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  1. i was wrong...i not put original file and had blackscreeen
  2. Today is a very bad connection with the game: login after 5-10 tryes, infinite loading, white rooms, do not load the profiles...I've already checked all connections and equipment on which to play and there is no problem. I would like to clarify that I have one today this is happening or the problem directly in the game server?
  3. No.... Only not you Bi...shit....
  4. Good Day! The fact that yesterday I reset pssword. But I have not received a email with a new password. I already had one, I wrote to customer support, but they have been silent for a day. Please tell me with whom I can talk about it? I have about a day do not have access to the game and I don't answer...I have 5 letters of support sent -___-
  5. simonx

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    This is really awesome game!!! The next step in the evolution of computer entertainment in this genre! What i mean? In our time no one erotic simulator can boast such amazing graphics, physics, idea, and such frequent updates! I'm not a bit sorry that spent money on this game. My only regret what has subscribed for just 1 month))) The game has great potential! Thank you developers and wish to further develop the project!
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