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Rejoined after a year off but ..


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I started in 2018.   Stayed with it until a year ago.  Covids and finances.   

Recently subscribed again.  Price was right and I finally felt better.  Figured I could pay the fee and I would be back in the same account situation.  Meaning friends list and avatar.  Apparently I assumed too much.  The system didn't seem to recognize me, had me make a new account.  And so I did.  

What puzzles me is the forums.  Didn't have me create anything new because my former name came right up  - Fabuluz.  So somewhere that account still exists.   Not sure if in world and in forum use the same database but there's a part of 3DXChat that remembers.  

I was hoping to reconnect with former friends and loves.  With a new name I won't show up on their list so in essence I'm starting from the beginning again. UGH... Any help you can lend would be appreciated.  In game I chose LuciousLiz as my nom de plum.  But if I had my druthers I'd take Fabuluz hands down. 


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🇫🇷 Bonjour,

Peut-être devrais-tu contacter le support, afin de reprendre ton ancien pseudo.
Je ne sais pas combien de temps, les comptes inactifs, restent dans la base de donnée. Il serait bon de leur demander.
Il se peut, qu'entre le temps de ton inactivité, et ton retour, que quelqu'un se soit enregistré sur la plateforme, avec le même pseudo. Et que celui-ci, se trouvant disponible, lui ait été attribué.
Ceci dit, cela me semble étonnant, mais pas impossible.
As tu utilisé la même adresse e mail et le même mot de passe que tu utilisais avant ton absence ? Le soucis peut venir de là aussi.


🇺🇸 Hello,

Maybe you should contact the support, in order to use your old nickname.
I don't know how long inactive accounts stay in the database. It would be good to ask them.
It is possible that between the time of your inactivity and your return, someone has registered on the platform with the same nickname. And that this one, being available, has been assigned to him.
This being said, it seems surprising to me, but not impossible.
Did you use the same email address and the same password that you used before your absence? The problem may come from there too.

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10 hours ago, Diana Prince said:

Is it possible that you used an uppercase "i" for your "L"? There was a recent change that this is no longer possible. So your former name might differ ("Fabuiuz")?

The username is not used at login time, only email. So, this shouldn't be the reason to not recognize the old account

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Thank you everyone for responding.

Khallum, when you said contact support how exactly would I do that.  I chose this channel because it said Technical Support which seemed to fit my situation.  There seems to be no easy path.  I tried contacting support by the method told in the user manual.  No response (yet).  

It just puzzles me how I come to the forums and immediately recognized as Fabuluz.  But when I purchased a subscription I had to start over.  I know other adult social sites let you keep the account but as an inactive state.  That happened to me in IMVU and RLC.   It wasn't a big deal and I was recognized right away.  So all my friends showed on the list.  

I know this may not seem like a big deal to some but it kinda is for me.  I have plans to bring 2-3 others with me to 3DX from RLC.  At least I did have.  Now those plans are on hold until I can get this sorted.

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