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Found 12 results

  1. Grab your favorit drink & friends and do a big rave party with Hardstyle, Frenchcore and more !
  2. STARWARS Rebel Base A.I. Presents our Formatted Starwars Events WE Take A Look Into The Star Beaming, Blaster Firing, Shot Missing, Saber Colliding Power Of The Dark & Light Side Of The Force With our Starwars Clubs We Will Be Doing Starwars In Our 2 Sided Club Join The Rebellion Join The Empire Pick & Experience Each Side! In The Only Way We Know How! Aiding The Good Fight Will Be Or Becoming The Dark Sins We Are!
  3. A.I.-3DX'sVariety Friday! Following The Latest Info On Our Friday Events Hosting & Opening AT 3PM EST ~ 9PM CET Every Other Friday With Variations To The Diff Themes We Do Multiple Uniquely Styled Event With Amazing Guest Live DJ's The Sexy, Desirable, Co-ed FLAUNT Dancers! Starting The Weekend Off With An Fun & Exciting Time! Lets Spin To See What Event Will Be Friday! v-advert_post.mp4
  4. Thats right! Friday, January 25th at 6 PM EST. Friday Fuckery Returns! Party the night away! with DJ Mysti and Wild Honey
  5. Lit·tle Fri·day @ Ab·so·lute The Urban dictionary defines Little Friday as the nickname for Thursday. In other words, Friday just called, it said it would be here tomorrow and its bringin' the alcohol! Whether you are struggling through your week, just cruisin', or you are ready, willing and desperately waiting for Friday, join us in Absolute where the hard rock will help carry you through the most challenging part of the week. Given the overwhelmingly positive response to this event, Thursdays are now officially known as "Little Fridays" here at Absolute. Rock starts at 8pm EST with DJ Rae. * This is the official (and continual) thread for Little Fridays. Stop by for weekly updates, time changes or cancellations.
  6. summer is the best time of year for me as i can see the blue sky the blue sea feel the sun on my skin make me feel warm n welcome to this life . I present you Summer Memories Live again your best summer memories in my new room with summer Aroma and the best music so it guide you back to your best memories n feelings LIVE Love LIFE Some of the best djs will be there to make sure you have fun n make this journey as well the Lovely fantastic Bare bunnies will be there dancing
  7. du·al·i·ty /d(y)o͞oˈalədē/ noun 1. the quality or condition of being dual. 2. an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. What is better than one amazing DJ bringing you the music you want and need in a place you know and love? The answer is simple. Two rockin' DJ's to make your Friday night loud, carrying you into the weekend the best way we know.... with music. Night and day. Light and dark. Above and below. Life and death. Black and white. Rock and roll. Cats and dogs. *rawr* In essence... two parts of a whole. ABSOLUTE presents the latest in events, Duality. Two very different DJ's bringing you the best of both of their styles in one absolutely amazing night. Friday, June 22nd. Party is starting at 8pm EST.
  8. stay tuned for further informations a little view on the location... each day a little bit more... 5 days to go...
  9. WELCOME TO THE ONLINE CINEMA "V A M P I R E" _____________________________ 23.06 in 9 pm by London time Danery's room invite you to online movie watch "FRIGHT NIGHT"
  10. This week a dear friend of ours get's one year older and gains more wrinkles on their sexy face, to commemorate this day Kyaleah and I will be hosting a birthday party for our dear and much loved friend Mulan. There will be some amazing DJ's, dancing and knowing some of our friends some hilarious banter. We both hope that we see you all there
  11. Myzska invites all to come and celebrate her 1 year anniversary on 3DX together! You presence is requested at 20:00 UTC-1 at MYZSKA DANCE HOUSE friday 20/11! We expect much fun with great people and energizing livestream music! Come and bring your friends to this epic event! 20\11\2015 - 20:00 UTC-1
  12. Hello everybody, It's time again for another party. After the big success of our 70s party we like to invite you all to our next dance party this friday night. Watch out for "Back To The 80s @ felia" in the room list. Everyone is welcome The local chat language will be a mixture of german, english or any other language you speak. So no rules in this case. But... since this is a party room, colds or unasked friend requests are not tolerated. Please respect this Europe / Berlin 22:00:00 13-Nov-2015 Europe / London 21:00:00 13-Nov-2015 America / New York 16:00:00 13-Nov-2015 Australia / Sydney 06:00:00 14-Nov-2015 Hongkong 04:00:00 14-Nov-2015 See you all there KISSES Felia & Chloe
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