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  1. Ninja Entertainment Productions Proudly Presents An E-Series Music Festival Presented At Featuring Dance Groups: Bare Bunnies Velvet Devil Dancers Sirens and Sailors Flaunt Sunshine Girls Angels & Devils Dream Girls The Rocketts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 22nd - Stage 1 July 23rd - Stage 2 July 24th - Main Stage July 25th - Main Stage Doors Open @ 11:30 AM EST / 5:30 PM CET Showcasing DJs from around the world! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJs Wanted! Please click on the link below to Sign Up https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cwNlCq84EdJOoUkgSX8UNOb71uMa3JaXC9-KFecZPGk/edit#gid=0 If your name doesn't appear on the roster please contact Natsumi via Forum DM or on Discord
  2. The First Big Event of 2021 is Coming!! Rock Out with us Valentine's Day Weekend We Love Rock n' Roll!
  3. A.I.-3DX Proudly Presents A Spooktacular, Spine Chilling, Goosebumps Forming, Halloween Event (10/30/20) ~ Starting 6pm EST ( Going 6 Hours) 6 LIVE DJ's DJ REP ~ 6 - 7Pm (est) DJ MISO ~ 7 - 8Pm (est) DJ JunBug ~ 8 - 9Pm (est) DJ MommaBear ~ 9 - 10Pm (est) DJ Demi ~ 10 - 11Pm (est) DJ CandyMan 11pm - 12am (est) 2 Dance Teams The Sexy Otherworldly Styled Dancing BY FLAUNT The Ghostly Moonlight Enchanting Dancing By Bare Bunnies AT Our Homeworld Graveyard Designed To Be Bizarrely Frightening For Your Spooky Pleasure!
  4. Mix Central presents Halloween Party. Spiders so big they will eat you 10pm CET/4pm EST on Sunday 25th October.
  5. This Saturday (10th Oct), SugarDoll is bringing you the best of EDM hits in an opulent and stylish grand opening for her new club - Hustle. Expect a rotating line-up of no less than 6 of the best 3DX DJs adding their own flair to the decks. Relaxing time in its exquisite sauna and teasing rooms with sexy dancers and kinky fun. Swing by Hustle on Saturday 10th Oct @8pm GMT for a night to be remembered !
  6. It is time! The Biggest 3DX Exclusive Music Festival is coming back for it's 8th installment E-Series Festival Returns with E8: I N F I N I T E Powered by Ninja Entertainment, Performed at The Vibe Stadium Calling All DJs of 3DXChat You have been invited to participate at this 3 Day event in celebration of music on 3DXchat. Click HERE to Sign up Join the official 3DX E-Series Discord @ https://discord.gg/QNrtsYs
  7. Rock and Roll Night at the Renaissance Faire Party on Saturday Aug 15th 2020, 7:00 P.M. central U.S. time. Dancers, DJ's and fun! Hosted by Charity Fine.
  8. Come cheer on and support Gith as he smashes the IRON DJ CHALLENGE! This Monday, July 27th starting at 8 am and ending Tuesday, July 28th at 8 am. Seriously - be there to support Gith! See flyer for more info.
