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Hai! It me Kat! And I have no idea how to start this. Lets just say I'm stuck in hospital, bored and nothing to do, so I decided... why not write about my life in 3dxchat? Sure, no one will read it but I'll make myself busy, right? And maybe some newby will learn something from a veteran? Dunno. 

First, my english very bad. And I lazy to correct any mistake even knowing I did the mistake. Also on mobile so uhm, sorry. Oh and gonna be uncensored! 

Okay okay. You can call me Kat. Very upfront person, no shame, very lazy and horny 24/7. I play this game for 6 years now. Katsuya is my 4th character. Gender? If you read this you will find out. 

If you find me in game, high chance I pretending to be AFK. Alt tabbed, watching porn or playing other game. 

About using real in game names! I don't think it something wrong but if you don't want your name here I understand and will change it for a fake one! 

Soooo lets start with my very 1st character! 


Oh my the good old times. My newby character. No experience with RP. Just the pose switching with no purple text, only dirty talk. 

She was a female character. Very subby and kinda shy. Nervous too. I mean this world was new to me but let me say, sucking cock, getting fucked by strangers, making them cum lots... was hot as fuck. I was addicted! I wanted more! 

Cuz I was shy and always lil nervous I couldn't consider Hlyndia a slut. Sex didn't happen that often actually. But when it did was good! 

Then the first drama! Shocking! You see... I had 2 guys I was very friends with. I loved to make them cum. They were nice and... they didn't know bout each other. I wasn't cheating we weren't in a relationship but... one of them finds out and didn't like it. He was mad! And the newby me felt so sad and was kinda scary. I did stop playing for a while. 

Came back after a week or so and met... hmm... my 1st friend? The other 2 were more like uhm, sex friends. Anyway his name is Lefti. Very nice guy, chill, fun and with lots of stories to tell. And whoa? What happening? I know a guy I just chat with, have lots fun and... no sex? Isn't this game bout sex? I'm paying to play and I just here everyday at Love Island chatting with this nice guy? Eh whatever, I liked it and kept doing it. Until... 

... I meet a girl with a dick. Wait! Girls can have a dick here of course! Hmm, thats more me. I could be myself, have a dick like in real life but still be female and subby. I want it! And yup... goodbye Hlyndia. Hello 2nd character... 


Well lets just say Miaw was one of my best times in 3dxchat. A subby girl with dick, less shy and I could be just myself! Perfect! And so surprised I was that man still wanted me to suck their cocks, fuck my ass and even suck my dick! My God was perfect! 

But before that I met Miaws 1st friend. And a girl! Alice, from Spain who loves USA and space. Still my friend to this day. And... she was Miaws first fuck. A good friend who I kept contact even outside game and had good times with in game. Of course I kept sucking cock and get fucked hard in the ass by man! Sure I'm switch but waaay more subby. 

Anyway, thanks to Alice I got my very 1st group of friends! All from Spain but since I'm their neighbor that wasn't a problem. I could understand them but they couldn't understand me. Cool people. We went to a lot of parties and dance and chat and even lewd sometimes! Was perfect and I was having a lot of fun! I was playing 24/7 I was addicted! 

Fucking, sucking, chat, dancing... having a lot of fun with this game. This was basicaly my 2nd life. 

Time goes by and there I was at fresco. Dancing and bored. Friends were busy or offline. And someone sends me a message. A girl like me... with a dick. She had in her profile something bout... intersex? Google it if you want, it actually something very interesting. 

Okay so that girls name was Cordelia. She pms me out of no where asking for a slow dance and I mean... sure why not. Lets make more friends! We at Fresco slow dancing and chating and... kissing. Wait! She kissing me and talking bout calling the cab to go to her place! Whoa lucky me I'm gonna get laid! And yep there I was fucking a dick girl. Switching poses, dirty talk, she fucks me I fuck her was amazing. Really amazing cuz she showed me how good it was to mix game with real life. Telling each other how hard we were... how fast we were touching ourselfs. Was a new experience and I loved it. I wanted to do more with Cordelia. I kinda liked her... a lot. She was fun, silly and very very lewd. We went to parties together, even watched tv together. She kinda was my... first relationship. My girlfriend! I wasn't lewding anyone else I just wanted to be with her. No, I wasn't in love, I can't have feelings in a game like this. For me that it just wrong, feelings will never be 100% real. But I liked her a lot. I even talked bout getting married but she wasn't a big fan of that. 

