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Found 13 results

  1. Ello, it's been a while. I came back to 3DX the other day after a break of a couple of years and wanted to give some feedback. I think you have done some wonderful things and worked very hard and a big thankyou is in order. You finally (after years and years of asking) gave us MMM threeways, tattoos and a kick function from rooms which was very needed. So thankyou. Thankyou also for the rings on all fingers, the devil and angel wings, tails, table pose command, fireworks and great new building textures. In fact there have been so many great new improvements you've been working hard on I can't really remember them all. But I think the MMM threeway poses and the tattoos are the ones I personally appreciate the most. It's obvious that you do listen to the players and try your best to give them what they want and make the game better for them, so well done and thankyou. Can I please put in a wishlist for a few more things, two of which were asked for at least as long as the tattoos were but are still not in the game and would be a much-welcomed addition. One is male body hair - anything which gives visual variation between player characters is a good thing for players and male body hair is one thing which definitely needs to be in the game. Hopefully it would be arms as well as chest at the very least, if not also legs, but just chest hair alone would be a great start, with a choice of several formations similar to how pubic hair and beards work. The other asked for a very long time ago is piercings, they have these in other similar games and they are very good to create a unique look with (for both sexes), both body and facial piercings are great. Facial ones include eyebrows (both barbell-studs and rings), nose (rings and spikes and bars) and possibly also in the top of the nose between the eyes as well as the bottom of the nose, and ear you already have sorted-out from what I saw with all the new ear rings. Body piercings could maybe be a bit trickier where genitals are concerned with the sex animations I have no idea, but things like penis and vagina piercings, if possible, would appeal to a vast amount of players, similar to how the tattoos appealed to many many players judging by how many I have seen wearing them since I came back into the game. If not genital piercings, certainly nipple piercings anyway, both rings and barbells. But my top suggestion would be at least facial piercings so a player could create a unique look no matter what they were doing in the game. Another which was asked for a long while back is to have the male body sliders have a bigger size scope so that players can make a better variety of characters. If the sliders were able to make things bigger, you could make things like chubby guys, pot bellies, huge bodybuilder arms and so on. It has always been the case that the male avatars in 3DX Chat tended towards the thinner side, you can make them scrawny and thin with no trouble, but they do not go big enough on the other end of the scale. I have always had my avatar at the largest chest and arms setting available and he only ever looks fit and slightly chunky, never large. Same as you can make a female avatar's breasts massive, it would be nice to be able to make parts of the male avatars body's overly large too, this way you could customize different separate parts of the body to create a unique look. 'Dad-bod' would I'm sure be appreciated for one (not by me but many others would want that option for RP) where the stomach came out in a pot belly and the avatar looked a little unfit and out of shape with age or bad lifestyle. If all sliders were increased a bit, you could even make the entire male avatar chubby/fat. Some people are 'chubby-chasers' and find fat people a sexual turn-on. Again, not myself, but many others are. All it would take is altering the code for the various body sliders to make them go larger, it should not make much of a difference to the animations. One new thing I would like to suggest which I have thought about only since you have introduced the devil wings (which are wonderful, well-done), is an authentic devil tail, one of those with the arrow on the end. Currently if a player wishes to play an authentic devil character they must use the existing tail (which is a tiger tail or similar) and it doesn't look quite right, though closer than no tail at all. But a traditional devil's tail with the pointy arrow at the end of it (similar or same thickness and length to the tiger tail which exists now would be fine) would make a devil outfit look complete. On the downside (yes there is one) I see that after all this time there is still not much of a choice for male avatar tops which is very disappointing. While the female list of clothing has grown and grown, the male list of tops looks very similar to how it did when the game started. Can I please suggest the ability to place patterns on shirts (not a print like on the t-shirts, but a pattern which covers the entire item) such as checks, spots, other repeating patterns, etc, so that coupled with the colour picker (2 colour layers, one for the base, one for the print) it would enable one single shirt to become hundreds of others, and again, enable a player to be unique from the others which is always a good thing and players love and appreciate it. It would mean that you didn't have to add loads of new meshes for male tops with different collars and sleeve lengths but those that did exist could be expanded. Personally, it would be really nice to have a check shirt, sometimes I wear them in RL as do many gay guys. You could then give this clothing pattern feature to the girls as well and everyone would be very happy. Anyway, thankyou again for all the new improvements, they are wonderful, especially the tattoos, MMM poses, finger rings and room kick function. You have worked really hard and listened to players and put things in which people wanted and it is really appreciated. I really was so impressed and happy that I felt the need to come back here and let you know personally. Cheers Gizmo.
