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  1. Jada is now gone and hopefully the rightful owner will be able to reclaim the name

  2. I won't be checking this very often in future so please be patient with me

  3. I know that some of the blame for this lies with me and I am truly sorry For that I am truly sorry and very sad to see you leave. I will miss you. Take care and I wish you all the best for the future. Jada
  4. Thanks for all the replies, as some of you know I did make a new avi but it just wasn't the same and I really don't want to leave the game and so many friends so I am having to sharpen my claws, put on the body armor and return to face the music. But if you think you saw the bitch in me before then watch out. :) Jada
  5. Just in case you missed it in World Chat today it has ceased being fun to be Jada any more so she is going on an open ended vacation. I am sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye to all my friends but fate in the way of an internet failure prevented me from doing it. I will miss you all, some more than others but for my own happiness and sanity I have to leave Goodbye Jada
  6. Can anybody recommend a good translator to use in the game?
  7. Have you enjoyed your time here? Do you feel that you get value for your money? Have you made friends that you would miss or would miss you? I think you should base your decision more on things like that than new content. We get new content when we get it and personally I wouldn't let it control my decision. Just my personal view Jada
  8. I'll be working But I will try and be there by 4 am if the party is still going
  9. Take care Hera, I hope to see you back someday soon Jada
  10. Well, I was just getting to know you and I will miss you. See you when you come back I hope Jada
  11. Jadagw

    Just because

    I like faggots and peas and I prefer Corrie!!!
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