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Boiler Room is a music platform that hosts intimate live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations. It started as the reaction from a group of London musicians to the creative restrictions of the ticketed commercial live music circuit and from fans of an emerging London scene to their frustration at the inability for its music to gain the recognition it deserved.
The 4th Session of Boiler Room here at 3DX is coming up strong. This time we will have an extended Event of 4 Hours featuring a glorious comeback of a past resident 3DX DJ.


I am very proud to have DJ Spyrrousss playing at Boiler Room for this session. Really hope to see everyone who was there last time, at Boiler Room 004 again, and hopefully some new faces aswell. Lets burn the roof!



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Thank you all for coming today! It was great.


Hope you liked the extended time. I am really sorry about the sudden end but my game decided to freeze at the near end of the set :( I did saw no point in reopening the room then as it ended anyway :)

Thanks again to DJ Spyrrousss who did the guest mix. You rock!


Hope to see you all again next month on Boiler Room 005. This time on a secret location. Details soon :wub:

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