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Danery & Libussa need help


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🇺🇦 Hi! Im Danery(Libussa) - me and my wife DarthShoo live in Ukraine. Now we refugees cause war here, we move to west near borderline. 
Im designer and can work in Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.
Looking for any work to have possibility pay the rent.
You can connect with me in discord (Libussa#6300), telegram (@daneryazmur)
Kisses to all ❤️

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After months at west side of Ukraine we come back to the capital - in Kyiv. It was impossibile to pay the rent out there. We back to the parrents home.

In end of the summer of 2023 i finally get a job here. Only me. Working now as designer, manager and saler. We buyed tickets for DartShoo's parrents to help them leave country and now they are refugees in Netherlands. Selling my 3dxchat items helped a lot.

Now im working to buy a bus ticket for DarthShoo now. So she can went to Netherlands as refugee. Im not alowed to leave, out law didnt alow it. So i have to stay... Thats the news. 

Thank you all for support!

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