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  1. still the best option we have to push the developers to change it
  2. As it seems quite unlikely (but I would love to be proven wrong) that the devs are going to change this, I've found my own to react to such insane pricing kodel: I have started to put everyone with such customized name simply on ignore. Maybe more will follow this idea, which might lead the devs to re-think what they have done and make some meaningful changes. In case that they would continue, obviously there is the option to leave , which I will likely take - but I would assume here, the d evs don't care as one stupid person paying for such customised name is far more worth for the devs than several players leaving.
  3. That's totally insane. More a reason to leave this here than to stay.
  4. First, 3dxChat needs a stable running server otherwise players will leave.
  5. The frontend is reachable, so this can't be a firewall issue on the player's side. I would suggest not to confuse people with silly assumptions.
  6. With this, I would assume that not all of these nice bars should be green, indicating that all is fine. Go by max for yellow.
  7. Unfortunately, the information that all is fine doesn't help in case that you can't login. Rather than telling all is fine, they should ensure that it is fine (meaning that we (those who pay for it) can use the service.
  8. Server maintance as a reason is hopefully a bad joke. You do a backup before you start with it and in case of issues, you perform the restore. So, in case that "maintenance" would really be the cause, these people have simply absolutely no clue on how to operate a professional environment. Unfortunately, no sure what would be worse: no clue or intentionally not telling their customers (us) the truth.
  9. So this is quite cheap and doable by everyone who like to do this kind of shit.
  10. "How much costs a DDoS attack service? Kaspersky Lab published an analysis on the cost of a DDoS attack and services available in the black markets. The DDoS attacks continue to be a profitable business in the cyber criminal underground. Powering a DDoS attack against an organization is even cheaper, running an attack can cost as little as $7 an hour, while a targeted DDoS against a company can cost up to thousands or millions of dollars. Kaspersky Lab has published an interesting analysis on the cost of DDoS attacks. The experts estimated that the cost to power a DDoS attack using a cloud-based botnet of 1,000 desktops is about $7 per hour. A DDoS attack service typically goes for $25 an hour, this means that the expected profit for crooks is around $25-$7=$18 per hour. Prices are highly variable, a DDoS attack can cost from $5 for a 300-second attack to $400 for 24 hours. “This means the actual cost of an attack using a botnet of 1000 workstations can amount to $7 per hour. The asking prices for the services we managed to find were, on average, $25 per hour, meaning the cybercriminals organizing DDoS attack are making a profit of about $18 for every hour of an attack.” reads the analysis published by Kaspersky. It is easy for criminals to pay for a DDoS attack service available in one of the numerous black markets." (Source: https://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/57429/cyber-crime/cost-ddos-attack-service.html)
  11. Yeah, some need to learn it the hard way. And I assume those of you working in this area have heard this "but it will never ever happen to us" already far too often. Interestingly this eternity sometimes is quite short.
  12. Imagine how much could have been avoided in case only 30% of this would have been spent to introduce and enforce security best practice. I really love these show cases to convince people to spend the money for the company and not give it to the bad guys.
  13. Amazing. I'll definitely use it at business.
  14. definitely - that's what bots are used for
  15. Having your infrastructure set-up to respond to pings or having it configured with a static IP address reachable directly from the internet speaks of its own when you talk about DDoS protection.
  16. @CaptainAmerica: May I suggest to stop talking about topic that you seem not to fully understand? Sorry to say this, but you don't seem to have the right technical skills and experience on how to prevent DDoS attacks and how to set up your infrastructure. There are ways to protect that would required to nearly bring the whole internet down before your servers get affected. And in case you would now want to tell me that also other larger companies get affected, this is obviously true. But just out of experience, there is only a very few number of companies that really do their protection of the core systems correctly (in addition: one single small failure would make all your efforts obsolete. On the other side, I know that this is a relatively theoretical discussion as and here I agree with most here, the ones that run this game have likely not the money for such protection mechanisms nor would it be their core business to have these.
  17. Come on guys. DDoS protection is well known in the security community (at least by those on a level that need to protect companies and organizations against this) and there are standard ways to it by your own or if you don`t have the required technical skills, use a service provider to offer the service for you. We are paying for your service, so do your duty and ensure you offer us the service we pay for. Have a nice day, Gypsy
  18. Is there a way to download a version which does during installation not constantly report corruption errors of the source file? I tried it already with multiple browsers, all the same issue
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