So... me and her... we had something special. One of those special moments in 3dxchat I'll never forget. 

Party here, party there till Torax, a very cool and nice guy decided to open his famous Torax Pool Party! Keep in mind we didn't have world editor, but people were going crazy with a glitch and creating amazing worlds. One of them was this pool party. Kinda famous party and always full. Fun people all around, was amazing. Me and Cordelia were always there... dancing and chating till we get horny and go to our place and fuck like there is no tomorrow. Life was good. 3dxchat was the only thing I wanted. 

With Torax Pool Party I met some interesting people. One of them was Lilac. Well... Lilac and Miaw weren't friends, we just had a lil chat here and there. I didn't know how she would be someone kinda important for me in the future. Not with Miaw but with my 3rd character. But that a story for later not now. 

Well me and Cordelia? We broke up. Mostly my fault cuz I was taking our relationship kinda serious when she just wanted to chill and have fun. Me stoopid and kept bringing the marry stuff and kinda creating lil drama here and there. We both got tired and went our separate ways. I can say that was my 1st big drama and can only tell you one thing: This is a game. Other players are people too. Try and mix both together and... just have fun. 

Well remember Alice? Of course we still friends and after Cordelia leaves me I go back to her old group. 

That's when me and her meet Elinor and soon to be Alice wife... uhm... well shit I can't remember her name. Started with A, that's the only thing I know. Sorry. 

Anyway we 4 did our lil group. We were very silly and had lots of fun too. But no lewds. I mean Alice and her waifu were having fun that for sure but me and Elinor were there just to be silly. And oh my oh my how Elinor changed my life. I mean... not like life irl but in game. You understand.

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Well you see, Alice and her waifu were busy loving each other and kissing and whatever couples do. Soo... me and Elinor were always in our lil corner chatting about random stuff. Our friendship was growing and we were getting closer and closer till the day she just says out of nowhere: "Miaw... I like you". And I mean "sure I like you too."You good friend." Was... complicated for me. Sure I liked her too I loved to be by her side and chat and dance and more. But was weird I didn't know what to do I didn't want to hurt her. 

Then one day, something happened. We doing the usual, chatting in our corner and I asked her for slowdance. I don't know. I was in need of attention. You know... one of those days. And asked her if I could kiss her. She said yes. 

Welp... playing a sex game. Kissing a good friend and WTF is this? Why butterflies in my tummy? What the hell is happening? Why I loving this why I don't want to stop kissing her? Dafuq Miaw, you in love! Nooo why? I didn't want this to happen but there I was falling in love with someone I don't know in real life. I only know her avi and personality. But on that moment I didn't care, didn't think about it. 

Next day... I have a girlfriend. Elinor was the only thing in my mind. Even in real life. She asked for contact outside game too, was kinda scary to be honest. Also cuz I was lying bout the true me. I lied to friends and everyone that I was actually a transgender in real life. Not true. 

And fuck that! It was killing me, wtf am I supose to do? I love her so much I don't want to lie to her. I was lost. Honestly I was just overthinking stuff. If I took things slowly and just enjoyed her company, Miaw could still be alive by now. 

Well I did it. One day I couldn't hold it anymore and just told her everything. I'm a guy, bisexual but hella gay. I was spamming her saying sorry and please don't leave me I love you blablabla... fuck me, my heart was going crazy. Again... just me overthinking. And with that I wanna say... you a guy playing as female? No one cares, don't worry too much about it just have fun. You can even tell people you are male in real life but love playing as girl and trust me... 90% of players will still want to fuck the hell out of you. We all just a bunch of horny pervs. 

Okay sorry back to Elinor. Her reaction? She laughed. She didn't care. And my God what a relief. I wanted to cry. Jesus, now that I think about it that was lame as fuck! I hate myself for my decisions. 

REALLY hate myself for what I did. Yes, the worst decision I ever did in 3dxchat! Creating a male avi. Yep, I did it. I loved her too much I wanted to be the "real me" and be with her and... NO! Male avi ruined everything. Friends loved Miaw. The silly girl with a dick who had no shame and was always horny. Not the edgy dude who was always afk at fresco with his arms crossed... His name was Sagittarius by the way and I'm not gonna consider him as one of my avis cuz his didn't last 2 weeks.

