyone is invited to join RedMelisande and SayaX provide some of the best Celtic and Classical music from UK & Ireland and Galicia, Spain. With some great classical music thrown in to mix things up a bit!


For those not familiar with the Celtic music, think dancing around merry or riding through some epic vista listening to the soothing sounds of the mountains (i.e. Lord of the Rings - Hobbits and that sort of fun stuff).


Try to come dressed in green and white OR blue and white. The Celtic and Galician colours!


8 pm to 11 pm UK time (see below for specific time zones). Then join Epi at the Jazzy Lounge for the after party  ^_^ 


See you all there!!




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Dang It!  I'm going to miss it!!  I look amazing in either green and white...or blue and white.. : )


stomps her heel...




hhmmm....I'd come just to see you saya...but to add






and the corrs!!!




fans her face.... : )


good luck!!!

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