  2. Gizmo, this is directed at you and your Server related IT team. When are you guys going to listen to the community and upgrade your servers to a faster and reliable service instead of using cheap services. I have been on 3dxChat for at least 4.5 years and never been disconnected over 10 times in a single day. You will end up losing Customers if you don't get your head out your ass and fix these issues. Also everyone here is experiencing bugs and glitches. For example a few bugs and glitches I have seen personally: -people appear to be walking into walls when they say they are right next to you -being disconnected the moment I log into my Main Character. Also I get disconnected the moment I log into my alt - people are showing way off from the spawning point when entering the room -the constant queue times are a result of poor server quality. its 2020 Gizmo, get on the level of security and technology on servers. WHERE IS OUR MONEY GOING?!
  3. so when are we going to get answers once use lose more people your servers crash nearly everyday random bans or response from devs we are paying customers we all deserve a explanation
  4. greetings There are many Arab users here, including me, we find it difficult to write in Arabic letters. Arabic words appear mirrored and in separate letters. I hope from the technicians and programmers treat this problem because there are many Arabs who want to join in 3dxchat but hesitate to register , and some of them already been in but no longer in the game and left it regarding this matter
  5. << Adri’s List >> This post is intended to be a pile-up of all suggestions that I consider to be most relevant. The discussion on the forum seems to be cycled and without any response from the development team. Take this as an attempt to change it. Pictures are attached at the end of the post and are also accessible through hyperlinks. Please do NOT use quote function for this post! < General Issues > 1.1 Room Optimalisation Although this problem can be somewhat explained by misuse of reflective objects and lighting, the fact is that rooms bigger than circa 1 MB in size lag. While the long loading time is only an inconvenience, crashes and lags are the serious issues here. I think that rooms should be tinkered a bit better; it will untie hands of creators and enrich the game for the rest of the community. -> Improve the room stability 1.2 Lighting Effects This one is probably a mixed bag of problems, with certain items in the game being displayed differently in the avatar editor and in the game. Turning the avatar around doesn’t help. Sometimes similar pieces of clothing are mismatched, despite being painted in the very same colour. -> Strive to match item colours, especially if they are likely to be used together -> Add adjustable light to the avatar editor 1.3 Communication The communication of the devs could be very well described as a deafening silence. I am not saying that all wishes of the community go unanswered, but I feel that there is really a lot to improve in this area. Even small tidbits in the forum here and there, reflecting on some interesting ideas or posting some updates/remarks/short commentaries on the development might do wonders. -> Improve the communication with the community and make sure to reach out regularly < Profile Management & Text > 2.1 Profile Status This could make the communication much easier. It would help you to navigate through rooms full of people who are AFK and ultimately made it easier for all to mingle. I suggest four options that could be ticked in your profile: Looking For Company, Online, Away and Busy. All of those can also alter the colour of avatar’s nickname OR display before the nickname as is well known from some other games. Additional functionalities might be implemented later, like list of people looking for company displayed at the edge of the screen (of course optional and editable in the settings) or saving messages in AFK mode in case your game crashes or you end it so that you can go through them during the next launch. -> Add statuses to our profiles 2.2 Gift Preview & Gift Text Editor It happens way too often that one screws up the colours, text width or cursive. The gift message gets buggy if it’s longer and does not show you that the character limit has been reached. I believe we should get an easy text editor, similar to what we have on the forums, but simpler. Even a basic text setting will still be a significant improve. -> Add a preview button for the gift message -> Add a simple gift message text editor -> Set a clear character limit for the gift message 2.3 Profile Text Editor Speaks for itself. I believe that it would encourage people to put a bit more work into their empty profiles. Text also gets buggy if it’s longer. -> Add a simple profile text editor -> Set a clear character limit for the profile 2.4 More Text Colours For The Chat It would surely enrich the roleplay scene if you could use more colours in the text box. More commands might also come handy for the room owners. Things like /i for a text without the nickname or /all for the announcer in the room, possibly highlighted. The community will likely come up with more useful commands. I also think that it would be great if the chat was somewhat smarter and allowed some obvious command fuck ups like /Me and /em instead of /me to be still counted as the correct command. Another great function for the chat would be would be a pop up box with the list of all those commands so that if you pick one, it will keep using it untill you change it again. -> Add more commands for the chat -> Improve the chat „intelligence“ / add text colour pop up menu < Customisation > 3.1 All Items Colourable It was present in the .dll. We already got some colouring extension for the old items. But we need more and especially new stuff should be made with colouring in mind. I would just like to state here that I am not complaining about the new stuff. I think it’s great – but it needs to be tinkered colourwise. -> Add colours to the old clothes and create the new clothes with as many