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Think Pink VI - October 2021

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Don’t worry, this is not another party announcement. There are already plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness parties on the calendar and I’m sure that most of you have no interest in yet another being added.

After doing this for so many years, I have also come to realise that hosting a party really doesn’t get across the message that I want to share with everyone. So with that in mind, this year Think Pink will not be a simple one and done party with a few social media posts to promote it. 

Instead, this year’s Think Pink event will be a month-long social media campaign aimed at delivering bite-sized ‘must know’ information to anyone who is willing to take a few moments each day to have a quick read. I genuinely believe that is not too much to ask of each and every one of you and I promise to keep them short.

My hope is that this campaign can have a real and meaningful impact on anyone who is receptive to the message and motivated to make positive changes to safeguard their wellbeing.

To get things rolling, here are some great links that I highly recommend you check out!


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Like every kind of cancer, it is a very sensitive subject. I have had two aunts who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and unfortunately no longer with us. But the most anxiety I've had when it came to breast cancer is when my own mother was diagnosed with 2nd degree breast cancer. It was a hard two years to watch her struggle to fight with the terrible disease. Fortunately, we were able to discover the cancer early and my mom was able to have a full recovery. She has now been cancer free for 12 years and has never looked stronger. She is indeed my best friend and hero. It is because this that I hold the In Breasts We Trust event each year. 

While it is only a small gesture I think through music we can numb the pain and sorrow that our friends and family have gone through from either losing loved ones from breast cancer, or currently going through the same turmoil I had with my family. 

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