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  1. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. Abraham Lincoln I voted no
  2. It's dirty like it is, everything's a mess, I can only save, but your last kiss I, lie, here, awaiting for the tears, while I pass the years Sia
  3. i think they stand out in the way that they look like crap, thanks for the efford though. :] muuah I just found it interesting that things can change so much during the night, and i`m not fishing for compliments, i think they do look rubbish, aaaand, im not only out of ideas, but my poor old potato is stuggling to do anymore than the layers that where on these, so yeah.. søpla
  4. Weird what sleep does... Yesterday i tought these where cool, today i think they look like crap
  5. I am never gonna give you anything you expect You think I'm like the others. Boy, you need to get your eyes checked Marina & The Diamonds
  6. When i was counting a couple of minutes ago, there where 11 rooms with more than 10 people in them. 66 with less than 10. 61 with less than 5 and 9 with 0.
  7. Maybe it`s just me, but what exactly is "correct clothing"? I get that formal wear would be right, or the cloaks in black or red (that we don`t have), but if you follow the movie, you could also go topless or even nude as long as the mask stays on. The build looks really good btw.
  8. Things not what they used to be. Missing one inside of me Deathly lost, this can't be real. Cannot stand this hell I feel Metallica
  9. As long as the male part(s) it`s not "too" much in their face, men are easy in general when it comes to sex. If you look at how many times a video have been played on any porn site, all ts, and sissy videos of "softer, curvier features, womanly mannerisms" outplays those that have more prominent male features by a mile. If we wait for a year or so, it will be clearly shown in one of the pictures i made too. As the male part in one of them is very dominant and i know it will not get the same amout of "likes" as any of the others.
  10. I'm a damaged dollar, that no-one wants to change I'm a bunch of flowers, that need to be arranged Careful what you wish for, careful what you say I've lowered all my armour, risking the pain again Sia
  11. I went to some German rock club with cool but obscure music in the game earlier. Did some dance moves, got hit on by a pretty cute guy, and all i could think of the whole time was what kind of photo i should do next. The price yoy pay for letting the creative side roam free again i guess :]
  12. As I turn to sand, You took me by the hand And declared that love prevails over all All of what remains, Ego brain Man made shame, Shame, Love after it rain S.O.A.D
  13. I know where the parietal cortex is, but i still have no sense of direction ...

  14. A combination of two things i love. To create and music Hard like a rock, cold like stone. White like a diamond, black like coal. Cut like a jewel, yeah I repair Myself when you're not there Marina Diamandis
  15. Who really pulls the horses ?

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