options as possible 3.2 Cock Control Penises in the game have two issues and are both related to size – ironically in total opposition to the issues males are usually dealing with. The penises are way too big. They are big both in the relation to real life ( as @Ross the RoberT nicely put it: „anything bigger would be a horsecock“ ) and they are always erect, which is silly. Now the edit might result in complications in poses, especially with the handjob, but I think the huge size of it still allows for some tinkering and/or rework of those potentially faulty animations. The erection slider will be a tougher nut to crack, but I believe in the developers. Another option would be to add more foreplay poses with the „flaccid“ cock. The last lying pose has this and even though it looks like a snake that’s about to attack you, I still prefer it over the omnipresent boner. -> Add a penis size slider in the profile editor -> Add option to have a flaccid penis / Add more foreplay poses with flaccid penis 3.3 Male Clothes Male wardrobe in this game is just plain out pathetic. Men deserve things like socks, ties, bow-ties, more suits, more shirts and the list goes on and on. Male avatars are severely restricted and it’s a shame, for it gets repetitive over time to see them running around in same clothes. They don’t need more RP clothing at the moment! It can substituted by normal clothes to a certain degree... Which they don’t have. If the community is heavily focused on female stuff (be it clothing or tattooes), I would expect devs to focus on men. They don’t need that much stuff. Even few well-designed items can make a huge difference. -> Extend the male wardrobe with some universal items 3.4 Editors Any game that allows modder community to grow, shines. The biggest flaw of the 3DXChat is in my humble opinion the lack of customisation. The more you can do, the more immersive the experience feels. -> Release clothes editor -> Release pose editor < Motion & Animations > 4.1 New Ways Of Moving The game should allow us to do more than just walk and run (and swim). Crawling on all four, walking hand in hand with another avatar, being carried princess style (similarly to the upcoming pose) and walking with the heels on the ground for female avatars would all be welcomed additions for sure. -> Add more ways of moving for avatars -> Add interactive ways of moving (leading someone, carrying someone) 4.2 Roleplay poses Basic roleplay poses like kneeling are missing in the game. This can be partially fixed by allowing us to modify objects to play some animations when the avatar gets attached to it – similarly to the ghost mode. -> Add basic roleplay poses 4.3 Group dance Interactivity is fun. I have noticed that many people in the game like to dance together and coordinate themselves. Even though it’s not within realm of my interests and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere, I believe that group dancing could be a big deal for many players. Another thing that is missing are couple dances. You see so many people paired on the dance floor and all are just standing there. You don’t need too many. One or two would suffice (possibly romantic slow dance and something exciting). -> Add group dance -> Add couple dance < Avatar Interaction & UI > 5.1 Response Settings From what I have read in many profiles, a significant part of the community hates that it’s possible to bother people with unwanted kissing, hugging and cold requests. I suggest to add tickable settings boxes that will solve this and keep the unwanted attention away. Similarly to this, only on the other side, stands the option to accept everything from your partner(s). The necessity to accept pose can be a bit off putting in the middle of something steamy. A tickable box is again a very simple solution. (Credits for the picture: @CTEPBA ) -> Add a permission for strangers to kiss and hugs tick on/off box -> Add an option to limit partner offers to friends -> Add a permission to accept any pose suggested by a partner tick on/off box 5.2 Clothes On Option Allow us to have a tickable box where we will decide if we want our clothes to be removed or whether we want to do it ourselves. It’s silly that you automatically undress if you want to give someone a blowjob for instance. -> Add a clothes on during sex tick on/off box 5.3 Rework The Object Occupation This is such an annoying thing – if your partner is on the couch and you want to join him/her, he/she needs to stand up first... Why? -> If the person using an object is your partner, allow the pose selection to be popped up 5.4 UI Tinkering The UI sometimes feels a bit weird. Especially when it comes to the in-game screen. The dance box is a mess. The dances are mismatched; slow dance is next to fast dance and there is no preview or indication of what are you going to do on the dance floor. -> Rework dance UI << Additional Notes >> A ) Please do NOT use quote function to react. I‘ve noticed that this is frequent sin on the forums and it makes the thread unreadable (especially with a long post like this). A rule of a thumb is that you don’t quote recently made posts. If you want to react, use @ and the nickname or type the part that is relevant - everyone knows how to scroll up and see it for themselves. B ) This is not meant to trash talk the developers. I acknowledge that they are working hard on many things and I think that in many areas they are doing well, but they could do better in many others. C ) It would be lovely to hear the community response, but even more so, I would appreciate if the developers could make a comment on this post. D ) Please try to keep it short and factual. This post serves as a pile up of many suggestions. Try to approach the subject broadly. If there is anything you want to discuss in greater detail, I suggest that you should start your own thread in case the thread is not active somewhere already. E ) Rome wasn't built in a day. Don’t take this as a cry demanding all of this to be implemented in the next patch. The post is intended to push the developers towards mentioned matters.
