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  1. Most of the women are hot on here, why because there isn't a fat one only a little more curve to the body. Just wait until they start talking to get informed on if she'll be hot or someone you'd walked very slowly away from.
  2. If your having sex with someone, focus on them. It's something that will go through there as you don't pay attention. Who wants to have sex with someone who isn't focused? If you forget that you told a woman your real name that's your mistake, don't give out personal information if you can't handle the backlash from it.
  3. You have to right click on the game before running it then click on Run as Administrator, run the game then click on the folder in game and finally look at the location of where the file folder is then you can see where it's located on your computer.
  4. The only way anyone is going to know anything about you in real is what you tell them. While on the internet you are still subjected to all the possibilities that go with it so use caution as much as you can.
  5. Intelligence, good swift hand to the ass, gentle whisper in the ear that makes you squirm, little things over time that lead to great sex and a few others to add.
  6. The landing may be rough or it could be soft but one never knows until they take the fall or shove.
  7. Finally having a day off after a long while. This butthead is still around to push you off the iceberg or into the fire.
  8. Haven't been on but a pop on here and there, you know when real life hits you sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks. I work in an industry fueled by the summer months swing to keep the rest going during the off season. During that time it slows down and you get to really enjoy the hard work you've put in and it pays off. Sometimes you have to deal with a load of assholes but that's anywhere even online and you just give a smile and move on with the day, although a nice fuck you comes in handy, you can't always do that in the real world. Even when you want to the most, you have to remember someone is watching and you're setting that example. Being away from here has helped me a bit, I come back online to not much changing so far with the 1.0 version but beta seems to have a few things going for it, people are the same just some with other aspects or people. The ones you want to see aren't around or you've just missed them and send a message hoping to catch them the next time. I look forward to the downtime coming and spending a little more time doing things I want to. *nibbles caramel corn and passes bucket around* Don't worry, you won't get fat from a handful.
  9. EllieWinters


    Let's be honest, it's a sex game. People are going to do that. Just brush it off or tell them what you think. I just push them off the iceberg, into the fire and then laugh, works for me.
  10. No feelings or insults from me but you seem to be slinging them around. All I simply did was give my opinion which as we are all entitled to. Instead of you giving yours, you contradict yourself multiple times about defending peoples expressions yet turn around and tell them to stop preaching, that they're sheep and so on. I mean really, if you like a good debate, then I hate to be the one to break it to you, you're failing miserably at it with every post. You would have had more ground to stand on if and I mean if you actually stood by the very statement of supporting ones opinion, fantasy and so on but you haven't. I think you forgot the boundaries of just and reasoned laws with your posts. I don't know all the people in here nor do they know me or others here but guess what you have just lumped us together as one group. I think there will be a reality check in your near future. First off, there are rules here and in life that should be followed, you break them you pay the consequences for it. With giving our opinion it is just that, like it or not but no one has to explain themselves as to why they gave it either. I got it more than you think, but you didn't even answer my question. One thing you'll always hear is "Try reading what you write before you hand it in." but in this case it's posting. P.S. In my position, I've heard far worse, dealt with far worse so having a laugh at what you think should be a debate but it's more of slinging insults on your end to everyone else which I refer to my earlier post that explains about how some debates are.
  11. I am not just one of the sheep and agreeing with others. I have my own opinion much like others who have posted here, they just agree with someone else because they made a statement and the words could be exactly what they thought on their own but no need to repeat the same thing over and over. I loved Debate while in school, it was fun as face to face rational argument is a wonderful thing. Just like seeing the person get all flustered because they know they aren't going to win the debate so they turn to making remarks because they don't have anything better to say to the argument. It's like watching the politicians here in the US, gives a good laugh. There is nothing wrong with a good, well written story but when it comes to some things that should not be discussed and that is where people ask to have respect. Hell even the best written stories that are someone's fantasy can turn into someone else harsh reality. With that, there are fantasies that happen in real but parties to it and only go as far as the other is willing to go, there is nothing illegal about that. Most people that do the teacher/student use a college professor as the teacher because that is acceptable by age. I have not seen anyone do a lecture about others Roleplay other than when it was of a serious nature and then it was reported. If you think that is how people are, then I don't think this site would be for you, just an adult giving her point of view. You took something if you're new here and made it into something very unnecessary and then want to complain about people replying to it. Guess what, we all have to put on our big guy/girl panties and suck it up. Don't like it, not my problem but just like any good debate you have to expect someone to give a response even if it's one you don't like. Regarding morals, well the things I see at my job, I have to shake my head and keep going, why because it's simply that, their choice but I'm not going to force my thoughts down their throat or make comments just because I can. Even on here, I may not agree with things but I'm not going to force people to agree with me nor would I try to tell them how to think or feel. We are individuals, all with our own opinions even if we don't agree with others. There have been many topics that people have had their panties in a twist but guess what, if it was offensive enough, it's removed by the Administrators and Moderators, that's why there are rules, don't like it, don't join it's that simple. You see the forum is just that, a place to voice our opinion and that is what is being done as that is the point of a forum - to discuss things, write, be creative but all within the rules that are set. You seem to be making the problem about high morality than something simple. Care to clarify what the simple problem is? We're on the edge of our seats with our faces glued to the screen while eating popcorn and having soda waiting for the response.
  12. Thank you to everyone that showed up for our wedding as it was a really great time.
  13. Just putting this out there for anyone in Turkey that uses PayPal for anything. We already know that PayPal can no longer be used on here but this is for anything that you use PayPal.
  14. To Our Friends, We cordially invite you to our wedding as we become one. TheChilledOne and EllieWinters Come join us as we take that step becoming husband and wife. To our DJ friends, just shoot us the link and we'll put you on for a little while.
  15. Thank you for the laughs and great music along the way. Wish you the best possible recovery.
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