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Hi everybody - kinda new here, but thought I'd post some of the work I do in 3d.  I'll start a little tame, but hot nonetheless:





(click for full res)


Character's name is Erecura - goddess of death and rebirth.  This 'aspect' of Erecura is a crewperson on a recon spaceship, where everything goes terribly wrong... but as you'll see if you keep checking this thread, she'll find herself in many situations, eras, dimensions: powerful, gentle, abusive, slave, killer, bringer of life.  


Backstory: In mythology, Erecura is is a goddess, married to Dis Pater, the Roman god of the underworld.  She is based on Greek Persephone, having to do with death & rebirth, winter & summer, etc... 


Check out the images with full story on my blog:




It's a blog, so first chapter at the bottom, newest at the top


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Chapter 2 summary: After emerging victorious from a fight to the death among the ship's crew, Erecura takes a much needed nap (in the nude, duh!)... only to be awoken by a scratching noise.  Something or someone is stalking her.  Poor stalker.




(click for full rez)


Now that she's got a prisoner, the rest of the trip should be considerably more entertaining ;)


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I've started a new series - a collaboration with my beloved sub here in 3dx, Vile Dementia.  


The series is called, shock of shocks, "Vile Dementia".  


Will be a mix of BDSM, cheescake, and 1960s hot rod art inspiration.  Plus whatever else creeps from the dark netherregions into my gestalt.  


First pic...




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