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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone. For as long as i - (LinnyLoveHeart) have been alive a festival called the "EASTER BE-IN" - Hosted By Insatiable - Saturday April 8th - - Sunday April 9th - Start Time 3PM EDT has been held in my home province in Canada (BC) It originally began In Vancouver, BC in 1967 & has grown to become a World Wide event The "Easter Be-In" is a gathering of Bands ... in our case DJs ... all in one venue It runs dawn to midnight daily for 4 days and is HUGELY POPULAR It is a celebration of LOVE, PEACE & MUSIC and held at a special time of year People come together to celebrate life listen to some great music of various genres, Dance and enjoy each other's company & party together Have a few cocktails &/or beer or BOTH Possibly smoke a shitload of pot (so rumor has it) Fuck a lot (again this is just a rumor) and generally forget the problems of the real world for 4 days. We will attempt to duplicate this event for 3DX Chat WITH A Brand New Venue Created Named {Bad Bunny}
  2. Studio Fantasy Label is proud to invite everyone to the biggest rock festival in the world. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival that began in the city of Rio de Janeiro / Brazil and spread to all countries of the world, Portugal, Spain etc. Let's play on 3dx with the same characteristics as the Original, in an amazing Room, with nice people who love Rock. Great DJs by SFL Group and Guest Dj's will have exclusive sections with the best artists of Rock Hostess DJ BIACAT. opening 14 and 15 August from 8.00 PM / CET-2.00 PM / EST. Come have fun and enjoy the best of ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label est fier d'inviter tout le monde au plus grand festival de rock au monde. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival qui a commencé dans la ville de Rio de Janeiro / Brésil et s'est étendu à tous les pays du monde, Portugal, Espagne, etc. Jouons sur 3dx avec les mêmes caractéristiques que l'Original, dans une salle incroyable, avec de belles les gens qui aiment le rock. Les grands DJ du groupe SFL et les DJ invités auront des sections exclusives avec des artistes melhores du Rock Mundial. Hôtesse DJ BIACAT. ouverture les 14 et 15 août de 20h00 / CET-14h00 / EST. Venez vous amuser et profiter du meilleur de ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label è orgoglioso di invitare tutti al più grande festival rock del mondo. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival che ha avuto inizio nella città di Rio de Janeiro / Brasile e si è diffuso in tutti i paesi del mondo, Portogallo, Spagna ecc. persone che amano il Rock. I grandi DJ di SFL Group e Guest Dj's avranno sezioni esclusive con i migliori artisti del Rock Mundial. Hostess DJ BIACAT. apertura 14 e 15 agosto dalle 20:00 / CET-14:00 / EST. Vieni a divertirti e goditi il meglio di ROCK WORLD Studio Fantasy Label se enorgullece de invitar a todos al festival de rock más grande del mundo. ROCK IN RIO 2021. Festival que comenzó en la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro / Brasil y se extendió a todos los países del mundo, Portugal, España, etc. Juguemos en 3dx con las mismas características que el Original, en una Sala asombrosa, con agradable gente que ama el Rock. Grandes DJs de SFL Group y Dj's invitados tendrán secciones exclusivas com os melhores artistas de Rock Mundial. Azafata DJ BIACAT. Apertura 14 y 15 de agosto de 20.00 h. / CET a 2.00 p. m. / EST. Ven a divertirte y disfruta de lo mejor de ROCK WORLD SPECIAL DANCE PERFORMANCE BY THE GROUP MOON DANCERS & MOONLIGHT STARS
  3. Depuis 5 semaines Maatt et Judine préparent ce Festiv'All Musics. Il aura lieu dans la room Moonstock les vendredi 9 samedi 10 et dimanche 11 avril 2021. Ci dessous vous trouverez le flyer avec les Dj prévus par journée et le planning des passages de Djs. NOUS ESPERONS VOUS VOIR NOMBREUX VENIR PARTAGER TOUS LES GENRES DE MUSIQUES PENDANT CET EVENT
  4. Hey Rock n' Roll Fans! The 3DX Rock Festival is back with Vol. 2!! Sign Ups begin Now! Follow the link below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkY9X3Z_JJ3v_AVaBbSBSv-oPvXi_1Oog0twB-wJEnU/edit?usp=sharing Spots are limited so first come first serve. Each DJ will be given 1 hour 30 min to showcase their favorite band/artist! If you have any questions contact me via PM in-game or on discord! See you at the Festival!!
