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    Different voice/moan options

    Would be nice if we could have some choices in what our characters sound like when “getting to know” one another. For females you could have some cuter presets, some more mature ones, higher pitches, lower pitches etc for guys maybe some deeper tones, or more feminine moans for the sissy/sub guys too. it just gets kinda lame hearing the same moans all the time especially in group stuff where two people sound identical. I’m sure members of the community would happily record some stuff to use too
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    MNF Lady

    Room sort and search?

    There is no doubt that the new room order is not very popular. I can see the logic behind it as it offers some limited opportunity to small rooms to compete with large and crowded rooms as now everyone needs to promote the room to get to the top, not just be at the top because the room is crowded. However, we still see the same rooms that were full still full and the same rooms that were small remain small. So I don't think the effect has been achieved, and whoever I spoke to or heard in public chat doesn't like the new room order. So how about a feature that users can sort the rooms using their own criteria (like size, alphabetically by name or by owner) and also search the room? That might diminish the need to promote the room for XGold, but promoting can be adjusted such that it either shows promoted rooms in different colors for some time period or it places the promoted room in a separate section.
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    Just some pics of some of tha props that were made fo mah Competition Entry. Also a few detail shots of tha build:) Ah managed to scrape a 3rd place, just not a good enough build!
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    Dang it, and I left my oven on in the game. I swear if my virtual house burns down because of this... 😄
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    Ah shit

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    The card of choice for any of life's moments.
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    "Breast Sag" adjustment - thoughts?

    I don't think I'm alone in wishing we could make our avatars look more realistic. To start with, especially those of us older than 24 and with larger than "A" cup boobies, I wish there was a "breast sag" slider (for lack of a better word lol) which could apply a varying degree of "gravitational effect" to the look of my avatar's breasts, as I tried to illustrate in the pics below (sorry about my amateur-level photo editing skills :). Seems it would be doable as with other body tweaks already in place. Anyone else agree?
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    So my friends and I were bantering and riffing the other day on the topic "Things you don't want to hear during sex." This was the result. Warning: some of them are flat out gross. Let me know which is your favorite, and add your own in the thread! ❤
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    Sorry Gizmo you need to replace the gold your stupidity is causing not even the common courtesy to warn us you are frigging with the servers its a simple matter to set a warning and to post how long the downtime will be for. Gith Owner of Rock n Blues and Sillhouettes
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    constant disconnects

    When you use your xgold to boost your room 3 times and the server crashes 👁️
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    I like how a third party website gives more accurate information on downtime then admins. 👌
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    Things you don't want to hear during sex

    The four deadly words for those that have a dick: ”Are you in yet?”
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    “Oh I’d keep your legs open if I were you earthling. The gestation period for my race is approximately 2 minutes. As you humans say ‘buckle up’ “
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    constant disconnects

    Could not agree moore with you on that @DouceAlizee and I would like to add my view on this comunity in general. Please stop arguing and help each other. Work together. Develop. Don’t destroy. Let all gain on this, be good to each other instead of insulting. Hate feeds only hate, and no one gains from that. And now for another cliché hippie comment, but still very true. ❤️ Make love not hate. ❤️ Is that not why we all play this game in the first place? Take care all and be good to your next one, is all I’m saying. And I believe if all at least try to put a little bit of effort into that, then this game and community would be a much happier place and more fun for all. ❤️ And remember. Hate is not sexy. 😉
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    Thank you again for don't giving a fuck since hours.
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    constant disconnects

    Nobody cares if they are a small team. Don't find excuses for them. Their service indeed sucks. If they don't have enough people, hire more. But I'm not telling them to hire or not, but the service must work as intended. Without excuses that "we are a small team" and cry. Hire more? work heir ass off? It's their business, not mine. My business is to have a working service. Can I come up with an excuse like "I have no cash moentarily, please give me free months"? No If I don't pay, the account gets locked. Well when I do it should work Can't handle the workload? Hire more people. Nobody cares if it's a small dev team or not.
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    Safe Haven

    This is just an advertising thread now... I no longer have the time element needed to pursue my "journalism career" ....I can't afford to spend every waking minute of my life here like "The Gang of Four" does....🤣 I would like to thank all our panelists and advertisers.....Kemistry,Lara,Noir,Roxie,and many others... It's been fun....thank you all that enjoyed it! GET FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS AND GIFT CARDS!!! at Safe Haven #1 3DX Private Discord Server Over SIX HUNDRED members! Need a DJ or dance team for ur room? We have the largest selection to choose from! https://discord.gg/2a6KbEe
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    Sparky Anderson Quotes: People who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I've got my faults, but living in the past is not one of them. There's no future in it.
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    I created a status website for the 3DXChat servers. It automatically updates every 5 minutes, and it'll tell you the actual server status without the hassle. @Gizmo I hope you're OK with this. I ping the game server once every 5 minutes, from one central point. If you're not OK with it I'll take it offline. But I thought it could be helpful for all the users. Check it out here: https://3dxchat-status.com/
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    Aww... Boo hoo hoo. Why room owners by the way? And what money? You've been here for what, a month? And you paid half price. But sure you had to create another topic for that. Pure complaining for the sake of it.
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    Things you don't want to hear during sex

