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Carnal Thoughts & Erotic Musings by Vaughan Rarius

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A Carnal Sun kiss   by  VaughanRarius. 

She’s bathed in sunlight

Her Beauty quite astounding

Magnificent there


Straddled above me,

She grinds… teases me while my

Body impales hers.


She fucks cowgirl style

Slow, sensuous and sinful

Beautiful in lust


Behold the vision

Audacious. Sublime and yet,

My bold Dirty Girl.


Her Breasts bounce in time

With the hot steady rhythm.

Her face a picture.


With fly-a-way hair

Her shoulders sexy and sleek,

Her flat belly flickers


In sync with her breath

She moans as my cock delves deep

In to her sweetness


Tight on my hard shaft

She moves harmoniously

In her special dance


The sun shines down on

Her delightful nudity

Sun-kissed and pretty


Her skin glows golden.

Up and down, up and… I Grrrrowl

Overwhelmed in lust


I grit my teeth and

She smiles knowingly, teasing

My need to control


My hips thrust up

and assist to enter deep.

My hands grip her hips


And my little minx

Fucks deeper and harder now

Testing my resolve


My beast awakens

No more, the passive fuck toy

She is mine to claim


With one strong movement

And squeal, she finds her alpha

Male is now on top!


To her joy and want

I claim my woman complete

Thrusting in my lust


Her sweet cunt now mine.

Wet and tight, taken and MINE

Both bathed in the sun


The breeze caresses

Our bodies - joined and rocking

Panting and moaning


Our eyes lock – light brown

Doe eyes meet with the Dragons.

Clashing and conquered


Fucking, breathing hard

Selfish and Greedy in need

Wanting our climax


Carnal and obscene

Grunting and passionately

Vocal, we are one,


Then she screams and… I

Roar… our names in unison

Our Orgasms there


In the shimmering

And sweaty Heat of the sun

We lie in the glow


Basking and Happy

Sun kissed, relaxed and knackered.

Our moment of bliss.



Published on Literotica.  If you have time, a 5 star rating would be appreciated.

A Carnal Sun kiss can be found here -  https://www.literoti...carnal-sun-kiss


Edited by Vaughan_Rarius

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Dance of Sin by Vaughan Rarius.

She stands still waiting

Knowing I look and watch her

Bated Breath, I stare.


Bare foot on the deck

The yacht bathed in the moonlight

The sky star sprinkled.


The music begins

Softly playing, she sways and

Seductively moves


Her dress swirls around

Her hips, dancing and teasing

She looks so divine


A pretty Goddess

Supple, agile and sexy

Mesmerising me


As she moves, she shows

Her sin, she wears no panties

Flashing her trimmed snatch


Delicious and fun

Naughty, wicked and sinful

No bra too, it seems!


Licking my lips, I

Devour her with my eyes and

My thoughts are carnal!


Her moves purposely,

Seducing imagery

Of lust and fucking


Her body writhes in

Dance – a reflection of need

And wanton passion


The moonlight bathes her

Enhancing her true beauty

She transfixes me!


Then with one swift move,

She drops her dress, revealing

Her natural beauty


Pert breasts standing proud

Nipples erect in sea breeze

A curvaceous girl


Slim waist, flat stomach

Full round bottom and long legs

A moonlit beauty


I Want her – Its true.

To ravish and conquer her

To make her mine, MINE!


The dance continues

Showing to best advantage

Her sexy body


In doing so though,

She gives away her secret

Her wet arousal!


I beckon her to

Me, she obeys wondering…

Taps her legs to part


She responds and spreads

And I insert a sex toy

A vibrating egg


She catches her breath

As I push the egg in her

Vagina channel


I have the remote!

And wave her away to dance

Vagina clenching


Wickedly, I play,

Turning the remote control

Low, high and repeat


She dances and gasps

Moist arousal on her thighs

Scented and sexed up


The True Dance of Sin -

Base and raw in the moonlight

Her heavy scent wafts


Her body heated

Her need and desire full on

Nude, wet and breathless


Never has she looked

So pretty and fuckable

My cock pulses hard!


“Cum for me.”  I  say

And turn up the vibrator

“Touch yourself for me”


And she does on deck

Open for all to see her!

If they cared to look!


She is my fine slut!

Mewling in her wanton state,

Careless who sees.


She rubs her pussy,

Fucking her hand, titties groped,

Dancing sexily!


Her moans grow louder

Her thrusting is more profound

Her goal is climax


Faster, deeper now

Moans and groans and mewls are loud

A female in heat


She revels in my stares

Turned on by my eyes watching her

Basking in her naughty


Her pleasure builds up

Breathless, ratcheting higher

Close now to cumming


Naked and barefoot

Her silvery figure dancing

Her explosion bursts!


She screams her pleasure

With my name upon her lips

Her clit vibrating


The egg still twitching

Inside of her vagina

I turn it down slow


She dances and falls

Into my arms, exhausted

Her climax total!


Softly I cradle her

And kiss her warm forehead with care

The Dance of Sin complete.


Now published on Literotica. If you have time, a 5 star rating would be appreciated. You can find the poem with the link below. Thank you.



Edited by Vaughan_Rarius

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