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Live DJ Event at the Sin Club

Guest Skar

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(Thank you Shanti for the poster)

It finally happening !

Everyone is invited for a night of live music at the Sin Club this friday. 

Come and listen to the music prepared by your DJ for the night. 


Welcome into the grim and hash sound of EBM and Industrial. (+ what is mention bellow)



DJ Sebastien


Post Punk

Cold Wave

Industrial Rock



"DJ" Skar

It is my cherry popping night.

First time DJing in 3dxchat. 


(Old school) EBM

And a set of sexual theme songs of mix genres. (EBM, Industrial, Aggrotech)



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Hello everyone :)

Thanks for the support and well, I won't hide it, I start to get excited about tonight. 


Playme : I am North American TZ (EST) and if people like it tonight, I might just do a regular gig on North American prime time. 


And now with all that excitement I NEED to post this video : 



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Thank you all for coming ! It was a great night and I totally enjoyed it ! 

Thank you to Sebastien for inviting me to play. It was  blast ! 


Be sure that DJSkar is coming back and maybe that time at North American PRIME time ! 


Thank you all again and much love and kink ! since it still Skar ! 


Later :)

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