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  1. I got really frustrated using the world editor. Here are a few things that would help: textures more textures and higher quality (or custom textures) the ability to rotate textures proper doors easily transfer the position of an object to another (without copying pasting all 3 dimensions seperately), easily create a new object at a known position save your grouped objects in a custom library for faster reuse. import custom object packs that would populate the library snapping aid so you always get your objects aligned get the color of an object displayed in the color picker tool when selected generate 3d text in an easy way more customizable objects thickness selector: for example instead of 3 "arches" and the 90° pie slice and the bent "wall", just 1 arch where you can select the thickness. also applicable to the hollow tube option to add/remove bezels/rounded corners and select how much We don't necessarily need more objects, but more options to easily create our own.
  2. What would be nice for men: a proper suit and: shirts with closed top button various ties/bowties vest belt
  3. Oh portals would be awesome! Different spawn points to distribute people over the room
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