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For my Valentine on Feb 14. 





Kiss me.  by  VaughanRarius


To my Sweet Valentine.   

Kiss me like you would Savour   

Cups of Soup in Winter. 


Kiss me like the heat  

That warms fingers in the cold,  

Wrapped around those soup cups.


Kiss me like Autumn

Breezes that cause leaves to fall

And sprinkle on paths.


Kiss me like rain falling 

On a black charred land

Where Hope and life is born.


Kiss me like the world revolves

while everything else is frozen  

In time and infinite space.


Kiss me so my breath  

Catches and my heart races,

Drumming want aloud.


Kiss me hard but slow!

Sensuous and meaningful,

Stroking with soft hands.


Kiss me hard and raw.

Animalistic gripping!

Smoking hot and base!


Kiss me and hold tight,

Relishing us in our hug.

Feel our attraction!


Kiss me in our bubble,

Snuggly and comfortable

With Happy bright sparkles.


Kiss me. Surrender!

Your body and heart tells me,

“You are mine, My Love.”


Kiss me BrandiWine


SweetHeart. You know you are Mine...


Be my Valentine?











"Kiss me Valentine."    Now published on Literotica.   



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Reading through old posts, as I hunt to find our faves after the Forum update, and find myself Verklempt again.  My Darling I hope you know I am still your Valentine and I kiss you with every beat of my heart.  Whether warm and dry in our bubble or in the winds of a hurricane it is your kiss that brings me comfort and awakens my soul.  I was yours on day one, I was yours on the day we took our vows and I am yours today.  Always and in all ways I love you.

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