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  1. In this topic , i will post Song´s ,Pics , Quotes and Gifs that i like
  2. STUDIO FANTASY LABEL AND MMF CLUB, is proud to invite everyone to our party THE BATTLE OF DJ'S, dj's from both groups will have fun and entertain everyone with great sets on both sides. Join us and listen to great music with great DJs, two incredible rooms, where you will have a pleasant, friendly atmosphere in an incredible atmosphere. WHICH WILL WIN? well that's the least important. What we want is to give you good music and that everyone has fun. Gates open from 5.45 pm cet. We wait for all of you STUDIO FANTASY LABEL ET MMF CLUB, est fier d'inviter tout le monde à notre soirée THE BATTLE OF DJ'S, les dj's des deux groupes s'amuseront et divertiront tout le monde avec de superbes sets des deux côtés. Rejoignez-nous et écoutez de la bonne musique avec de grands DJ, deux salles incroyables, où vous aurez une ambiance agréable et conviviale dans une ambiance incroyable. QUI GAGNERA ? ben c'est le moins important. Ce que nous voulons, c'est vous offrir de la bonne musique et que tout le monde s'amuse. Ouverture des portes à partir de 17h45. Nous vous attendons tous STUDIO FANTASY LABEL E MMF CLUB, è orgoglioso di invitare tutti alla nostra festa THE BATTLE OF DJ'S, i dj di entrambi i gruppi si divertiranno e intratterranno tutti con fantastici set da entrambe le parti. Unisciti a noi e ascolta ottima musica con grandi DJ, due incredibili sale, dove avrai un'atmosfera piacevole e amichevole in un'atmosfera incredibile. CHI VINCERÀ? beh questo è il meno importante. Quello che vogliamo è regalarvi buona musica e che tutti si divertano. Cancelli aperti dalle 17:45 cet. Vi aspettiamo tutti
  3. Join us this Wednesday 24th of Nov. 6:30pm EST for the grand opening of the Divas Den hosted by DomMac featuring Empire Diamond Divas as entertainment with live djs mixing the best in hiphop and more! 2062419031_Copy_of_CLUB_AD_DIGITAL_VIDEO_TEMPLATE_FLYER2(1).mp4
  4. Barefoot Beach & Insatiable Clubs Presents At The Beach Friday November 26TH @ 4PM EDT A Event To Be Thankful For Bringing You Trivia, Prizes & A FootBall Minigame Women Of The House Cookin Up A Feast Of Hot Tunes DJ xLori DJ Fanhey Vaper DJ StrawberryMartini DJ Islaa DJ GirlWendy DJ Jamin'Jamie DJ MommaBear The FLAUNT Dancers Phoenix Band
  5. Insatiable Clubs Presents WERE BACK London Tower Bridge Filled With Anticipation, Tasteful Thrilling Tunes, Tempting Grooves & Moves, All In This Build By DemiTx, The London Tower Bridge, The Elegant olden Refined Pleasing Looking Work Leading Around The Steel Frame, Feeding The Desires Within The Glow Stunning To The Eye Sunday (11/21/21) - 7 PM EDT DJ MommaBear DJ CrashDown DJ Linux The FLAUNT Dancers london tower bridge_returns.mp4
  6. Insatiable Clubs Present ılı✞»FALLEN Angel«✞ılı Saturday (11/20/21) ~ 6PM EDT The Most Rockin, Deeply Metalized Devilish Tunes You Could Hope For By ılı♫DJ/Mommaʕ•ᴥ•ʔılı ılı♫DJ/Linuxılı ılı♫DJ/CrashDownılı dd_11_6.mp4 fallen_28.mp4 fallen_21.mp4
  7. STARWARS Rebel Base A.I.-3DX Presents Newly Formatted Starwars Events WE Take A Look Into The Star Beaming, Blaster Firing, Shot Missing, Saber Colliding Power Of The Dark & Light Side Of The Force With our Starwars Clubs We Will Be Doing Starwars In Our 2 Sided Club Join The Rebellion Join The Empire Pick & Experience Each Side! In The Only Way We Know How! Aiding The Good Fight Will Be Or Becoming The Dark Sins We Are!
  8. Insatiable Clubs Presents MoonLanding Grand opening Video Happend (7/19/21) On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon, As he took his first steps, he uttered words that would be written into history books for generations to come: “That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.” We Honor This Huge Step For Mankind By This New Space Themed Build By AmyyLoveHeart
  9. Event now over. Thanks to all who attended!! ---- Sooo... I recently asked Chloe (ChloeMinx - not to be confused with other Chloe's!) if she would marry me... and she totally said YES!! To celebrate this we would like to invite all our lovely friends to celebrate our engagement. More details on the wedding to follow! -----
