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Dancing on the ceiling


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Not wanting to reopen the age-old wound of room hacking (I don't mind it, many do - and those that don't can avoid those places) but I was wondering what others felt about some players using the hack to elevate their avi in Fresco so they are dancing in mid-air? This is where I think the hacked players are being a tad selfish because, from my point of view, in doing so they are affecting the authenticity of other people's in-game experience.


I like the environments to feel as 'real' as possible, which adds to my enjoyment. So, to see people floating above me impacts a little. And what's the point of doing that anyway?


The point is, hacked rooms can be avoided, floating avis in public spaces cannot, unless I iggy them which I don't like doing.

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People like to find glitches everywere and use them :)



Well, actually Nikki, people have to "do it". I guess just to fill up the gaps between the updates and till thoses modded "feature" arrive finally for all people to use in the game^^



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