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Found 345 results

  1. When the words don't come, say it with a song. Dedicate that special song to that special someone.
  2. In this topic , i will post Song´s ,Pics , Quotes and Gifs that i like
  3. PREPARE TO ROCK!! The Vibe Stadium Will be Open again to bring the Summer Heat one Last Time before the Holidays!! Join us in this all out Rock Concert style event to hear some of your favorite rock bands played by some of the hottest DJs of 3DX! Events starting @ 2pm EST / 8pm CET
  4. This Wednesday (23:rd ) we are back in the garage, and we start at 8pm (cet) and play to we crash As allways its me Cecilia and Pernilla that are spinnin some great rock music for you, come over and meet your rock friends and mayby hook up with some new ones Peace & Love Cecilia and Pernilla WEDNESDAY ROCK
  5. Post a song that describes the mood you're in right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtuHO6ivM6g&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  6. Hi all ! the idea is very simple, just say something to someone else here but with song. Hope you will enjoy this. For all my friends I met here, know that I'll always be there for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCQGnVrTsAM
  7. It is with great joy that we invite all friends to our Birthday Party, come celebrate this day of joy and happiness, with a lot of music and fun in the new room built by Zhanee. We look forward to seeing you on Friday 13/09 from 9:00 PM CET C’est avec une grande joie que nous invitons tous les amis à notre fête d’anniversaire et que nous célébrons cette journée de joie et de bonheur avec beaucoup de musique et d’amusement dans la nouvelle salle construite par Zhanee. Nous sommes impatients de vous voir le vendredi 13/09 à 21h00 CET Con gran alegría invitamos a todos los amigos a nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños, vengan a celebrar este día de alegría y felicidad, con mucha música y diversión en la nueva sala construida por Zhanee. Esperamos verte el viernes 13/09 a partir de las 9:00 p. M. CET
  8. White Breeze proudly presents a new chapter in its history. White Breeze Berlin will open its doors officially on September, 11th. We will start with an Opening Party at 20:00 CET.
  9. Hello everyone, I will open tonight an old room already shared, but felt like to reopen it Music will be EDM and Rock and I hope to have some more dj's on the way. If not I will make your ears bleed all night long 😛 New rooms are on their way, but I have no clue when I will finish them, so meanwhile I will resurrect some old ones Like usual, everyone is welcome!! Opening around 8PM CEST tonight Also, I will try to be more active with the website, so if you feel like to share your creations or look for some great work by builders, have a look here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  10. APOCALYPSE MEOW returns to its heart of darkness, this Sunday, this time in @BlackVelvet's beautiful Fallout 4 room modified magnificently by @Icebox. Embrace your demons in a night of heavy prog, psych and metal summoned by DJs Shirya (Storm Kitten) and the queen of the night herself, @darkangel.
  11. With the G7 kicking off in France the day after, Pussy Riot just couldn't resist the protest poster "feline", and tonight will the purrfect warm up for the heat that's sure to be going down in Biarritz on Saturday. ElissaSky and @danididit will be putting their claws to the cause for us – oh, and there's a special birthday celebration too...
  12. Love Country-Western Music? If so, then this is for you! An Evening of the best in Country Western Music brought to you by MacyD, Trey, Wild Honey and a Special Surprise Guest. Saturday, August 24th Starting at 7:00 PM EST going until Midnight or until the Cock Crows! Honeyville is a Whole Town, with a Jailhouse, Bungalows, Saloon and Grill and a hay barn with band stand and bales of hay scattered about. Don't miss it. Come prepared for loads of Red Neck humor and good old fashioned drinks to wet your whistle with. Tips are Optional
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from all of us at the Underground. We have party's planned for the whole year for all of you regulars and new patrons of the Club as well! We welcome everyone. Each Month we will be revealing our Themed party and include special Details to keep you informed what is coming up. Posters are already being made and all the events are on reserved dates and posted on BunnyBot. We at the Underground are sooo Excited to Roll out new events for all to enjoy. So stay tuned here Folks! Downriverden, DJ Starrfyre, Sandymini, Madame, Juliette Lead Dancer on the Fire Stage,The Chippendale Dancers, Jason and Jared, and myself, DJ WildHoney, along with some of our VIP long time regulars are bringing you the very best in entertainment AND Music. We have five fun but simple rules. Come see for yourself. See you there, at the UNDERGROUND! The Place to be for great music, interesting people, and of course lots of Fun!!! *As always, Clothing Optional:) *winks*
  14. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  15. Nous invitons tout le monde à se joindre à nous pour une nuit de divertissement et de joie, avec de la bonne musique, des gens beaux et agréables. En partenariat avec le groupe des Luvenus, avec la participation des incroyables danseurs des Pole Cats, et de la musique au nom de Dj's xKarlx et Dj Thaema. Hôte xKarlxPortes ouvertes à partir de 8,50 pm / cet - 2,50 pm / est - le 10/08/2019. Nous vous attendons We invite everyone to join us for a night of fun and joy, with good music, beautiful and pleasant people. In partnership with the Luvenus group, with the participation of the amazing dancers Pole Cats, and music on behalf of Dj's xKarlx and Dj Thaema. Host xKarlxGates open from 8.50 Pm / cet - 2.50 Pm / est - on 10/08/2019. We are waiting for you
