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  1. Dear Gizmo and Lisa, The "Select Location" screen listed almost 200 rooms the other day making it a real pain to find the room I was looking for hosted by a friend. OK, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be, but trying to find a single entry by scrolling through an unsorted list of rooms would frustrate anyone right? Can we PLEASE add one or more of the following to the Select Locations screen: 1. Show rooms hosted by a person on your Friends List (I don't mean Shared with Friends) at the top of the list (maybe this is a checkbox?). 2. Sort the list by host name, room name, number of players in the room or time the room has been opened. 3. Add a search box which matches on the host name or room name and only shows matching entries. The post below suggested something like this over a year ago and also adding "Room Category" field which I think is a good idea too. If you agree, please LIKE this post! Lori
  2. I don't think I'm alone in wishing we could make our avatars look more realistic. To start with, especially those of us older than 24 and with larger than "A" cup boobies, I wish there was a "breast sag" slider (for lack of a better word lol) which could apply a varying degree of "gravitational effect" to the look of my avatar's breasts, as I tried to illustrate in the pics below (sorry about my amateur-level photo editing skills :). Seems it would be doable as with other body tweaks already in place. Anyone else agree?
  3. The game is crashing almost every day, sometimes multiple times per day because of the number of players which has increased a lot over the last couple of months. It's very frustrating to everyone but the devs are working on a new sever solution which I understand from others requires some pretty big software changes, so all we can do is be patient and hope that they give us credit for the game essentially being unusable during certain times of the day. See this: Peace, Lori
  4. Same thing here.... I logged off and came back on several times today hoping it was just a glitch or the load on the server but it's still really bad, unable to play.
  5. To the Devs.... Many (but not all) .jpg files will not upload to my gallery since the release of build 414. Some .jpg files work but most do not... it just spins and spins. All .png files I have tried so far do upload just fine. As a test I took a random .jpg file and converted it to .png (both files are attached so you can try it yourself). The .jpg will not upload but the .png does. Two other people tried the same files and got the same results so I know it's not just me ok. - LoriLove
  6. I guess these things happen and can't be prevented. So nice to at have some communications from gizmo this time (compared to the outage from about 16 months ago which lasted for 6 days without so much as a word on the forums). Since that last major outage, despite some bugginess and a lack of major enhancements (as promised), the devs have been going a pretty good job with regular updates and much better communications to players (in the forums and Discord). Keep up the good work ... and everyone be patient.
  7. Been in this game for 3+ years and this happens several times a year and there is a rarely a reply from the Devs when it does... just have to wait. Usually a few hours but one time it was down for 2-3 days and another time for 6 days with zero communications from the Devs during the entire time until it was back up again..... It is what it is....
  8. same...... sighes... oh well..... guess I will try again later...
  9. Yes, that was exactly the intent in my comment so that users can help make user-createted content better. How else woud the creator get feeback from players? Of course it can be abused like anything can be, but I dont think its a good reason not not have a feature for user comments and ratings.
  10. I think this is a much-needed feature. As others have said, it is up to each Room Host to decide what behavior they allow in their rooms. We already have this in a way with the ability to do Group or Friend-only based room-sharing, right? One thing I would LOVE to see this is: Have text stored in a file or somewhere in the game client which, if it exists, could be automatically displayed as a PM from the Room Host to each new user when they enter a room. You could also display this in the Local Chat Window but only for each user as they enter, not for everyone already in the room as it would clog up Local Chat. This could be used to automatically welcome the person to the room and display any special room instructons or rules. This takes a lot of burden off of the Room Host also.
  11. You have a good point Torax, and abuse is the problem with any rating system I guess? I think it will be more important to have for user-created poses, if we ever get there. I would still rather have some ratings than none at all.
  12. You missed my point...when I am looking for a World Editor creation to download and use, it would be helpful if there was an official library where users could rate the creations so the best work would be acknowledged and make it easer to find the best work. It has nothing to do with choosing which rooms to visit.
  13. OK, so much has already been said on this topic, but I will add my opinion from 3+ years of experience in 3dx, and you can can judge what it is worth: 1) Yes, to varying degrees we all want more poses (espcially FFF ) but the "Ghosting" poses (and I have made some too) are hard to create, buggy, require that you train your partners how to use them, and worst of all. are not that visually appealing because of overlapping body parts, etc. They are not up the to standards we should expect form 3dx. So I don't care about Ghosts at all. 2) As for a pose editor, I would much prefer we get new poses from the Devs so that the quality is matained, but players have been asking for more "real" FF poses and FFF poses since I started more than 3 years ago ... with virtually nothing new from the Devs. If the Devs cant produce the poses people want then a pose editor could be a good Plan B. My concern is the same as with Ghosts... that the quality would be shit and reduce the playing experience. My suggestion would be to allow user-developers to create new poses which could then be posted into an official 3dx library where other users could download them, try them out and then rate them for quality on a 1 to 10 scale. If a pose was really good, then maybe the Devs could "certify" it and it could be added to the core game. By the way, this same official 3dx libary could be used for World Editor creations too .... as it it is now there are at least 3 or 4 different places where WE creations are hosted which is really stupid. 3) Why not add an "Auto Accept Poses" ON or OFF option to the game which allows you to turn off the "Accept" prompt for poses when are you with someone you want to give that control over to? Seems like it would be a very easy thing to do. Ideally, I would like that tied to each entry in my Friend List so that some friends automatically get the benefit but others don't, but that might be asking for too much. Overall... I have my own complaints about this game, and we all need to push for what we want, but it seems to me the Devs are doing what they can to fix bugs (thank you) and add new features. (For example, the World Editor is really amazing.) Are they doing this as quickly as we all want. No, they are not. But at the end of the day its my own choice to stay or move on. It does no good to rant over and over again about the same issues because it is what it is, ok? Ok, enough on this for now Lori
  14. Yes, I just noticed that, but I didnt have hold down right click in the 32-bit version ( I guess that changed...
  15. Overall, seems to be a good update. Fast and seems stable. Nice new features. One problem so far: 1. the keyboard movement controls (cursors keys and WASD) do not work in Free Cam mode (F5) -- reported this bug already using the above link Other things from the Rochi DLL not implment I would like to see: 1. add/remove clothes at any time even in sex poses 2. abily to moan and cum when not in a sex pose Ghosts were buggy so I dont care about that but sounds like others do Thanks devs, keep up the good work.... so what's next?
  16. Elton John Tribute Party! @ CURVES* Sat Jun 1 (corrected date 17:00 London/BST 12:00 New York/EDT 09:00 Los Angeles/PDT *Club Owner/DJ: LoriLove Builder: Arieha
  17. Yeah just, my luck... been gone for a couple of months and the day I come back I appears the server has problems... same as above, FL not loading, can't read profiles, etc. Oh well, more waiting I guess.....
  18. Thank you very much for the advance notice gizmo. This goes a long ways towards player loyalty and satisfaction (especially in light of the recent no-new outage The update looks great. Thank you!
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