  10. There might be some noise at the beginning but then Paty and Moon will go calm for their music is for the hearts.
  11. Work Of The Hearts & Insatiable Clubs Presents VAULT-69 vAULT-69 IS A Story Based RP World, A Game Inside A Game Itself, A Fun & Exciting Environment Filled With Mystery, Quest Lines, A Economy, jobs & ranks, A Level System , W/ Added Perks/Rewards/Meaning, Over-Time Updates & Add-Ons, & A Place To Go To Enjoy Life With Friends & Grow A Community Together Its Next Big Story Quest LINE Ghouls Lost Souls We Still Have A Bit Before This Starts! But Start The Hype! This Halloween Mini-Series Experience Will Be 4 Parts, Each Part TBA The Wacky & Creative Minds Of Mine & LinnyLove Heart Will Advance The Eerier, Spookiness Of Halloween Inside The Vault By Adding Visuals, Placements, Overall Changes, Side Quests, Themed Tuned, Fun Moments & Ofc The Excitement Of Living A Fear All Into The Vault World Each Of These Weeks To Tell A Story ! Starting October 5th ! How Will You Survive? Ghouls_Lost_souls_4.mp4 STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO
  12. The ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ in association with ★★★★★PETHUNTER and ST⚝RDUST After the Dance Battle of Moonlight We now proudly present the Band Battle with Moonlight, Venom, Rockwitch ShaKay, Bish, Apothic, Phoenix on stage! Don't miss to hear and to celebrate great rock music with 7 bands from 2 continents!
  13. (broken?) ENGLISH VERSION: Many of us created rooms but are unable (or just don't want) to DJ their tunes and are not satisfied with what the game propose as music streams... Here is a simply way to find and broadcast radios from the internet into the game: - Go to https://www.internet-radio.com/ -Here you can choose the musical genre you wish (using the search bar) and listen to each of them directly by pressing the play button -when your choice is made, simply download the m3u list of the radio you like, then open it with Windows Media Player (or foobar, winamp...) -On Windows Media Player, right click on the radio (or song) name in the playlist and go to "Properties" -The opening window shows you the media infos and the URL of the webradio (at the end of the list), simply copy it -Back into the game, simply paste it on"set stream URL" in your radioplayer -Enjoy Hope this thread is clear enough as english is not my first language and will help some of you. _____________________________________________________________________________ VERSION FRANCAISE: Beaucoup d'entre-nous ont créé des rooms mais ne peuvent (ou ne veulent pas) être les DJs de leurs musiques sans pour autant être satisfaits des radios disponibles dans le jeu Voici une façon simple de trouver et diffuser des radios déjà disponibles sur internet directement dans le jeu: -aller à https://www.internet-radio.com/ -sur ce site, vous pouvez faire par genre (en utilisant "search bar") de toutes les radios disponibles et en faire une pré-écoute directement en cliquant sur le bouton de lecture -une fois votre choix fait, téléchargez le m3u de la radio en question et ouvrez-le avec le Lecteur Windows Media (ou Winamp, Foobar...) -Dans Windows Media, faites un click droit sur le nom de la radio (ou de la chanson diffusée) dans la playlist et allez dans "Propriétés" -Une fenêtre va s'ouvrir avec, à la fin, l'URL de la webradio, copiez-la, -De retour dans le jeu, copiez simplement l'adresse sur "set stream URL" et appuyez sur Play dans votre lecteur radio -Enjoy J'espère que ceci sera utile à certains...
  14. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
  15. Describe 3DX or your experiences in 3DX with a song! There are thousands upon thousands of songs, so make a choice! I'll anticipate your replies. 3DX General Emotions:
  18. Ninja Entertainment Productions Proudly Presents An E-Series Music Festival Presented At Featuring Dance Groups: Bare Bunnies Velvet Devil Dancers Sirens and Sailors Flaunt Sunshine Girls Angels & Devils Dream Girls The Rocketts ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 22nd - Stage 1 July 23rd - Stage 2 July 24th - Main Stage July 25th - Main Stage Doors Open @ 11:30 AM EST / 5:30 PM CET Showcasing DJs from around the world! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJs Wanted! Please click on the link below to Sign Up https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cwNlCq84EdJOoUkgSX8UNOb71uMa3JaXC9-KFecZPGk/edit#gid=0 If your name doesn't appear on the roster please contact Natsumi via Forum DM or on Discord
  19. . A.I.-3DX Presents Isla FLAUNT (EDM BEACH RAVE) Builder: DemiTx Monday (7/26/21) - 6 PM EST Set To Start Your Next Adventure, Finally On Your Summer Vaca !, A Storm Knocks The Ship Towards A Unknown Magical Paradise Of The Musical EDM Sounds & Glowing Flashy Light Streams Making It Easier To RAVE On The Waves! Special DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Gremlin DJ Jammin'Jamie Home Of The Amazonian FLAUNT Dancers FLAUNT Dance Team Relax Back On The Sand Or Get Into Some Summery Heated Trouble flaunt it_rave_beach_26_2.mp4 Lsla Flaunt_7_12.mp4 lsla_flaunt_new.mp4 island _21.mp4 island_5_7_21.mp4
  20. The Craic MC opens every Wednesday from 8pm EST to around midnight
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