  6. Out of curiosity, will the features shown in the upcoming updates still be coming? Hair morph? Clothing morph? Jiggle (Advanced breast and butt physics?) Pose editor? (Gizmo asked if wanted). Xgold trading? (Voted on in Discord). Are those a WIP still, or has the team decided against them? Will more materials be added? Will more Prims be added for building?
  7. unreachable Gizmo where are you, answer my e-mails, unfairly block my account or pay my money back
  8. Gizmo, what are you giving us at Christmas? u.u You have three choices, are you happy? Pose Editor Clothes Editor Nothing
  9. I have seen that in many topics there is no complaints section. (Maybe I did not see her) So I thought it was right to pack everything that could serve the game in one post. Here you can suggest to implement new things, that are clothes, positions, objects, and much more but without being repetitive and leave room for the owners of the game to get an idea of ​​what we would like us instead of having to look for them in all posts the various answers. So summing up: What is missing to the game that we would like to have and which has not yet been implemented? ( Notice that after so many answers, I will send an email to the support, in order to make things easier, please, be short definite and not repetitive. Sorry for my English, i'm italian and use google translator. ) Thanks, Felinia.
  10. Developers, thank you for all your work in enabling us to build such wonderful rooms, but enough is enough. For the next little while, how about going back to the roots of the game and give us more poses so we can enhance the sexual play or intimacy we experience with our partners. When was the last time we received a new sex position, an embrace or what have you... 8 months ago?
  11. Hey there dear builders! As a fellow builder I'd like to open this thread to collect some information on building efficiently. That means, like everyone knows, that rooms will take longer to load and are starting to lag under certain circumstances. I'd like to collect tips for everyone who plans big projects, in order to still have everyone running the room smoothly and prevent crashes and lags. I'll start off with things that will cause trouble when building: • The larger the .world - file, the longer it takes to load and might cause crashes when joining a room. • .world - files are bloated easily when using many small objects at the same place, together with lights. The light will be rendered for every single object. • Overusing lightsources will cause lag and increased filesize (needs more testing) • Overusing animated objects will cause lag and increased filesize (trees, fire, steam, smoke, etc.) • many people in the same world will cause lag • poorly attached metal-surfaces will catch light and endlessly reflect it between gaps, creating rendering errors. You will notice those as white flickers on your screen. This is all I can currently think of. If you have any tips to prevent those points I (and probably many other people) would be really glad! I know that the Unity engine isn't coded perfectly. Maybe there will be some improvements soon. My room for example is already laggy for quite a few people. But i don't want to lose any quality there. Things I've done so far: • Use Chloe's Tool to remove duplicated objects (Thank you so much Chloe! 4500 Dupes removed, 260 kB less roomsize! <3 ) • Reduced resolution • remodeled structures to reduce the number of used objects However, let's see if someone can help us out! Yours Llavia! ^-^/
  12. Guest

    ...mmm fresh air ❤

    mmm fresh air ❤ nothing like being outside after a miserable storm ❤ thank you Gizmo ❤
  13. Given that 3DXChat 1.0 is almost dead, and the topic of, "Is 3DXChat dying?" now over and locked, I wanted to start a new topic now that 2.0 is finally upon us, full of possibilities and a renewed sense of imagination. Though I can't speak for the entire community, these are questions that I've been able to formulate in my mind, now that I've been free and clear of this game for a few months now, no longer driven by the negativity that misguided my thinking before, asking me to question something's death, rather than supporting it to live. Speaking for myself, at some point you have to grow up, and if you really love something, then you have to ask the proper questions in order for it to grow in the right direction, though not everyone will see your vision the same as you do, and that's okay. Not everyone's going to agree with everything said here, but I'm hoping most, will. And with this new thread, I bring with it updated questions from my previous thread; much like 2.0 itself, upgraded as well. Now that 3DXChat 2.0 is being tested in beta, what more could we do as a community to help better along the game's process, besides bug testing? Are you in need of artists willing to donate their time to help sketch out ideas for you? Are you looking for 3D artists that can help create more sex poses for you? If we could all pick one item of practical clothing we'd love to see come to life in this game, would that help alleviate the amount of content in some manner? What tools would we need in order for us to help with all of this? Are there people in the community willing to team up to help create any of this content? What can we do better, as a community, to bring back the spark of development for your game? How can we better enrich the flow of progress here? How can we better invest in your game? Are you in need of crowd funding? Could our frustrations be diminished, collectively as a whole, if we all work together? If I could sit the developer down in front of you, right now, and ask them to listen to you, without the fear of being censored by the only two moderators left in this forum now, how would you help them, if you would help them at all? I'm sure there are other questions that will arise, but for now, I'd like to initiate these to help begin a conversation. And if you have nothing constructive to add to this conversation, trust me, I was just like you. If I can grow up and try to help, I'm sure you can, too.
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