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Found 7 results

  1. Knight is hiring Sex Hangout & Dance Club -> Tryouts Photo's Below Opens 1200\1800 CET O'clock 15 Members & Counting Family like vibes Handpick playlist channel Private Nitro discord channel Amazing luxurious room Balcony Pool Huge Strip Stage VIP Rooms Sauna 3 Jacuzzi's Huge BDSM Room Huge Bar Recruiting: Pole Dancers - No nudity or sex required, we needs pole dance for beauty on stage Contact: Private Message me here n' i'll get back to you. Or add me on discord Bullxck#1514 and i'll answer you there Private DIscord Channel: To join our team you'll need discort There we discuss club announcements and decide when to open together
  2. Insatiable Presents EXOTIC FATHER'S DAY Strip NIGHT Club nyx TONIGHT (6/19/22) - 8 PM EDT A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, To All The Fathers Out There Needing To Celebrate! Go Out On The Town to Feed A Desire, Today Is About You! So Why Not Enjoy It! DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Tene DJ Squatch 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT LIVE Strip NIGHT! Cum Fill Your Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot
  3. A.I.-3DX Presents Our Most Heated Club Yet! GRAND OPENING CLUB Onyx Friday (1/22/21) - 3 PM EST - 9PM CET A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, Feast Your Eyes On The Incredible Sexy Flaunt Dancers On Stage, Feeding Your Desires, The Intense Atmosphere Driven By Tunes Flooding Not Only Your Ears 4 Special LIVE DJ Line Up DJ Kylan DJ Nafeera DJ Quantril DJ Jammin'Jamie 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! LIVE Strip NIGHT! FLAUNT Cum Fill Your Friday With Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot
  4. STRIPPERS CASTING CALL A new luxury private strip club is bound to open soon in 3DX and is in need of sexy female dancers, Club will be open daily between 5-10 PM GMT, Candidates are required to be creative in RP, Open minded and have a good taste in fashion and be able to give and receive pleasure. PM me for more info...
  5. The PRIVATE DESIRE GROUP proudly presents Sunday 13th December 10am CET - 5pm Reopening of one of the most spectacular designs from the past BARE ELEGANCE GIRLS FROM LOS ANGELES Come and see this beautiful classy strip/gentlemen club
  6. Hi Everyone, Noir Desire and MistressClarisse are looking forward to provide an exciting new experience to 3dxChat users! "Manoir Desire" will open shortly with the following services: * Strip Club and Spa on the Ground Floor * BDSM Dungeon in the basement * Orgy room on the first floor We are particularly proud about our "Bad Girls Heaven" Orgy Room, with a dozen of new poses that aren't available anywhere else in game, introducing FFF, FFFF, and even one bed accomodating up to 7 girls together! We are aiming to help you satisfy most of your kinks in an elegant, vibrant, and fun-filled atmosphere. The room is scheduled to open next week-end. There are still some details that need to be ironed out, and some testing to be done. We will be having recruitment sessions during the coming week, as we are looking for escorts, dancers, masseuses, hostesses and barmen/barmaids. We already have a team of about 15 girls. We have setup a discord server for our little community. Friendly atmosphere and tons of fun garanteed! We will be keeping you posted on our progress until the Grand Opening. Don't Worry, be horny... Love to y'all
  7. Hello this is the new strip/sex club almost finished still working on vip area n its done here some pics bar soon will have bottles etc my new sofa with hearts lots of lovely poles waiting the update and last is the vip area im still working tomorrow will be availavle u know how to find me bk to building now
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