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summer is the best time of year for me as i can see the blue sky the blue sea feel the sun on my skin make me feel warm n welcome to this life .



                       I present you Summer Memories 

Live again your best summer memories in my new room with summer Aroma

and the best music so it guide you back to your best memories n feelings


        LIVE                                Love                     LIFE


Some of the best djs will be there to make sure you have fun n make this journey as well the Lovely fantastic Bare bunnies will be there dancing 




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ok im glad to show you some pics of the room <3

cant be more summer-ish <3



new design towers with areas to chill n dance w/e




entrance area a lil  far from main party with cool stuff there if u bored to walk ^^




chill areas with summer aroma to chill relax play w/e <3




The dj area with my futuristic dj booth n dance area for the awesome lovely bare bunnies<3



last is a pic of the whole room enjoy 



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