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  1. The best advice from possibly the best advisor any Govt could ever have...
  2. Aw... RIP Bill


  3. Don’t ever take 3DX seriously and make sure you keep your feet, heart and mind firmly in RL. Know when to log out and when to take a break. Don’t take anything bad to heart because in the grand scheme of things, what happens in 3DX doesn’t even register to matter in the real world. It’s a great community but it’s not without its flaws and foibles.
  4. During an online school lesson, a teacher asks the class if they know the word β€œcontagious” and how to use it in a sentence. pupil one says β€œAn ambulance takes the contagious to hospital” pupil 2 says β€œmy dad is painting the house with a small brush. I asked my mom how long it will take him and she said it will take the contagious!”
  5. Fantastic idea! This should be a great night and much needed in the current situation. Have an awesome night πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  6. Stay safe SM and indeed everyone. Ironically 3DX is one of the safest places on earth at the moment! Not something I’d recommend to fill your time with In this unorthodox situation but each to their own. Lockdown has commenced here in Blighty. All non essential business have closed, congregating in public places is banned and the police can now issue fines to anyone not complying. Take care of yourselves, stay at home if you can and stay safe if you have to work. DW. X
  7. Stay home if you can and stay safe if you can’t.

    Let’sΒ all get through this in one piece and look forward to the day when it be becomes past tense.Β 

    Now’s the time to reacquaint with anyone you miss, with anything you want to do but haven’t had the time for.Β 

    β€œBe excellent to one another, and party on dudes!” 

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