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Found 15 results

  1. Hello ! I'm going to share here all my creations on 3DXchat, in order. I made them entirely, without any external contribution. There is no reproduction, so they are 100% creations, made from scratch. I used to expose my work on the game, during events organized around each new room, this topic allows me to archive it.
  2. Update 11th April 2023 Update for the Move Tool which can now rotate a world file Update 04th February 2023 New tool to get the color code of a object, because of the bug that you wont see the color code of the selected object in the editor Update 24th Januar 2023 New tool added to the app, World mover. Upload a world file, set the coordinates by which the objects should be moved or select to move the objects near a point and let the tool move your things around in your world file. Update 13th December 2022 Updated the Terrain generator with new rocks Update 07th December 2022 Trees and rocks from Tropical Pack have been added to the tree randomizer tool. Update 14th November 2022 I am looking for people that would like to do a bit of beta/stress testing for a part of 3dxtools that I want to add, which is a radiostream service for 3DX Chat I dont want to make a radio service for each and everyone out there it is more focused on the userbase of 3DX Chat. Means no huge and expansive website or backend panel, no advertisement just your personal stream channel which you can add to your room and stream from your own devices. Therefor I would need some people to stresstest my idea. Preferable people with larger public rooms and many listeners. If you are interested please contact me via email: 3dxtools@gmail.com Update 6th November 2022 Small tool added to give some info about a world file for those who wanted to always know how many objects and groups are in a world file Can upload a file which will be analyzed and then deleted, the file does not stay on the server at any time. Update 28th October 2022 6 new Trees added, the 6 new conifer variants can now be used as well New grass will come soon as well Update 08th August 2022 New font for the Text Tool was added Times New Roman by @Diana Prince Update 24th June 2022 Added a Terrain Tool to the side. Its experimental Fixed a bug in the Tree randomizer the rocks now are selected properly Update 20th June 2022 Added a Text Tool to the side, now you can simply create text in different fonts. For a long time now I use my self developed software to create assets for the World Editor. Most of the time those little pieces of software helped me create things like a forest or some terrain, work that can take a while if you do it by hand Placing trees and such things can get frustrating if you copy paste them move around scale and rotate them to get a somewhat random look. So I came to the idea to share those tools with the community, should be easy to use as by now and I will go on and put more tools on the page over time. Hope someone may find it useful in their next project. If you find any bugs or maybe have a idea for a feature just leave a comment. https://3dxtools.net Happy building Some examples: 2000 trees placed in a ring inner radius 100 outer radius 150 Different tree and shape variant Rocks in a square Palm trees in a square with a random scaling with up to 2 times the size of the default tree and random rotation Rocks in a ring
  3. Lovense Summer Rave Party Event date: july 29th 2022 Room: Lovense Summit Rave Party Grand prize of the Lovense X 3DXChat build competition 2022 Designed and created by OliverX
  4. Hello, as 3DXChat builder I have some suggestions for this game. Tools: Mirroring: This feature really needed for any builder as it will save time while trying to create custom shapes. (No, turning it 180 degrees does not give same result all the time!) Other: Multiple sizing within editing values: Should be able to modify multiple objects just by editing transform value as you can do on single objects. Color: Selecting a singular object should pick its color automatically on color picker! And heres some bugs I encountered: Bugs: When I duplicate an object from a grouped object, it becomes part of that group. I have seen this many times and its really annoying. Sometimes when you copy a light, you cannot see lighting, it fixes up when I visit room. Color: Selecting a color from my saved color list does not pick it on color picker. (See below) Hex value does not get updated either, its annoying again. I have seen such great builders in this game and 3DXChat needs to favor these builders, supplying more tools. See ya on another forum post maybe!
  5. Sorry but I'm not very good with descriptions and you are smart enough to understand with pictures. Right? It is understood ? Do you know what it is? it is the place where the DJ plays, when I saw it for the first time on 3dx I thought it was a kitchen! If you have the light on, I recommend you turn it off because this room is DARK. If you already have the light off, turn it on, just to let me control your lives. You don't understand the meaning of the cage, right? Well, I could say the same about your life. Hey man, I was kidding before okay? I thought: I will upload next picture with no description, except the last one, so you forgive me. Yes, yes. I put this last image just to show you how cool I am!
