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Found 6 results

  1. Do you have a knack for designing epic world builds? It’s time to push your creative boundaries with our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest! From now till May 13, submit your world design ideas for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in Jul 2022 and you just might be the talented builder walking away with attractive prizes brought to you by the team of Lovense & 3DXChat! Theme: Summer Rave Party Guidelines: The idea of the submitted design must be original, but you can include in other objects from users with their permission. Design must include elements of a Summer Rave, e.g. large dance party floor for ravers, DJ section, area for dancers, laser lights, strobes, area for F&B (we all need booze!). Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat branding, e.g. a large Lush 3 DJ stand and a photo wall with Lovense & 3DXChat logos. You may download the 3DXChat logos, Lovense logos and Lovense toy renders here to aid you in your design process: https://www.lovense.com/p/2paRbn Submission Requirements: Writeup of the description of your World, and short summary of what each section of the World has been designed for Sketch mockup of the world (Can be hand-drawn or digitally created) List of credits (if you have used objects designed by other creators in your submitted entry) Sample attachment of any Worlds you have built previously (to gauge your World Editor skills and level) 1 x Winner Prizes: 350 USD 2 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 100K XGold 1 Year 3DXChat Membership Note: The winner will be given 1 month to create the winning world for the Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in July 2022 Judging Panel: Lovense Team | 3DXChat Team | Redji Elements that Entries will be judged on: Creativity of the World design Presentation of the idea, and how it fits into the Summer Rave Party theme Building technique & methods Quality and thought put in the World design Atmosphere and effects of the World Use of animation triggers (bonus points) Submission Deadline: May 13, Sat, 23:59 UTC+0 Update: Submissions are now closed. Submit Your Entry: https://www.lovense.com/p/3dxchat-bc-submission Finalists Announcement & Public Voting: Latest update on May 24: After reviewing the submissions and taking into consideration the feedback given by the builders' community on the contest, the judging panel will be making changes to the contest terms, prizes and contest timeline. New details will be shared later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. GLHF! With Love, Lovense & 3DXChat Team
  2. Welcome and thank you for step by and read / see this. For longtime i have wanted to show some of my creation's here, but i have just been to lazy and i am not one there use the forum that much also But first i will show you some of my free giveaway house's / Homes OBS: You can't download them here on the 3DX forum, they all are on the Modz site. You find it here: http://northprojectz.com/3dxtest20/#MyPopup (yes i know the link looks weird, but i am not the one there have choose that )
  3. Build 431 released Dear players, Game update 431 is available now. Join us and enjoy new content and great new features! What's new? New sex poses New clothes New interactable game object - Cage All Lovense sex toys support Lovense sex toys support Lovense sex toys are now integrated with the 3D universe of 3DXChat. Players can now pair their Lovense toys with 3DXChat and enjoy life-like sexual experiences in real-time with other players. Find out more here: 3DXChat & Lovense: Virtual pleasure made real Giveaways Giveaway bonus +5 Days of game time for all existing accounts - Get 5 days here Giveaway of 7 Lovense sex toys - Join our discord server for a chance to win a toy What will be the upcoming updates? New Accessories system! (rings, earrings, piercings) More clothes More sex poses Stay tuned for more! New Content With love, 3DXChat team
  4. New Years Eve: GOLD RUSH Presented By A.I.-3DX & CandyLand 12/31/20 - 6PM EST An Event To Say FUCK 2020 Leaving It Off With A Bang, Bringing The Most Exciting, Thrilling And Exploding Vibe Into The 3D World WITH 3 Rockin, Magnificent DJ's DJ MommaBear DJ REP DJ CandyMan 3DX's Most Creative, Sexiest Styled Dance Team FLAUNT Gold Rush Prizes 4 prizes of 3000 Gold 1 of 7000 Gold 6 month game time code We Welcome You To Proudly Show The Middle Finger To This Tough Year, By The Only Way We Know How
  5. Hey So 2021 is around the corner and I would like to announce some of my plans 1)i plan to open sex related rooms for public more frequently ofc colds are not allowed in my sex rooms. So my first step is to promote the no colds sex rooms.. 2)i plan to make private orgies that I will announce on my discord server only Invite here : https://discord.gg/pz3EcPf 3)i plan to have giveaways of rooms I have build on my local chat and ofc my discord server yup free rooms Ps all the rooms I give free 3 years now I give them cause it was less than 4-5 hours to build so to be honest. 4)i plan also to make giveaways of premium rooms again for free with lottery of some kind some will take part on my locals n some on my discord server. 5)i plan to intergrade sex games on my public rooms to hook u up easy n in a fun way (already started this yesterday n it was fun) Thats some of my plans for the new year ofc many more surprises to come Ps, free rooms will contain 3dxchat ads so you know ofc server invites n my social media links in case u wanna follow
  6. Hello everyone! This wednesday, I will open a new room, "The Greenery" and will give it away the same evening. Opening the doors at 8 PM CEST (GMT+2) Sharing is caring Music will be rock and edm. Everyone welcome!
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