  16. Hi my fellow lewd buddies, July 15th will mark my 5th year of being on 3DxChat! Thank you everyone for such a great time these past 5 years. So many great adventures and memories were made. I am proud to announce the grand opening of a brand new Strip/Night Club called: Erotic Frequency! It is based on the design of Story Night Club in Miami, Florida! I have asked great friends to spin music with me monday night and hope you're ready to dance the night away! Big Thank You Xanar Chloe WildHoney Ukari HandsomeDevil OOlisa
  17. Describe 3DX or your experiences in 3DX with a song! There are thousands upon thousands of songs, so make a choice! I'll anticipate your replies. 3DX General Emotions:
  18. We invite you all to the GRAND OPENING of another amazing Room. BAIA IMPERIALE the reproduction of an amazing Italian Club in the city of Rimini, famous for hosting DJs like Tom Season, Bob Day and Gigi D'agostino, formerly called BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Come have fun to the good music, nice people, at the Pool Party this Sunday 28/07 from 8 PM / CET-2PM / EST. Hostesses Dj Biacat. music by Dj Biacat and guests. Enjoy us and have Fun Nous vous invitons tous à la grande ouverture d'une autre salle incroyable. BAIA IMPERIALE est la reproduction d'un incroyable club italien de la ville de Rimini, célèbre pour avoir accueilli des DJ tels que Tom Season, Bob Day et Gigi D'agostino, anciennement BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Venez vous amuser au son de la bonne musique et des gens sympas à la Pool Party ce dimanche 28/07 à partir de 20h / CET - 14h / HNE. Hôtesses Dj Biacat. musique de Dj Biacat et des invités. Profitez de nous et amusez-vous Vi invitiamo tutti alla GRANDE APERTURA di un'altra straordinaria sala. BAIA IMPERIALE la riproduzione di un fantastico club italiano nella città di Rimini, famoso per ospitare DJ come Tom Season, Bob Day e Gigi D'agostino, precedentemente chiamato BAIA DEGLI ANGELI. Vieni a divertirti con la buona musica, gente simpatica, al Pool Party questa domenica 28/07 dalle 20:00 / CET alle 14:00 / EST. Hostess Dj Biacat. musica di Dj Biacat e ospiti. Divertiti e divertiti
  19. Welcome to my Party Thread here on 3DX forum Here you will see my upcoming parties / event's The Thread will be updated from party to party. I don't like to have forum thread's / tropic all over the place.. So i keep it to this one when its my personal party i hold and plan. See you there.. And remember to Enjoy!
  20. All are welcome to post songs for your special someone with a small note for all occasions.
  21. Hello everyone so i wanted to say a few things about djing so i think event page is the most appropriate to discuss this in good faith. So you say you Dj? what is djing ? what is streamming ? what is playlist ? i come accross ppl think they are djs or whatever but what is a dj actually ? before i say more ill say first ok its a game we have fun etc BUT if you dont know what a dj is dont play the dj . few words about djs A djs has to know to beatmatch, has to know to count the music so he/she be able to mix, these 2 things are the core for someone to be able to dj, there are other stuff also a dj needs to know to dj but lets keep it simple . setting a playlist n chill n player plays or stream music isnt djing , vlc, bs player, winamp can play music in such way sooo do you dj in that way ? ofc not A dj in order to dj has to do a preperation before the set , decide the music, the tempo he /she go n how , the tracks , cue the music etc. then the time comes to dj . There are djs that mix live n djs that play recorded nothing to say about this both know what needs to be done in order to play a set they have work their ways into achive the music played, they do the same job the only difference is live djs do it at that moment u hear them n the other have done this job offline both are ok. So lets keep it simple play music, drag n drop songs in a player ,using Itunes auto dj whatever or any auto dj ....isnt djing dont get me wrong its ok to just stream music or whatever but keep seperate what is dj or stream or whatever. This post aint for bashing but more for aducational reason so ppl know what is djing n whats not other than that 3dx is a game n we play for fun n we listen to cool music wheter is a dj or someone just playlist but know who ur is important . i could say many stuff what a dj do but wanted to keep it very simple ty all for reading etc
  22. Dear all, I would like to inform you about the reopening of the pool, under the old format I speak about old format since any good streamer will be welcome to play at the condition to accept requests and play live Concerning requests, I will kindly ask people to requests music matching the style played, knowing that i wish every style to be played during a party to please all ears. Last but not least, the Pool will remain a non sex room, nudity is of course accepted, nevertheless, I want to avoid colders and other serial moaners to ruin the atmosphere If some of you are interested to stream, please contact me IG or here via PM. If you have other ideas to make this more fun, you are welcome to share! Hope to see you soon! Keep smiling and have fun!
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