  10. CLUB AUSSIE BEATS ƬHƐ AUSSIƐ ƤRIƝƇƐSS, ƤLAƳIƝƓ ƬHƐ ƬUƝƐS ƳOU LOƲƐ ƬO HƐAR SATURDAY!!! ƐARƓASM ƜƖƬӇ Live DJ ƤRIƝƇƐSS SAƤHƳ Own mix of Rock & Pop from down under Guest Dances's Galaxxxy Club Time Zone Times: 11:00 am CET 8:00pm AEST 10:00 am GMT 6:00 am EST 7:00 am BRT 1:00pm MSK
  11. CLUB AUSSIE BEATS ƬHƐ AUSSIƐ ƤRIƝƇƐSS, ƤLAƳIƝƓ ƬHƐ ƬUƝƐS ƳOU LOƲƐ ƬO HƐAR SATURDAY!!! ƐARƓASM ƜƖƬӇ Live DJ ƤRIƝƇƐSS SAƤHƳ Own mix of Rock & Pop from down under Guest Dances's Galaxxxy Club Time Zone Times: 11:00 am CET 8:00pm AEST 10:00 am GMT 6:00 am EST 7:00 am BRT 1:00pm MSK AUSSIE_BEATS_RADIO.mp4
  12. I am looking for at least 3 new djs to play EDM in my world I created based off of User piero's IBIZA WORLD. The 3 DJs will provide music for my world and will be entitled to whatever the terms and conditions are between them and the creators or owners of 3DXChat. Please email me at miketurtleakadjmikeol@gmail.com if you are interested. And in case you are wondering I am not a dj as is mentioned in my email address. Don't go by the name DJ MIKEOL as an actual DJ but the DJ stands for DICK JOCKEY. CLUB FUCK WORLD.world
  13. Hey Rock n' Roll Fans! The 3DX Rock Festival is back with Vol. 2!! Sign Ups begin Now! Follow the link below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SkY9X3Z_JJ3v_AVaBbSBSv-oPvXi_1Oog0twB-wJEnU/edit?usp=sharing Spots are limited so first come first serve. Each DJ will be given 1 hour 30 min to showcase their favorite band/artist! If you have any questions contact me via PM in-game or on discord! See you at the Festival!!
  14. CLUB AUSSIE BEATS - ƬHƐ AUSSIƐ ƤRIƝƇƐSS, ƤLAƳIƝƓ ƬHƐ ƬUƝƐS ƳOU LOƲƐ ƬO HƐAR 11:00am CET (sat Morning) ƐARƓASM ƜƖƬӇ Live DJ ƤRIƝƇƐSS SAƤHƳOwn mix of Rock & Pop from down under Time Zone Times: 8:00pm AEST 5:00am EST 7:00am BRT 1:00pm MSK Aussie_Beats.mp4
  15. AussieBeats -11:30am CET (sat Morning) Hosts Saphy with Live DJ Princess Saphy doing her own mix of Rock & Pop from down under ( other times 8:30pm AEST, 5:30am EST, 7:30am BRT, 1:30pm MSK.) Aussie_Beats.mp4
  16. PARTY !!! At Club Aussie Beats Starting at 10:30am CET ( Sat Morning) Live DJ Princess Saphy Doing her own Mix of Rock and Pop, The Princess from Down Under ( Times for other time Zones: 8:30pm AEST, 5:30am EST, 7:30am BRT, 1:30pm MSK)
  17. Details will be provided with DJ schedules for the live mix times later
  18. Blaze is one of the most advanced DJ Mixing Software. It can be downloaded & used completely free. Get it & mash up the EDM train http://www.independentsounds.de/ ENJOY UND HAVE FUN
  19. In case you’re wondering, I’m not a country lover. I only started listening to country about a year ago. I believe it has about 50% of the American record market. I don’t believe we have any country representation in our public areas. Trust me, I by no means wish to lead any charge for country. I’m just curious and would like to throw this out there. Personally, for me its good summer music to listen too now and then - what do you think? Cheers!
  20. I'd like to arrange a GLOBAL party where each DJ pulls out music from their homeland. Like Australia would be AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Men At Work, INXS Germany could be Roxette, the Scorpions, Sweden could be Yngwie Malmsteen Ireland could be U2, the Pogues Canada Rush, BTO, Guess Who, Aldo Nova, Saga (anyone but Gordon Lightfoot or Helen Reddy lol) And so on. Drop me a PM or talk to me in game.... not sure what day, have to make sure it's a day everyone can work an hour's set... Or maybe do like a certain day of the week where every week the focus is on another country. Where we can learn about your cultures, governments, society and so on between songs. Up to you, let me know which interests you most.
  21. Looking forward to see you there!!! Times are Aυѕѕιє Ɓєαт'ѕ Sαтυяɗαу 7 Decmber 2019 αт 9:00ρм AƐSƬ ( 6:00αм ƐSƬ , 8:00αм ƁRƬ, 11:00αм GMT, 12:00ησση ƇƐƬ, 2:00ρм MSƘ, )
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