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Lovense sex toys are now integrated with the 3D universe of 3DXChat

Players can now pair their Lovense toys with 3DXChat and enjoy life-like sexual experiences in  real-time with other players. The Lovense-enabled game update will be available at 3 a.m. ET time zone on May 10.

Lovense, a leading sex-tech company, has partnered with 3DXChat, the most innovative 3D virtual universe for adults, to gift users around the world a completely new and stunning experience of merging exciting virtual life with real, tangible pleasure.
3DXChat is a 3D virtual universe that includes many worlds. Players can travel between worlds and interact with each other by controlling fully customized avatars. Avatars can communicate with each other, dance, create and join communities, make friends, get married, and, of course, make love. The game includes more than 500 sex positions - from single masturbation to hot threesomes in any gender combinations.  Because the toys are fully synchronized (in real-time) with in-game sex animations, players who pair their Lovense toy with the game can enjoy a exciting new level of immersion.

“We have implemented a fantastic project, which can definitely be considered a significant milestone in the development of sex tech. Combining the experience of virtual life and VR technology with smart sex toys is an incredible, indescribable feeling,” says Dan Liu, Lovense CEO.

The integration is universal and supports the entire Lovense toy portfolio. The pairing of the game with a toy is carried out via the Lovense Remote mobile app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

“We are very excited to present our players with such an incredible update. This is the first official integration of this kind on the market and is a very unique project. We are convinced that this is definitely a breakthrough and exactly what people need at the moment,” says the 3DXChat team rep. “The digitalization of our world has significantly accelerated recently, and the merging of virtual experience with sensory experience will allow millions of people to feel real pleasure and sensations from the safety of their homes with those they love or have just met in the digital universe.”

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Guys, I have realized that it is necessary to explain how the Lovense toys work with 3DXChat.
1. 3DXChat supports all current Lovense toys. Please make sure that the firmware of the toys and the Lovense Remote app are updated to the latest version, details are here: Connection Guide.
2. Lovense toys work with all sex positions that have a speed control slider, from single masturbation to threesome sex and in any gender combination.
3. The vibrations of a toy (as well as the rotations or contractions depending on the model of the toy) are synchronized with sex animations in real time. By changing the position of the sex speed slider, you also change the intensity of the toy's operation.
4. During in-game sex with one or two partners (twosome or threesome), the toys of all the participants are synchronized and controlled by a sex speed slider in real time.
5. Since the Lovense toy is synchronized with the sex animation, it does not matter whether your partner has a toy or not. Your toy will work along with the speed and intensity of your chosen sex position.
6. You can pair 2 toys at the same time to 3DXChat

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