I changed. Elinor didn't love me anymore. She liked the silly Miaw not the edgy Sagi. Friends wanted Miaw back but was too late she was gonne. I was lost again and didn't know what to do... 

Then I met a girl. A guy actually, playing as female but I didn't care. We were good friends. Sorry I don't remember her name. We were always together slowdancing, kissing and of course fucking. Keep in mind me Elinor, Alice and her waifu were still friends. We kept our lil group but wasn't the same. 

That girl I was dating goes  on vacations for 2 weeks. I promised her I would wait for her but by now you know I can't do that. I wanted cock and cum and... be a lil slut again. 

Sagi was still alive, I was still playing with him but with a big secret. You see... I was playing with other character behind everyones back. Yep... my 3rd character. The one with the most gifts, most friends, bigger lifespan and best moments in 3dxchat. Her name? 


Oh boy how awesome it was. Sakuya was created mainly as a RP character. Shy, innocent, scared of people and of course every man loves a lil innocent girl. 

If you still think what happened to my male avi... I'll try to keep it short. While waiting for Sagi girlfriend to come back from vacation I told Elinor and Alice bout my other character. That I wanted to go back to do what I love and yes I was cheating on my girlfriend. Didn't tell them who was my other avi. Name or anything. Elinor never talked to me again. Alice called me silly and... I deleted Sagi. He was gonne. I was loving Sakuya too much, I'm back to what I love!

Didn't say goodbye to anyone. I just poof'd... 

By the way, Sakuya didn't have a dick. Sure, boys still want to fuck a girl with a dick but having a pussy was attracting way more pervs. 

Okay so... Sakuya, a RP character got adopted by a couple. One of my kinks, incest, finally comes true! Ocelot and SoniaTorres. My dad and mom and oh my how good it was. I was living my dream, the kink I wanted, and daddys cock was so tasty (sorry). We did so many things together! Making dad cheat on mommy with me (RP), meeting daddy friends and have them fuck me like a lil toy and more and more and gosh how good it was. 

Was a different experience. Sakuya wasn't the true me in a way. In real life I'm not shy, or innocent or scared of people. But then again, she was a RP character. And I was having fun, lots of fun. 

Well, of course in 3dxchat nothing lasts forever and my parents decide to divorce. Honestly I can't remember why but was mutual. They kept their friendship but Sakuya lost her mommy and daddy. 

Back to be alone. Walking around, making new friends but still going full RP character. Mostly sitting in a corner somewhere afraid of people, shy and innocent blabla you already know. Looking for a new mom and dad but with no luck. 

Remember Torax Pool Party? That shit was still going! Still famous party always full! Well I decided to go back there and visit that cool place again. This time with Sakuya and remember no one knows who I was. Still shy and sitting in a corner. 

There, somehow, and no idea how, I kinda got a lil group of friends. Lilac (yup), Sigara, JessUL and... oh my oh my, JessyDesire. And a couple more that I'm really sorry I can't remember their names. 

One day someone opens their room for friends. A group of people joins and have fun, playing spin the bottle but Sakuya being Sakuya, shy and scared of people, was laying down on the couch, away from the group. Then... fuck me, sorry I kinda hate what about to happen. Sakuya is about to meet someone who REALLY gonna change everything (again). I mean I loved it but now that I look back, fucking hate it. 

JessyDesire (lets call her Jessy) decides to sit next to me on the floor and... talk with me. She starts with the usual. How are you, why you not with the group, etc etc... We kept talking, I believe it lasted a hour or so but I liked it. She was a nice girl and even tho Sakuya was RP character and the thing bout being shy wasn't real I felt safe around her. Maybe Sakuya was getting into me and I was becoming her, somehow. 

So, Jessy... she kept coming to me and chat about stuff and looking to know more bout me. I had a lil spot I was always there afk. You know the lil cabin at Love Island, and the lil dock next to it? I was always there, sitting and being lame, looking at the horizon and thinking bout stuff. Bleh so fucking lame Jesus! I still can't believe I played Sakuya like that! Nothing like me in real life, the opposite actually. 

Okay so anyway, Jessy finds out bout my spot and everyday she was going there. We become good friends fast and everyday we were together chatting and going to parties and whatever friends do. Even when she was working she would login (somehow) just to chat with me. Was obvious she liked Sakuya and I knew that. But you see... Sakuya isn't lesbian... sex without cock its boring as fuck.

