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We need to fix the Select Locations screen ... please!

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Dear Gizmo and Lisa,

The "Select Location" screen listed almost 200 rooms the other day making it a real pain to find the room I was looking for hosted by a friend. OK, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, but trying to find a single entry by scrolling through an unsorted list of rooms would frustrate anyone right?

Can we PLEASE add one or more of the following to the Select Locations screen:

1. Show rooms hosted by a person on your Friends List (I don't mean Shared with Friends) at the top of the list (maybe this is a checkbox?). 

2. Sort the list by host name, room name, number of players in the room or time the room has been opened.

3. Add a search box which matches on the host name or room name and only shows matching entries.

The post below suggested something like this over a year ago and also adding "Room Category" field which I think is a good idea too.


If you agree, please LIKE this post!


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