  5. The Family Studios Fantasy Label is proud to present another edition of Tomorrowland Belgium 3 days with lots of music and fun to the sound of Electronic Music. On the 19/20 and 24 of July an incredible room will host this great Music festival. We wait for you to make these three nights unforgettable. Some of the best 3dx DJ's will be there. Hostesses Dj Biacat. Join Us and have fun Le Family Studios Fantasy Label est fier de présenter une autre édition de Tomorrowland Belgium 3 jours avec beaucoup de musique et de plaisir au son de la musique électronique. Les 19/20 et 24 juillet, une salle incroyable accueillera ce grand festival de musique. Nous vous attendons pour rendre ces trois nuits inoubliables. Certains des meilleurs DJ 3dx seront là. Hôtesses Dj Biacat. Rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous
  6. PEOPLE OF TOMORROW !!!! SFL STUDIOS FANTASY LABEL ARE PROUD TO INVITE ALL TO THIS MUSICAL JOURNEY TOMORROWLAND 15 YEARS BIRTHDAY - WE SEE YOU ALL SOON 15 years running. World’s Best Festival, 2015. Dubbed the ‘Disneyland Of Music. Magical, surreal, and almost like a parallel dimension. An EDM lover’s haven. in 3dxChat. Welcome to Tomorrowland. The first edition of Tomorrowland took place in 2005 and in the meantime, the festival has grown into the most popular and spectacular music festival in the world. This year, the 15th anniversary will be celebrated in all kinds of ways, The theme for 2019 is ‘The Book of Wisdom, The Return’, a sequel to the 2012 theme, The Book of Wisdom’. Dates: 18th – 19th and 20th – October 2019. Gates open at 8:45 Pm/Cet - 2:45 Pm/Est Lose Yourself in the Music The atmosphere is electric, and the experience is euphoric. Picture dancing in unison with others as your heartbeat syncs with the beat of the music. Experience an insane musical high that will get your adrenaline pumping like never before. OCTOBER IN 3DXCHAT Hostess : DJ BIACAT
  7. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file" was made for optimization. Everyone looking forward for beautiful works, but less reflective textures and lights for better optimization are very welcome. Since Today till July 7 - preparation time when you can create, fix, test your work. July 7 is a time for creating final test and festival file. When your work is done, upload it to google drive and send me the link by private message on the forum. Since July 8 till July 14, the festival should be open everyday for everyone in public place by me or participants. If you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself. Festival file will be given to each participant. Theme: freestyle. "It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game)." Conditions can be changed. I may lost something(info). Nothing is perfect. Feel free to post you questions/ideas here or by pm.
  8. Hi 3dxchat citizens and artists! It will be interesting to see how many people want to see it and how many WE artists want to participate in such festival. Why? To make an festival from 3dxchat artists for people who interested to see artworks and use those works in the future. To make a place wich will be opened every day by every participant. The place where people(especially those who are not registered on the forum) could see any works and upload it by the links from the forum. To show works of various artists festival by festival and show that the world editor is not just a thing but also an important tool that can be used variously, that can keep an interest to be in 3dxchat. How? A simple place like a circle with an entrance at the center, with artist`s spots/places around this entrance. People can get to any work and then walk around one by one.It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game).I can made a first wave of artists festival while I have few weeks on it. If someone wants to lead it, that's cool. If no, I am able to do it.Create something, link to me by the forum pm. I will put it in the festival place. Before starting festival we meet inside the place to fix anything. I will link final place to every participant. While festival going, if you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself(need to think how it will be named). That is how we can lead the festival together and keep it opened all the time. Or most of time :3 Questions: 1.How many artworks(participants) would be nice to see accordingly with 3dxchat file limit? 2.What limit (Kb) for one participant? 3.How long should the festival take place? (a week, two, a month or any ideas)? 4.How many cubic meters should take a spot for any artwork? 5.What site should we use for links of works? 6. Any idea of a name of festival? Feel free to discuss. Maybe the idea isn`t good. We will see.
  9. Hello Everyone! The E-Series have returned with E7: Evolution! I'm inviting all DJs and music lovers both new and old to play and share their love of music this June. This music festival will take place for 3 whole days! If interested please click the link below and follow the instructions provided. If your name is not listed, please DM me via Forum, Discord, or In-game. There is room for everyone! IMPORTANT: Be sure to put down what genre of music you'll be playing, as well as the Day you wish to play. Depending on the number of DJs there is a slim chance that DJs may play more than once, depending on the circumstances. More details about the stadium and schedule will be provided throughout the weeks prior to the Event. E7: Evolution is provided by DJ NinjaGirl Entertainment, 7 Sins, and will feature the lovely Bare Bunnies! - Link to Planner - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkY9X3Z_JJ3v_AVaBbSBSv-oPvXi_1Oog0twB-wJEnU/edit#gid=0
  11. Hi everyone. I want to share with you that 2.02.2018 in 3DXChat will be the first Trance music festival. The best Dj 3DX will show you that music can be lively and beautiful at the same time. 2.02.2018 in the club D. Come and enjoy Promo - https://vk.com/videos382004351?z=video382004351_456239074%2Fpl_382004351_-2
  12. Here is a nice halloween festival. Music lovers living in the UK and EU, check this out; https://www.fatsoma.com/illuminaughty/21ekt5s4/day-of-the-dead
  13. Hey folks for those of you who are EDM lovers Twitch are currently streaming Ultra Live festival at the moment at this link, it's awesome and good to groove to. https://www.twitch.tv/ultra
  14. Hey all I have a new mix Online. For this mix I was Inspired by Holi Festival of Colors & BigCityBeats and a bit by Macca of our Community ! The Idea was a Party (Festival) mix with great party songs for me, my real friends and of course for the 3DXchat Night Club when ever the members want and I can I was in the last time a bit busy, one reason is this mix and the other reason is a surprise Ok, now feel free for listening offline and let me know, is it a good mix for our NightClub!? I write the full Songlist soon in my Songlist Thread click in the cover when you want...
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