  6. A QUICK WALK THROUGH THE RIQU'E CLUBS NOW OPEN IN 3DX - enjoy https://graceymail.wixsite.com/risque OPEN - TUESDAY W EDNESDAY THURSDAY
  7. This topic originated in "upcoming-updates-discussion" around P30. http://3dxforum.com/...cussion/page-30 3DXChat Economy has become an interesting discussion between members and deserved its own topic so all views, ideas and thoughts can be found easy on the subject. All views and ideas welcome. Should 3DXchat have an economy where members can sell their builds etc... or should we maintain the uniqueness of sharing?
  8. Hello there, here's Lunarelf. Actually...I got some problems with the world editor though...And I'm tired with keep trying to fix bunch of the glitches in the buildings though...And I just want to bought a building from someone I guess......T^T If you know how to building the castles(the gothic kinds will be better),maybe we can help each other~ Reply and pm me If you want, and show me your blueprint(PM FIRST! Send pictures, not sentences/paragraph, but if you want to describe how it will like, it will be okay, or you could google the image of the building, it's okay but try to make the building same with the picture.) For the design and the Finished, non-glitched map, I'll pay up to $100-$200 for the design I want to buy, and it's depending on how the building's area/shape, the environment settings of the map such like plants around the buildings, garden, rivers and something like that, and maybe a little bit of decorations. And you could get 10% of the full pay when we make the deal, then after you done, You could get left parts of full pay and 10-15% tip ALWAYS WAIT FOR PM, PPL~ I'll post If I got the design I want, and this design collection will be end. THE BUILDING MUST BE:(one in the list below) A CASTLE (GOTHIC KIND, VAMPIRE/HAUNTED TYPE WILL BE OKAY ) A OLD TYPE MASION(GOTHIC, OR HAUNTED) A MANOR(HAUNTED WILL BE OKAY, BUT NOT THE FARMS!) That's all, designers. Good luck and pm me with an idea;) ~
  9. Hey there dear builders! As a fellow builder I'd like to open this thread to collect some information on building efficiently. That means, like everyone knows, that rooms will take longer to load and are starting to lag under certain circumstances. I'd like to collect tips for everyone who plans big projects, in order to still have everyone running the room smoothly and prevent crashes and lags. I'll start off with things that will cause trouble when building: • The larger the .world - file, the longer it takes to load and might cause crashes when joining a room. • .world - files are bloated easily when using many small objects at the same place, together with lights. The light will be rendered for every single object. • Overusing lightsources will cause lag and increased filesize (needs more testing) • Overusing animated objects will cause lag and increased filesize (trees, fire, steam, smoke, etc.) • many people in the same world will cause lag • poorly attached metal-surfaces will catch light and endlessly reflect it between gaps, creating rendering errors. You will notice those as white flickers on your screen. This is all I can currently think of. If you have any tips to prevent those points I (and probably many other people) would be really glad! I know that the Unity engine isn't coded perfectly. Maybe there will be some improvements soon. My room for example is already laggy for quite a few people. But i don't want to lose any quality there. Things I've done so far: • Use Chloe's Tool to remove duplicated objects (Thank you so much Chloe! 4500 Dupes removed, 260 kB less roomsize! <3 ) • Reduced resolution • remodeled structures to reduce the number of used objects However, let's see if someone can help us out! Yours Llavia! ^-^/
  10. HEY everyone, i was just wondering if i could get some help with vehicle designing. I really need some vehicles for my home. just reply to this topic if you can help. I specifically need a design of a corvette (any year) or any lamborghini's. for bikes, an R6 or an R1 (2000's model). or any cruiser bikes. i will provide reference pictures. thank you.
  11. I cannot get my furniture list to display, in order to change or decorate my place. Please help? TY so much.
  12. CANCELED Pumpkin Competition Rules and Regulations 1. One entry per person 2. You may build a Jack o’ lantern or a spooky ghost using the props available in 3DX. 3. The build must be built in Room 2 and must be facing towards the entrance. 4. Please keep lag in consideration and make sure the build is not too big or overly detailed. 5. All builders must have a downloadable file for Judging and post a picture below for the public to see your awesome build. 6. Builds must be submitted by October 22nd, 2017 @ 12:00 AM EST 7. Top 10 Builds will be submitted into a poll where everyone may vote for their favorite. 8. The player with the most votes will have their build displayed on top of the stage at The Vibe Stadium during SCARE-FEST! 9. HAVE FUN!!!
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