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Hello Gizmo!


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Hello Gizmo, I've been following the game for 8 years! Yes I was wrong and I'm sorry I always try to send music videos to 3DXChat Movies. But sometimes I'm wrong I shoot a lot of videos in 3DX CHAT and I don't have time to send it everywhere! Therefore, this video is sent to my channels in Youtube, Diskord, Twitter and other channels!) Therefore, I sometimes make mistakes) By the way, my channel is growing and views are also growing and many people from different countries are watching them who did not even know about this game but thanks to my video more and more people are coming into the game, yes, I do advertisements for the game and I don’t ask for money for it! I do this for fun and also so that the players and creators of the location knew that their names and their locations would live forever and I also raise my little daughter OLYA, she takes almost all of my time) Because she is my miracle) I beg your pardon for my English) Regards OLESYA!





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