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Semi experienced builder tutorial(how to make doors you can walk through)


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Thought probably some out there that wonder how do builders make doors you can pass through, since we have no actual door functionality after the removal of the experimental door feature by 3dxchat developers, I will do my best to show how it's done. Let start of by saying while it's a step by step guide it's in now shape or form a dummy tutorial, so it'll be expected that you know some the fundamental basics forehand. Those things aside lets get started below.

Step 1 is to make the basic frame for the door, here it's important you go through door frame and make sure height works with passing through it's doorway. Also if you want any details like door handles make sure to that the door frame is broad enough, so you can pass through since details will be solid objects and cause collisions.

Step 2 once you're happy with frame result add some texture and put in a curtain from object menu as shown in picture Doorstep2 and move to step 3

Step 3 it's important that you scale the curtain on it's side and not the front or it will turn into a solid object that is not possible to pass through, you can see in picture doorstep2 where you find scaling options and which one to use to adjust it with. Once you scaled the curtain down to thickness you want as shown in doorstep 3 picture move on to step 4

Step 4 here you will adjust side on the other direction as shown in picture doorstep 4, try get to match it in the door frame best way you can and fit it into place of door frame, make adjustment needed until you're happy no parts are passing through door frame as shown in picture Doorstep5 and then add any textures you'd like. You can see my preferred texture choice in picture Doorstep 6. At this point really no further steps aside from adding in details like door handle if you want the extra aesthetics example of what you can do for detail is doorstep 7 picture. 

If you did everything right you should be able to move through door as shown in doorstep8 picture, if so then congratulation you made it through tutorial succesfully. (Sorry if tutorial isn't as neat as I wanted but apparently it wont let my organize uploaded pictures, so in advance my apologies if it makes tutorial somewhat more confusing.)









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