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★SℓUT–FE$T★™ Every Boob Counts ~ 10am CST Oct. 14th


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SLUT-FE$T is proud to announce that we will be

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and

Applause AoD for their efforts and support as well.


For you Early Birds, Please Wear Pink this Friday as we show

our support to women around the world that are suffering or has a family

member or a friend that is suffering from breast cancer


My Aunt was diagnose with Breast Cancer 4 years ago and sadly passed away at the age of 36. I miss her so much. So please, wear that pink with pride and as for the guys, its true, real men wear pink. 



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I would personally like to thank everyone that came to this event. It means so much to me for your support!  More of you came in to party and have fun than I expected so I'm so grateful!. This event was to support Breast Cancer Awareness and you did just that. Thank you so much everyone. The highest count of visitors was 41 People! 


Slut Fest was sponsored by 7 Sins Entertainment and the Neko Club. 


Special thanks to Dickmeister for raising up the hype for the party. you truly are a party animal. 


Dedicated to Aunt K.  1978 - 2012

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