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Found 7 results

  1. Calling All 3DXChat Builders! It is time for another amazing Build Competition to win some amazing 3DXChat prizes! Following the wildly successful building competition hosted by Mr. Ash. I was inspired to hold one of my own! This build competition is being sponsored by Ninja Entertainment, 3DXModz, and Bunnybot. It is time to once again take your world editing skills to the test to create something absolutely amazing! For this build competition we’re setting our eyes on the clubs! More accurately Night Clubs. It is time to see which bouncing, raving, and flashing gig is the best on the block! Good Luck to everyone who participates! Please be sure to follow and read the guidelines Carefully. Happy Building! Theme: Night Clubs When it comes to social gatherings surrounded by good company, booze, and awesome music, Night clubs is where the action is at. There are many themes that Night clubs can have. But building one takes planning and many steps to make it memorable. With so many possibilities it is up to you to choose a theme and stick with it. Guidelines to be Eligible to Win: Has to have Night Club elements e.g. Light features, Theming, DJ Booth, Dance Floor, Lounge/Seating Areas, and Bar. Rooms such as Sex Rooms, or strip clubs will not be eligible to win. Player Rooms participating can have pleasure areas separate from the Night Club but won’t count towards judging. The night club must contain all original work. You may use downloadable files in your entry to bring the scene together but the work MUST be credited to the original creators in the Build Entry. Failure to do this will result in automatic disqualification. The Name and design of the night club must stay true to your chosen theme. That theme can be anything from modern, futuristic, Rock, etc. If you choose to build any exterior design, that too must follow the theming. Entries must include pictures, a brief summary of inspiration and description. Participants must have a world file available for Judges to use in order to judge the room. Prizes: 1st Place: 1 Year 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 2nd Place: 6 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 3rd Place: 1 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 4th/5th: 10,000 Xgold Meet The Judges: Natsumi - 3DX Ninja Kitty and an experienced event planner with 7 years experience of holding various themed events for the 3dx community. Chloe - Co-Owner of BunnyBot and Queen of Bass. Chloe has nearly 8 years experience of Club building and has thrown several events during her 3dx career. She is also one of the top forum posters with over 4,000 entries to date. Nym - The Head Admin of 3DXModz and a master builder with many of his works showcased by several groups through the years. Elements your Entry will be Judged On: Presentation - You will be judged on how you present your Night Club and how the theme you’ve chosen works. Creativity - How well you’re able to adapt with the limited tools and what styles and techniques you’re able to pull off with the World Editor. Functionality - Your night club will be judged on how it functions and if it would be something that could be possible in real design. We will be paying extra attention to see if structures would be considered stable or outlandish. Effects - How well and unique are your design and layout with effects and lighting and implementing them in a way that makes them work for the setting. Quality - With many builds, its all about the quality and not the quantity that makes a build epic. We want to see what you use to fill in empty spaces and how you layout and design your club. Performance - A crucial factor for any room is to make sure that the room is accessible to all parties and able to run smoothly for guests with little to no lag issue or loss of frame rate. Overall Design - Lastly, we’ll be judging the club based on the 6 key points that define a Nightclub. Lighting Sitting Area Dance Floor Bar DJ Booth Theming Credit - Please be sure to credit the creators of objects you use in your Build entry in the following format at the end of your post. Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Etc. Submission Guidelines The Build Competition will be done in 3 phases. Phase 1 - Build Time! Entries must be submitted no later than Sept. 6th @ 11:59 PM EST / 5:59 AM CET Phase 2 - Build Entries will then be judged and the Top 10 entries will be picked for a final round. Phase 3 - The Top 5 entries chosen by the Judges will then be entered into a poll and then judged by the community to determine which Nightclub is the best. (Further instructions will be given by the Judges during Competition). Prizes will be given based on the number of votes made by the community. Submissions - Must be submitted to the link provided below https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/108-3dxchat-build-competition/
  2. Calling all 3DXChat Builders! It's time for a competition to win some 3DXChat prizes. (Prizes Provided by SGD) With all that is going on in the world at the moment, I thought it would be a great idea to find a way to get minds off of it a little bit and get those creative mind juices flowing and to host a competition in 3DXChat, for all you talented builders! I've been hopping around and the builds I've seen since the World Editor was released have been absolutely insane! And you guys always find ways to push it to the next level, it's fantastic and inspiring, now it's time to challenge you all and to see what you builders can really do! So I contacted SGD and ran this competition idea by them and they agreed, and are happy to provide the prizes named below. So here we go, the important information is below. Good luck to all who take part! And make sure to follow the guidelines! Theme: - Urban, City and Nature To build a city with urban and nature elements, make it appear as natural as possible. It doesn't need to be a big build, but can be a street, a square, a city block etc. But it must be quality over quantity. You are not limited to modern designs and can build from any era. YOU are the artist and the creator. It