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I know this is a dead horse, but...

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4 hours ago, DireTeddyBear said:

All The Men Still Look Like College Drop Outs.


Can we PLEASE get some decent men's clothing? You asked us what we wanted, and we told you. It gets really old just seeing thousands of versions of the same guy.

Arent most of them college drop outs ? ahaha men's does not have large creativity of making avatars :)


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men are always the loser in the game because they never demand anything. they just want quick sex on dance floor or toilet or sofa..that's it. in fact all girls are also clones, sometime it will give you feeling of fucking another sis or bro. because they all are same. game urgent basis needs character customization based on age, race and color with different facial features but all we can dream. updates are hard to comeby in 3dx. let's hope that decade later we might get. it actually need vision and passion to create proper things with team of few artists. 2 people can't do anything. meanwhile you can have fun with dildo.

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