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Can't See Room List - No Connection Help !


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I can log in easily into the avator editor area, 
I can see all my friends online, 
I can click links that open tabs from the game, 
But i can't see any rooms on room list, can't pm friends, and after a while it says "Connection Lost" 

Tried Reinstalling a few times without other result
Tried to check the 3dx troubleshout without any other result 

What did work for a few days and then failed was clicking on the "Forgot passwords + YouTube " links in the login before loging in. 
It some how "sparked" the connection with the room and pming friends. 

Right now it stopped working completely and i have no way of making the connection work. 

Please help ! 😮

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If you don't know what a VPN is, you definitely didn't try it.

I'm not an expert but a VPN is an app that makes you seem to be accessing the internet from a place or a country different than yours.

As if there was a "tunnel" between your actual location and another place.

VPNs have servers installed in multiple locations so you can choose where to access internet from.

It is also used to "hide" your actual IP address.

If your IP address is blocked of if a country blocks some apps or contents, a VPN can be used to workaround it.

Most VPNs are paid but some allow a monthly amount of traffic for free. You can use this allowance to do some testing.

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Okay thanks sounds like an interesting idea, i'll try it out. 

But could there be a logical reason ? cause all connections do work, it even plays the radio when i enter one of the general rooms. 
I mean it shows all connection except for entering rooms or pming friends. 

it shows me who's online so why specifically it doesn't show rooms ? 

I rather find a more simple and permanent solution rather then paying a VPN service every month... 


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Maybe your ISP blocks the content server of 3dx, and a VPN will circumvent that or maybe your internet is too slow (Bad wifi?), until you try something we can't know.

If all your problems are sorted by using a VPN, then it's most likely your ISP or even your country messing up something, and if you use the one I linked, it's a free service, no payment required.
You just can't expect the best speed/connection, but as far as I have tested it has worked for multiple days without any problems.

The "logical" explanation is that the radio is hosted by a different service (not blocked by your ISP/country?), same with other "parts" of 3dx as far as I know, things are located on different servers, like you can see on Colin's troubleshooting tools, and some ISP's block adult content or even are forced to block it by law in some places, hence why we suggest you to try a VPN first, if it doesn't help, then we need more information in order to help you out 😋

So give the free VPN a try, and report back if it fixed your issue or not 🙂

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Added a better explanation
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okay interesting could be, because i tried this on another laptop and the game worked more smoothly but still did those problems time to time, so it really could be the ISP or the country, i'll check the VPN option i hope it will smooth things out and make the room server work without problems 

Thanks for the help girls, if it doesn't work i'll keep whining here :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey Missd & CatKatW the VPN seemed to do the trick for 3 weeks though every time i entered i had to click on one of the links / forgot password / tweeter / discord / youtube / and so on 

It worked only on Europe VPN for those 3 weeks and now it seems to not work again 
Same problem = Shows friends, shows messages from friends but doesn't show rooms and you can't message back friend really weird connection problem 

Like it's only half connected? 

Any idea what else to do? maybe change to another VPN ? I'm using the proton like you advised me to with Netherlands connection 

Lemme know ideas ! 


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