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What I do? I know soon or later she gonna say she likes me and bleh~ this sucks. This goes for a week or so. Friends chatting and stuff, knowing each other and all that stuff. Till the day that she just goes for it, asks me for slowdance and says what I was expecting. Yes, Jessy likes Sakuya. A lot. She wants a relationship but I really didn't want it. Cuz come on, Sakuya or Jessy  doesn't have a dick and she is a girl. I don't want to rub our pussies together or eat fish... fuck no that's boring. 

And I did said that to her. I mean not the lewd stuff just that I not into girls and yes I liked her a lot, and yes I wanted to be with her and chat and... meh. Guess what? Butterflies again. I remember that time I was screaming inside "No Sakuya DONT kiss her, sure you love her but think bout the true you! You know in the future you will miss a good cock and you will hurt Jessy! Stop! DON'T KISS HER!" 

I kissed her... 

On that moment it felt fucking good... I think I was in love again and was loving that moment but also confused. What did I just do? I'm sure this relationship won't last I know it! Well, Jessy was happy, she has the shy and cute and innocent Sakuya all for herself... Look, I loved her really. I had feelings for her, I liked to be with her and do what friends do but a girlfriend? My God I guess I didn't learn my lesson from Miaw. 

Okay... she is my girlfriend. And the relationship I had in 3dxchat that lasted the most actually. Why you ask? "Didn't you say Sakuya wasn't lesbian?" You ask again, and I'll answer it... soon. 

I'll admit it, I loved Jessy a lot I loved to be with her and I was thinking bout someone I met in a sex game all the time, again. Even in real life. It was for sure one of the best relationships I had in 3dxchat. Thanks to that Sakuya kinda got famous. I mean not like everyone knows her, I meant more like she got a big group of friends and got a lot of gifts too. Whatever you say, the number of gifts tells a lot about a person (unless you play as a escort to farm those gifts). 

So, I was happy very happy with my experience in 3dxchat. I have a girlfriend I love a lot, I have so many cool friends, the number of gifts keeps growing but... cock. I want cock. I want cum. Ugh what I do?! I love her so much I don't want to end our relationship just cuz the true Sakuya is a big horny perv. Oh and we did have lewd moments between ourselfs of course. Eh, I didn't like it that much but the love was big and I kinda ignored the lewds with Jessy

Jessy knew. She knew Sakuya was missing something and she had the talk with me. She uhm... offers to grow a dick if that pleases me and makes me happy. I didn't think too much bout her offer, actually I didn't think at all I just said yes! 

After that Sakuya was slowly starting to show her true self and Jessy is a smart girl. Using a cock on Sakuya it clearly that shy and cute innocent girl it actually very slutty. And I think(?) Jessy loved it and even offers to create a male avi and of course Sakuya said yes!

Now it was clear. Jessy loves to use a cock with Sakuya and loves to play with the male avi. Our cute relationship turns into a fuck everyday and more than once a day. That time Sakuya didn't show her real self but she clearly changed. Lots of lewds till Jessy decides to tell something kinda important... 

(what I'm about to tell it something Jessy already told everyone. She even had her own diary here talking about all this) 

I think you know by now but she decides to tell me that she actually a boy in real life. And oh boy how Sakuya was happy with that. Of course I had my doubts but having legit proof felt good. Now I know I making a boy cum and mmmh oh my Sakuya was getting more slutty, day by day. 

She (I gonna keep using "she" cuz his avi was female, she - Jessy) Okay so she uhm... what I was bout to say? Oh right yes, Jessy was switching between her male avi and female. Keeping the secret from friends. Oh right yes she only told me and yes I kept the secret. For Sakuya the relationship only got better, I even dare to say THAT moment was the best in my whole 3dxchat experience. A kinda famous girlfriend who was only making Sakuya more known, lots of friends, good sex with someone I really loved (and a boy!) and much more. 

Meh... remember when I said "nothing in 3dxchat lasts forever"? Mhm. Jessy told me her secret and now she wanted to know who I really was. She wanted to be sure she was in a relationship with a actual girl I guess, I dunno. She kept asking me that stuff and was getting me nervous about it. Oh right we got married, yes forgot bout that. Anyway so the uhm... right, she asking for proof and stuff aaand there I was again telling someone who I really was. I told her everything you already know. Boy, bi, more into dicks. 

