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Found 20 results

  1. Welcome to the Opal Star hosted by Captain AmyTrubblemaker and Commander Sinthea . All your futuristic needs brought here today! The Opal Star is a massive, fully realized, Interstellar Cruise Ship that roams the galaxy throwing party after party. The ship contains 4 internal venues which alternate depending on the theme of the week: Ballroom, The Mainframe, The Pool, and the Ängelhjärta Reactor Core. It also features a variety of amenities for lovers such as Massage room, medical examination room, a shuttle bay, public washroom, and aquarium with a dolphin, hot tubs, and deluxe privat
  2. --- Hello beautiful people NRG is happy to presents this wonderful evening to be all together to listen to beautiful music and to meet new people, you don't know what to do? DIabolica is for you, don't miss it! ---- Techno + Techno = great fun Do you want to miss an evening like this? Wednesday 03 March 2021 at 22:00 CET DIABOLIKA Live dj DJ RED - DJ H
  3. Mix Central presents Halloween Party. Spiders so big they will eat you 10pm CET/4pm EST on Sunday 25th October.
  4. HunnyPot R & B Club 4pm - 8pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of R & B to entertain you and chill with her new venue in the Afternoon. Be different once in a while A&R WET PUSSY 10pm - 2am CET Host & DJ Amey & Guest DJ FrontDE with a Techno/Minimal/House & Dance mix and a naughty twang. Come join in, have fun and enjoy the Party!! CLUB STARWARS - 7pm - 10pm EST Mon & Fri 1am - 4am Tues & Sat CET Host HaileeHall, Club A.I. with their venue CLUB STARWARS, Dj MISO & KYLAN & Dance team FLAUNT, Band Tina & The Heartbreakers. aweso
  5. Mocha's Jazz Hive Club 3pm - 6pm CET Host & DJ MochaHunny with her own mix of Jazz to entertain you with something different for once Stardust 4pm - 8pm est (SAT) 10pm - 2am cet (SAT) HOST BECKYROXI DJ STARDUST, Guest Dj's & WITH THE STARDUST DANCERS. OLDIES, ROMANTICS & Rock FROM THE 50'S TO NOW TO ENTERTAIN YOU A&R Wet Pussy Club 4pm - 8pm EST, 10pm - 2am CET Host & DJ AMEY with Guest DJ FrontDE, New Venue, Debut Opening Minimal & Techno progressive sounds. Try something different, you will like it!!!! Want to see all our parties? https://twitter.c
  6. ROCKIN RICK'S - 9PM - 1AM EST(Sun) 3AM - 7AM CET (Mon) HOST & LIVE DJ ROCKIN RICK WITH 4 HRS OF ROCK AND REQUESTS FOR YOU, BRAND NEW CLUB, VENOM AND THE DANCERS FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT Lisbon at Midnight/LXFactory 1pm - 4pm CET - Host & DJ Padme her famous buildings from Lisbon, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon and her Mixed genre of Pop & Rock, dance, chill and enjoy 3 days aweek Iceburg Tux (New Venue) - 7pm - midnight CET - Host Arran, DJ's Arran, Techno Boy, Raven, Zanok & Richo with a Techno Night & the Bare Bunnies Dance team for your entertainment
  7. LX Factory 1pm - 4pm CET Host & DJ Padme with her version of this legend with a twist, Rock & Pop mix Ice Cube Club 4pm - 8pm CET Host & DJ Arran with Guest DJ FrontDE & ofc Arran's Penguins and a Rock, Techno & Metal Mix Silvie Sun Summer Beach Dance - 8pm - maybe 2am Host Silvie Sun with Guest DJ's CarlaLove, Starrfyre, Biacat & Silvie Sun herself, with their own mix of Deep soul house and much more Wulf's Den 2am - 5am CET (Tuesday morning) 8pm - 11pm EST (Monday evening) Host Rosewulf, DJ's Alphawulf & Githwulf with a Rock & Pop Mix
  8. #Y2K19WELCOMING #3DXCHAT #WATERGATECLUB #TECHNO Another Year has passed and as usual it is time for a new Y2K Welcoming Party wich has been a tradition since 2015. As every year, I will hold a Welcoming Party for the new year on 2nd of January. Last Years Y2K18 Welcoming Party has been a great sucess while we celebrated the new year on the roof of Studio3, this years party wont fall behind in beeing extra-ordinary too. I want to invite you to come over to the new Watergateclub wich had its Opening Party on 8th December of 2018 (some might have attended the Event) and have a nice pa
  9. Hello and welcome to my private music page! Recently I started to produce my own songs and I like to have some feedback on it. So if you like House and Techno music I would be really glad if you could spend some minutes to listen to my tracks. If you like them and if you have a Soundcloud account - I am happy about every like Here is a link to my Soundcloud profile: https://soundcloud.com/user-545854709
  10. #Y2K18WELCOMING #3DXCHAT #STUDIO3 #TECHNO #VIRTUALDJRADIO #STUDIO3 With christmas over we are going fast paced through this years end. I really hope everyone had a great Christmas with Family & Friends. Also wishing everyone a good start into the new year, and of course many great partys out there or even here. As I try to do every year, I will hold a Welcoming Party for the new year on 2nd of January as this party is already somekind of tradition for me. Starting back in the year 2015, the Y2K15 Welcoming Party marked my debut as a DJane in 3DXChat and its kind of an anniversary fo
  11. Camden

    Summer Jam

    Hello 3DX Community Summer Jam is Back Multi-DJ Cammy Jam will be spinning Reggae and Reggaton all other DJ's spinning their mix FEATURING: So You Think You Can Sync Sync battle the longest sync wins Mountain Race Which group can get to the top fastest? Volleyball Showdown Spam that space bar!
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