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Found 11 results

  1. I will say it simply but, having some longer skirt, at least half knee-length or knee-length, for wedding and more formal time like normal talk it could be better, the same could be applied for male clothing also to make some more varied bottom type clothing-wise pool trunks and so on
  2. Hello there! I believe that it would be nice to see some formal clothing with all the new options available for customization! I believe many of us would appreciate the option for a nice formal suite with options for ties and vests like the pictures bellow(Also enabling clothed sex would be a nice idea). Thank you for your time and wish you all who read good luck
  3. Seeing the last update few updates, and in particular the last one who featured a big Nothing for males, I'm here once again asking to the devs to add Diversity to male's closet, it shines so so so so pale in comparison to the female Avatar's closet. There's such a difference that it's beginning to be boring to try and dress up with such little damn options. I know the female closet isnt the best either, but anyone who explored the male options. It looks like a stereotype of a guy: 3 boxers, 3 pants, 3 shirts (I know its a bit hyperbolic but you get the idea). I would love to provide help with creating and designing clothes just for the sake of having actual diversity. Lets hope the "big cloth update" makes this post irrelevant. -Food
  4. @Gizmo For the love of everything good and holy, when on God's green earth, are you going to fix this!!!??? I DID NOT PUT THAT STUPID ARSS PRINT ON MY PANTS!!! Uuuugh. I am so frustrated with this. People keep complaining about this, and yet NOTHING has been done to fix this. I have been here...almost 8 months. When I have a gig to DJ at, I don't have time to go back and fix my outfit. And I shouldn't have to plan around IF this happens because it shouldn't be happening. You guys keep adding NEW things to the game, instead of fixing the stuff that's wrong with it. Please please PLEAAAAAAAAAASE fix this glitch!!!
  5. I know that posting so many posts must make me look very annoying... But after trying to match most of the feasible styles and spending nearly a few months on the world editor, it made me The shameful fact is: I started to feel a sense of "emptiness" spreading in my heart Yes, "emptiness"... Obviously we have so many interesting rooms, many kinds of clothes that can be matched with styles, and various systems to help rp... But the feeling of emptiness in my heart is getting more and more difficult. I don’t know what’s wrong with me...but I find it difficult to get interested in making a room, a new prop, or just looking for an interesting encounter in an interesting room. Am I too tired...? Or do I really have done most of what I can do as a player? In the past, I could slowly debug the mod’s posture without sleeping for a few days, but now...just opening the world editor or character editing makes me feel sleepy...looking at each one of them looks the same. The avatar walks, cold, hugs in the scene... really makes people feel sleepy. However, our current clothing system does not support more collocations, such as some fantasy-style costumes. So, when can we edit, upload or donate the clothes model ourselves? If devs are worried about the quality of the model, they can tell the producers the relevant parameters of the avatar. Then, like a tattoo, select the good ones and put them into the game.
  6. So I've seen a few people wearing clothing combos I didn't think you could do/ or know how to do. For example I just recently saw a girl wearing that straps and collar dress (fifth down on left side) along with the latex pants. When I try to wear pants with any of the dresses I am unable to. Could anyone answer how this is done? I feel like it's probably easy, but I can't seem to find any info on it when I try and search it. Being able to mix clothing like this would really add to the variety of outfits.
  7. When you load a clothing save in the closet, the saved character shows up. When you go to a room, the previous character set-up returns. It is like the saves are not sticking or loading correctly. I've tried changing items, loading rooms and bouncing back and forth to the closet in different sequences. It works maybe 1 out of 25 times.
  8. Nice Job Developers on the new location. May I suggest western era clothing to make it more interesting. I look forward to challenging someone to a good old Western Gun fight. Draw!
  9. Hello 3dxchat, What if we started a store that you could buy clothing, accessories, gadgets, gear, furniture, jewelry, shoes, different dance moves, different moans, and the all time favorite bundle packages? The guys are very limited on personalizing their Avatars to make them be themselves. The woman have a better variety to look sexy in all rooms. Now lets not get crazy on the prices either. So instead of just using your gold to gift someone. Now you can personalize yourself and give your own personal swag. I chatted with some friends in game and they liked my idea. but lets keep the gold prices from 500 to 1000 for bundles. Any thoughts and ideas to make this happen? Please apply to this chat forum and lets make this happen. Thank you for reading my post.
  10. I'm having a lot of trouble with my applying the make-up and eye colors..as nothing happens. My avatar looks like a zombie with grayed-out eyes. I'm also having trouble with the colors of all the clothes. EVERYTHING IS A BRIGHT PINK!! PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!!! Everywhere i look in the game,..everyone is wearing nothing but a solid bright pink. I know there is a problem with my computer, but i need someone to tell me exactly what to do to fix this issue.
  11. All women love clothes, lots of clothes. And women also like to dress up for their men. I really wonder in what kind of clothes men prefer to see women. What kind of clothes you find most sexy. What men prefer women wear on dates. maybe it's a long dress or short dress or do you prefer the classic office style or a sports style or the urban style Or maybe it's something else It's interesting to me to know the opinion of not only men but also women too. Which female clothing style do you prefer. And also I want to know in what kind of clothes you absolutely don't want to see women.
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