    "Lube? Sure, I keep a bottle next to my super glue bottle!"
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    As your kisses and licks travel slowly down her body, your tongue pausing, rimming her navel while your body and hands spread her legs. She moans in delight as your face slides ever lower, your tongue leaving a glistening trail as it snakes ever closer to its prize. Her hands tangled in your hair as she gasps, "Ooooo, goddd yesss, I hope you love cheese!"
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    3DXChat City Build Competition

    Perfect. I will personally gift Alexa a 1 month subscription giftcard once all the prizes have been given out to the winners. Just awaiting on the codes from the devs. Then will send them over to you!
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    Thanks to the support for being fast. Good work 👍
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    3DXChat City Build Competition

    make her a winner for the fonts and give Alexa 1 free month
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    3DXChat City Build Competition

    Although I never won, I would like to congratulate 2nd place winner @Alliehotass & 4th place winner @Sylphie for the simple fact they used some of my ABC fonts in their designs. And although they never won, I would also like to thank @Nitro & @TV9CD_Nikki also for using my ABC Fonts in their designs.
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    constant disconnects

    This game is now in business for around 7+ years and so far there is no other platform that offers the same experience as 3dxchat to be honest, not RLC, achat or Second Life, RLC looks like crap and is more expensive, achat looks like crap and doesn't offer any of the features that 3dx has and is more expansive, Second Life is expansive as f*** if you want to have a decent looking avi and the game runs like in slow mo even on a good PC and after so many years yes SL looks like crap too, there is no real competition in this genre. At the moment 3dx is the most user friendly game in its price tag and feature list and is looking great for its age.
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    Ratings for rooms

    Hello 3DXChat developers I suggest to make 3 ratings for rooms, up the rooms list General - Music, Chat, Relaxing, Dance, Moderate - Naked allowed Adult - Sex- RP rooms. Why that-- Rooms list will be shorter, Will be easier to find what rooms want. Give more chance to all kinds of rooms to get good ratings in the right place,,
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    Hey everyone Our friend Hincholas has been having troubles with his radio for several weeks, which deprived us of music on Havasu Falls. But even more annoying, this radio problem prevents him from opening his rooms in good conditions ( Havasu Falls, Paradise Creek, and New York). Hincholas is one of the best 3dx builders, Havasu and Paradise Creek are appreciated by all and many like to meet there to have a serene and soothing moment. He's done a lot for 3dx, and when the developers needed his help, he responded. I find it abnormal that at this moment, nothing is done (on the part of the developers) to help him solve his problem. Players have tried to help him, without success, and Hinch has decided to keep Havasu closed as long as the radio will not work. Some fall back on other rooms, which I can understand, but that will not help. What is needed is to show Gizmo and Lisa our discontent, and ask them massively to intervene to help Hinch to fix this problem. So I am creating this post to collect your comments, your ideas, so that we can try to make things happen and that Hinch can reopen Havasu and his other rooms in good conditions. Thank you all Elenah
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    You open your eyes from the bliss of ecstasy and see a wildlife documentary film crew and Sir David Attenborough. “So as we can see, the male has successfully copulated with the female and the mating ritual... is a success” Oh if you think dogs kicking off can put off off your stride? Try being stared at by a perplexed cat “Da fuck you doing bruh?”
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    I was baking some chocolate chip cookies for my Anthony. I know, I know, that's SUPER lame, but I'm a good cook, I swear. Not, that good of a cook to have turned OFF the oven before the game went nuclear on us, but still, I'm a good cook. 😜
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    “Is that supposed to be there...?” ”My uncle showed me this trick...” ”Honey I’m Hoooooome!”
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    "Brace yourself..... things are about to get weird"
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    “Do you have to hum the theme tune to “Bonanza” while we have sex?” “Oh don’t think about that sweetheart, just of the reason why you’ll be humming the theme to “Rawhide” later ;)”
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    Him after cumming: "Mmm the ants really are in the sugar now..." "Why are some women attracted to serial killers? Not that I'm complaining, it's worked wonders for me!"
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    INFINITY City CyberPunk Build

    Took a month to make, still gonna mess with eet, mah entry to tha Builders competition \o/
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    constant disconnects round 2

    Keep up-to-date here: https://3dxchat-status.com/
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    constant disconnects

    Dont be mad about that "off gang" group, Dont spread rumors if you dont have any proof,.. its really stupid and childish... Chill guys... they have no interest in attacking the server... Peace & Chill ♥
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    constant disconnects

    They are nobodies. Just some attention seekers really. What is causing this is a very bad management of service, and awful technical support. If they are not eager to work on it as they should, naturally things are crap in the end.
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    constant disconnects

    I made an attempt to detect the current outage on https://3dxchat-status.com/ When the service is fully up and running again, all Discord servers the bot joined will get an automatic message.
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    constant disconnects

    The good news is that you can still build while waiting. 👁️
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    BDSMetal Gang monthly plan

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    3DXChat City Build Competition

    Congrats to all the winners! It was the first time for me to participate in something like this and I found we have a lot of great builders. Honestly speaking my top favorite was Allie's room and I had no doubt it would be #1... at least from the screenshots. But oh well, I'm not one of the judges, what do I know 😁 @Alliehotass I would be extremely happy to walk around that place in game just to get the real feeling. I do feel Russian ghetto was more about quantity rather quality, I walked around it in game and it was mostly blocks and empty walls. Scale is impressive though, but well, that's my personal opinion. I guess it will be really the first and the last competition for me, but I'll continue polishing Cyber Lounge and keep it open for everyone who wants to have a look and listen to some retrowave music. 😘😋
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    Beautiful Women Images

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