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  1. Nothing more toxic…

    HATE is a cancer we make

    A killer of souls


    Self-inflicted Hell

    Infecting everything

    Corrupting… lifeforce


    Yet… we’re in control

    Cancer of our creation  

    Owner of its cure


    Always easier said though… than done. I’m no exception, not immune to its infection. Guilty of harboring this poison within my heart, feeding it, letting it grow until robbed of my fun here. And for what? Nothing of importance.

    I once enjoyed this Forum; contributing, participating and enjoying all the eye candy. Sure, I didn’t much like some of the Forum drama but learned to “look away” along with avoiding the local Bullies. But these past months… watching LIKES being exploited and corrupted pushed me over my edge.

    Though I couldn’t care less about the Leaderboard… I couldn’t let go of this charade in deception, having little tolerance for cheaters, liars or deceivers. Ironic, how it’s often our strengths and unwavering convictions that turn on their Master, edging us to our DARK side. Turning me into something… NOT me.

    My inner battle rages... struggling to let it go… compulsions making it hard. But trying to stop my freefall, refusing to succumb to demons of my creation. Reminding myself what is truly important and The Reason i come here… much too important to forsake.

    Shame on ME... any TIME is too precious to waste on hate. 

    1. Russian Kings
    2. Vaughan_Rarius
    3. Rodin


      There are still members here trying to help others Always as much as they can, even if I am not a "pro" but 

      Sooner or later ..they will get it


  2. Good Morning… YOU



    My Sunrise… always there to greet me

  3. Oasis – Slide Away...


    Two of a kind

    We'll find a way

    To do what we've done



    Let me be the one who shines with you

    And we can slide away

    Chasing the Sun


  4. Good morning YOU

    Your Peaches is taking time before work to fulfill a promise….


    Reading the first chapter of your new story.

    Turning purrs into GROWLS :)

    1. SusanLouisa


      Waiting on my copy! I bet it's amazing.

    2. SusanLouisa


      Wonderful work! Looking forward to Chapter 2.



  5. Good morning….


  6. i LOVE YOU


    1. Lady_Andrea
    2. Kaitlyn1989


      Mhmm, I do like the way she HUGS.  :)

  7. Kygo & Sasha Sloan - I'll Wait


    When you are in LOVE

    Nothing seems impossible

    Even when it is


    LOVE … knows no better

    Oblivious to such things

    Consumed in itself



  8. Twenty One Pilots - Level of Concern


    We need each other...

    Family, friends and neighbors

    Better, together


  9. How cruel it must seem

    Waiting for a visitor…

    That is not coming


    Their home in lockdown

    Unable to comprehend…

    Its for their own good


    Those with Dementia

    Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Sibling…

    Feeling forgotten :(


    The Covid-19 virus or the impossible task of its’s containment touches the lives of most… some more than others. It’s collateral damage everywhere… but it’s those lost voices I am thinking of and praying for today.

  10. If a painting can convey a thousand words….


    what do my eyes reveal?

  11. Collective Soul – All that I Know

    You're all that I know

    When the sun goes down


    You're all that I know

    When the sun comes, rising like the devil in me

    And when tomorrow wakes It's sure to show

    You're all that I know...

  12. Good morning....


    When YOU pop into my head… YOU get my full attention.

  13. 8e43Jse.gif

    OK… so I can be a bit of distraction on Game night :rolleyes:

  14. /me luvs lookin down… finding YOU there

    Shaved Sloppy Lesbian Pussy Licking - PornPicturesHQ.com
    Don’t forget... breathe ;)

  15. Its going to be a lazy day. . . Reading in bed, pajamas, coffee ...

              Sunday morning…. Andrea waiting for her Peaches to awake 

  16. Pomplamoose  - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger  (Daft Punk)


    Work it

    Make it

    Do it

    Makes us









    Work it harder

    Make it better

    Do it faster

    Makes us stronger



    More than ever

    Hour after

    Our work is

    Never over


    A tale of two extremes...

    While millions are out of work deemed "non-essential" and asked to stay home, many now stressing over how they will care for their family and pay bills. My heart hurts just thinkin of all the unemployed single moms with no savings, no family safety net. Now,,, no job. I can't imagine. 

    Yet while so many can't work, going Stir Crazy with family in a bad remake of Groundhog Day...  others deemed "essential" are faced with mandatory OT and putting themselves at risk everyday. I am fortunate to be one of many, as a RN I am witnessing unprecedented times n changes in healthcare as we're overwhelmed. We're on OT shifts plus every other weekend. I'm not stressing over bills, but over not spending time with those I love.

    /me prefers "middle of the road" 


  17. Miss Li - My Heart Goes Boom


    "Cause when I'm with you baby

    My whole world starts to bloom

    All I ever want to do

    Is to lay here next to you


    When I'm with you baby

    I'm feeling less confused

    And my heart goes… boom, boom, boom

  18. Happy Birthday Andrea



    Happy Birthday… YOU

    A spank and lick await

    One for every year 😊



    But unlike most homes

    We do play differently

    Making OUR own rules



    Goes for Birthdays too...

    Better to GIVE than RECEIVE

    Leaving ME to count 😉




  19. Just doing my part… CLEANING up


    and satisfying certain cravings ;)

  20. FUCK covid-19  😡

    Ruining my vacation

    No more snowboarding


    Closing all resorts

    Wasting all this fresh powder

    People out of work


    The Silver lining….

    Spend more time with family

    That IS why I’m here. ;)

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