That night was okay she didn't say that much. But she did logout very early and I didn't sleep well that night. I still can't believe a sex game affected my real life. But it did.

I wake up to a big ass message from Jessy on the platform we were using outside 3dxchat. TL;DR? She wanted a divorce but wanted to keep our friendship of course. Was a long message but a cute one. I was sure she still liked me but since I was a boy in real life she... meh you know. 

Thinks got lil weird for me. I still liked her a lot really but I understand why she didn't want to be with me. I respected that and did my best to keep away from her. We uhm... we kept fucking sometimes tho. I guess she still loved how slutty Sakuya was. And that was only killing me. 

I still loved her. Jealousy was still a thing even tho she wasn't my wife anymore. Knowing she was with someone else was like a big ass sword up my ass. I wasn't having fun in 3dxchat anymore. Login in and see her online but not with me wasn't making any good for me. I fucking was depressed in real life. I fucking hate that a sex game did that to me. Thanks god I changed. 

Soooo Kali... (I'm gonna call her Kali but that wasn't her name. I know there is someone with this name in game but IT'S NOT her. Her name was something like Kalista(?) but I can't remember so just gonna call her Kali) Who is Kali? She is someone I met in Love Island. Another girl. This time she loved to use a dick and she didnt have any problem letting me know that. Wanna know what happened the 1st time I met her in Love Island? She fucked my face hard and deep and made sure I would drink all of her cum. My fucking God I loved it and that only woke up Sakuya even more. 

Kali was the girl who soon would change Sakuya and show to everyone else who I really was. The slutty cock hungry lil girl. And helps me forget bout Jessy. She was fucking me and using me like a lil toy almost every day and even outside game with Telegram (chat platform). She was the 1st one to fuck me in public with an actual pose. Things got crazy with her but I was fucking loving it. 1st time I was someones pet, 1st time I was being humiliated and abused and used like that. I just wanted more, I wanted to be her lil bitch. 

Jessy and I still were lewding sometimes tho. And something happens I can't remember what but she decides to tell everyone that she was a boy. And with that also tells everyone that I also was a boy. I was mad of course. I kept his secret and he didn't keep mind. Oh he is my friend now, even after that we kept our friendship but of course day by day we talked less to each other. 

(no hate on Jessy please. He had his reasons and we talked about it after. We good friends and he is a very nice guy) 

Back to Kali. She was destroying me, in a good way. And I was loving it. She made me cum a lot and honestly was the best orgasms I had in 3dxchat. And yes she knew I was a boy like every friend I had. 

Knowing Sakuya was a boy changed everything of course. I was still having fun yes, and still wanted to play 3dxchat 24/7 but wasn't the same thing. Me and Kali kept going strong even after she knows who I was in real life. A lil different but was good. 

I kept making friends too and sucking lots of cock. Sakuya was still a RP character but slowly becoming the true me. 

Okay so... time goes by, blabla and there she was, Cindy, sitting alone at Love Island. (her name had a "x" I believe but I can't remember, so Cindy it is) I wanted to make more friends of course and decided to start chatting with her. She had on her profile "male operator" and of course I didn't mind that at all. 

That same night I met her was the same night she divorced her wife. She left her for a BBC. Cindy was sad and didn't talk much with me but I added her to my friend list. 

The next day or so I chat with her again but this time I tease her. I wanted to help her and make her forget bout her wife. Ah who am I kidding? I wanted cock! Well my tease works and minutes after she is forcing me on my knees and fucking my face. I loved it, and for sure she loved it too. Why I know she loved it? Well after that we were fucking everyday. I think she forgot bout her wife and slowly she uhm... becomes my girlfriend. 

By now you must be thinking. I'm gay I like cock but till now I only get girlfriends? Well they have a cock and I love cock. Also big horny perv remember? A good dick girl with a big dick it's hot as fuck. Change my mind. 

I liked to be with Cindy. She was different, she was very chill, nice person, no dramas and very lewd. Oh how good was to be at work but teasing her on Telegram and when I finally gone and login she was already hard and ready to fuck me. Our relationship was very lewd yes and I loved it. Cindy was something special I will never forget. Oh and yes we had a open relationship. 

Then... the most silly funny person in 3dxchat decides to tease and lewd Sakuya. Out of nowhere at Love Island... her name? Lilac


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