is YOUR creation. Guidelines to follow to be eligible to win: - Has to include city elements e.g. Shopping mall, Police Station, Streets, traffic lights, road signs, pavements, high rises etc. - Has to include Nature elements e.g. Vegetation, Water etc. - Copy and pasting of objects are allowed, but has to look natural and cannot look too duplicated i.e. Rotate objects, positionings, colour changes, scaling etc. - Must include screenshots with closeups of the main parts of the build with a little explanation of each screenshot and what it is. - Has to be your own original build work, but it can use individual objects others have made that bring the scene together. i.e. .world files for objects that users have uploaded for others to use etc. With their permission. Prizes: 1st: 12 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 2nd: 6 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 3rd: 1 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 4th/5th: 10,000 xGold Judges: Gizmo | Lisa | Ashbash Elements your submission will be judged on: Creativity - How creative you are with the limited tools provided for the World Editor. Presentation - How you present the creation. Whether it be clean, smooth, rugged etc. How the presentation reflects, relates and fits in to the aesthetic/theme you have chosen. Quality - That the creation is built with quality, rather than quanity in mind i.e. A ton of items all over the place making it messy and chaotic will not be judged as well as if you had specific design ideas and plans and implement them into your creation to bring all the scene together to make it look like it's meant to be there, rather than placing lots of items just to fill the empty space and it's a mess artistically. Atmosphere - How it makes one feel when they enter/view the build, what type of atmosphere you go for such as dark, gloomy, bright, serious, dangerous, erotic etc. Effects - The use of effects to bring the scene together, an example: You build an alleyway next to a building, it looks like it's a homeless stay, you have barrels with fire coming out to keep the homeless warm for example. Another example: You make houses with chimneys and the chimneys have smoke/steam coming out of them to make it seem a fire is on in the building etc. Build Methods - The types of methods used to build the scene i.e. Layering, grid based design, intersections, painting, scaling, rotation etc. Basically using the different tools in the scene that the world editor offers. (Doesn't have to be all of those, but are just examples). Credit: Please credit the creators of objects you may use in your creation in the following format at the end of your post: ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName Also hyperlink the objects name to the link where you got the item from. (Don't worry even if it's the Modz site, and other 3rd party websites it's fine.) to help others discover the fantastic objects creators have made. Bonus Points: - Creative use of the animation triggers. Submission Deadline: - 24th July 2020 @ 11:59pm UTC (Any submissions made after this time will not be entered.) Countdown Winners will be announced on 31st July 2020 Submissions - Must be made in my other topic here:
  3. Just like the topic, I was thinking that is there anyway to give players a "world map" as the world selection menu? I know it's more convinent to just browse the worlds in a list, but imagine these things below: *players can buy actual houses/buildings and lands by xgolds, and edit them[not like second life, but more like a home world of minecraft ,most of the lands are flat landscape on the side of the road, several lands with special terran(mountains, lakes) are sale in whole area and more expensive] *the new-joined players will have an free apartment house in a random official apartment---which they can edit/add furniture in the building or simply modify the room, but can't change the room scape---until they purchase a property *the actural "house" and building, which means when player leave their house, they're standing on the main map outside their house[kinda like old gta houses---walk to icon, then walk in the house/land. you can only see the outside of the land/houses on the street for saving gpu usage] *streets, vehicles, and more feature: wanna be more "life like" in this game? restaurants and the shops on the side of the streets will make players earn xgolds(just a little), buy foods/drink to quench their hunger/hydrate meter, or social in there, and players can actually driving vehicles on the street---and devs can sell them. well...these are just my imagination... I'm pretty sure they will not add this in game although it's not hard to achieve uwu
  4. 3DX Xtreme is having a builders contest with GREAT Prizes. Go here to register, enter your images and/ or vote ! Need to be registered by December 4th to enter contest !!! https://3dx-xtreme.com If you will, Please add this poster into your gallery in 3DX Chat & get it RATED! Want to say thank you and good luck to the many contestants so far!!!! Thank you
  5. Hello everyone, i wish to have the possibility to keep an user location permanently opened and don't have a computer/account logged in forever to keep it like that. That's, probabily, requires a lot of server space and maybe that could be made as recurring xgold payment or a small subscription fee to add at the existing one (for whom like the idea)? @Gizmo@Lisa
  6. Hi forum members Tauri a skilled builder gave me this idea to make a thread for members to list their desires and needs for a specific build that they seek a skilled builder to do or help them with. Builders can then choose if they want to build said custom build for them, provide them with a build file copy of what fits their desires and needs, and overall be able to offer their services to other members wanting skilled builders for specific projects if they so choose. At the same time it could provide people in game with more places to visit and for other builders to have inspiration in trying to build something just as nice if not better. Thanks Tauri for the idea and all of your help.
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