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  1. People lose their calm when someone put the shit they said in front of them. Smells good right ? :)

  2. I respect the thoughts of everyone and can understand disagree with some updates but disrespect about someone whoever is... (French, Achilles, etc...) I think you are disrespectful so i can be disrespectful with you, that's you called "democracy" ?? Can't wait to see this democracy born !!! Wooooohooo...
  3. It's just a wink to Watchdogs and to the atmosphere of this game. Seems really cheap but funny for people who played this game ! Geek style !
  4. So get back to the topic... The new club is just an amazing place so cool with lots of nice places (coffe bar, karaoke, floor). And so funny to go in when you played to Watchdogs... I immediately search if there is a rat mask in clothes (i stop spoil for people who are still playing the game). I think we have to find a new atmosphere to the old night club (the OLesya idea of 80's and 90's music it's a good idea in my opinion). And why not have other regular moments (like Tuesday's Jazz, Wednesday's Hip/Hop, etc...) Because the only thing, i think this new place can be a little disappointing, is to loose the old night club. I spent so great moments here i don't want see this place disappear. For next updates, i will just refer to poll on other topics... Every update is a step to a better game ! Nice work 3dx team and again Happy Birthday ! Let's go for a new year of updates and fun !
  5. People can't be happy for others and just think about their wishes. Unfortunately, it's human behaviour... When i was very happy to see there is update for LGBT, straight people said to me but the team does nothing for them. When there is new poses for everyone, people who want new clothes, said to me but the team does nothing for them. Etc... If people want to change things after months and months of complaining, they must stop to pay for that game for a moment to see what happen. Because don't be blind, if money don't comes, there is only 2 solutions for the game : die or change ! But when i said that, some people here just said i'm a troll, anti-lesbians (or gays), stupid, etc. (just giving an opinion) When i read the same people advise to others to look elsewhere to find what they have as much right to want and think thats others. I think here some people think they deserve much that others and only their opinions are good... I called them 3dx Mind Dictators ! So, even if it's not my priority for this game, i'm happy for people who likes this new great club. Even it's not my priority i hope they will have exactly same poses for everyone. I very hope lots of you can have new features what you want. But remember that people always want more and complaints will never cease !
  6. We are paying customers and everyone here deserve equal treatment I think. Ok, so i think there is a misunderstood about that i said... it's not about gender updates, i talk about people complaining about updates whatever they are (customize, maps, tatoos, poses, dances, etc...). No one is forcing you to be on forums or even read them or even go into those topics if you find them annoying why do you read them? Ok, i understand, if i have a different opinion and just want say something, i just to shut up... okay. You have the right to complain about what you want, but i can't complain to say i find that annoying. Understood, it's better to stop arguying... We are not agree at all.
  7. And it's not my intention to shut you up, i just want to give my opinion about people always complaining and that there is a solution if they are not happy it's to see other game. Everybody have a choice. I like read the forum and different opinions, but viewing today all topics by people complaining was enough for me, that's all. More, i'm agree with some posts here with good ideas of evolutions, and some are not posted with complaining or threat to leave but just with the goal to improve the game. But if some want to continue to complain, well keep going... Let me just think, i find that annoying.
  8. LOL... Troll because i express my opinion about that... ok Did i say that you don't have the right to express yourself ?? No, i just say i find that annoying to read complaning again and again. And what they said before, you obtain lot of updates with that, Fine for you... But you continue to complain... I hope for you you will obtain more updates. But i'm sure you will continue to complain... just like little kids not have their gifts they want for christmas. When i think some people make great posts about liberty, etc... There is so far away of the "JeSuisCharlie" spirit !
  9. Read the forums, there is lot of topics like this one and what i just want to say is just annoying. You want to make evolution, see things changed in this game, well good idea but it can't be done without complaining again and again (not talking about you particulary) or threaten to leave (without following by acts) ? I'm sorry if you don't like that i'm saying but it's that i think. Can i just express myself or because i'm not agree with all people i just to shut up ?? You can imagine me like a staff member or whatever you want, i see i make you laugth (too much honor for me), but i prefer that, that i make you cry !
  10. I'm sorry to say that but it's not the first time that i've read this. Even if the team makes gays and lesbians poses updates, they are some people to complain saying "where are the straight poses ?" If they gives u both, some will complain about tatoos, then clothes, then maps, etc. It never stops !! It's difficult... well i correct myself... it's impossible to satisfy everyone ! The only solution for the team and updates is to open it to the players and people which have the capacity to develop and create that (like others games) Maybe they'll be more often updates on all the different parts of this game (customization, sex poses, dance, clothes, maps, etc.) Even with that i'm sure some people will just continue to complaining. If there is no evolution with that, there is another solution that people have the power to do... just quit the game and stop paying. I'm sorry if i'm too rude but instead to hear since i know this game (almost 2 years) : "I'm not happy, if you'll not change i'll quit !" and when i see the same players and people always here and always complaining, why the team will do change ??? I understand and see people gives opinion, try to change things and improve the game. It's great and the goal of a community. But if you view the things not going in the right way after many months, there is only 2 solutions : Deal with it or just quit ! If lot of people will "really" quit (and not just saying that), there will be 2 solutions for 3DxTeam : Change or stop the game. I'm tired to read again and again, people complaining (with some reasons i don't refute) about a game that nobody force you to buy and play. There are more serious things in life, that updates in a game.
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