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Making the world a smaller place...(introducing myself)


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I thought because it is raining outside and I am sipping some tea, I'd take time out to write something here and introduce myself and relate my story so to speak of why I am here and what I found so far.


(Please may I first mention that I write lots, and may sound ignorant or arrogant at times - I promise this is not intentional - I am harmless and sincere by nature).


 I say making the world a smaller place, because this is what I found when I first got chatting to people on 3DXchat, all walks of life, each corner of the globe (as the saying goes), all in one virtual room. So the internet makes the world more accessible; smaller in a sense. Yet generates a vastly increased understanding of what exists beyond our own lives, which really highlights how big the world is!


 I had no specific expectations when coming here, frankly I was skeptical, but my life hit a low eb and I needed something. I tried 3dchathouse first, and once was enough and I kiss the money spent there good bye. I wanted to find an adult social community, with fun elements within the online world as well, such as own apartments and customisations. I do play games offline and MMORPG's online too, but I had reasons for needing more.


 You see, like many here, we each carry problems in real life, maybe struggle with certain social aspects of life, maybe having a period of time that needs filling and some are perhaps just raging horny beggers looking for fantasy and fun. ;)


Personally I came here because of a whole list of reasons. Firstly, I have a very rare personality type which makes new social scenarios difficult for me, I am quiet and reserved until I know people are comfortable with me as I am extremely sensitive to other peoples emotions and body language and so on. So hand to heart I can say I have never stepped foot in a nightclub, and certainly never tried to 'pick up a girl', its just not me - I think way to deeply and over analyse things to my own detriment. But due to some really tough times in life I am extremely grounded and mature (with a childlike side), 100% genuine and honest and caring and so on, which leads me onto the next part.


Secondly, I am a serial monogamist, and hate gaps between relationships. Having only recently come out of my last one after a year and half of living together, I felt the pain of the being alone again (as I live alone). As is usual for me, I jumped on to online dating as soon as I felt ready but kicked myself for it; so many time wasters and I would get a lot of messages from those who I didn't find attractive, and any I contacted that I liked would maybe reply once but never again. I gave up when I found someone I really liked (many shared interests and attractions) who asked me for my number to whats app me, and we conversed a lot until she asked me if I was the oldest or the youngest of my siblings. When I told her she stopped contact for exactly that reason. WTF? I thought, and gave up and closed all my profiles. To much time wasting and emotional strain for me. All of the relationships I have been in, more or less, are from women who have chased me, not through dating sites or me going on the hunt.


Thirdly is simple, I have always been very 'hot blooded' and intense (romantically) and its very rare for me to find someone in real life who can handle that (gosh that sounds so up my own butt, sorry). The online cybersex experience is not even close to real life for me, but I love exploring other peoples desires and interests and I learn a lot by it to aid me in my own life. I guess in summary one might say I am complicated, emotionally driven yet reserved and to all intent and purpose, my own worst enemy when it comes to finding relationships and sexual compatibility it seems.  :(


 As a hobby I stage act for theatre, and in a months time I will performing a lead role in a musical which I am very excited about. So my life has plenty going on, and the people I associate with are of course from all sorts of backgrounds and styles. Though I am very much a straight guy, I am completely comfortable with my male and female gay friends and love them all to bits. My ex girlfriend is my immediate counter part in this show which really is not easy for me as we are required to be lovey dovey by the end and without anyone else in my life, my emotions tend to run a little raw in rehearsals. So with all this in mind, you can hopefully see how it is that I came to be here, and why its not just been fun so far, but helpful too!


 My first night on 3DXchat was a great many hours going from one place to another, trying to work out the controls, make my rooms into something individual and try to work out the culture of this virtual world. I did eventually jump into a room that was chilled and sex free and I got chatting to a small group of people which was lovely, as I knew there would be some fellow people who liked conversation somewhere, I just needed to find them. I learnt a lot about the controls and such like, and even got passed over to someone who was willing to demonstrate the sexual aspects of the game and break my online virginity so to speak. This put me to 8am here and I was extremely tired, but content. :blink:


The second night (last night) was completely different, and this is why I say it is a benefit to me (and for others I expect) as well as a fun way to pass time. nowhere near as many people were online this time, so I couldn't find anywhere to chat and chill, and I wasn't in the mood for anything else either, despite all the hardcore action going on around me (*looks to both sides with avatars banging away and just says....meh*). :rolleyes:


But then a female (avatar, I don't want to ponder to much on whether they were in real life or not) popped into a busy room I was in, I clicked on the profile and noted they were here for RP only and it was something I could act out so to speak, even though I had never tried it (odd saying that, I RP all the time for theatre...but you know what I mean). So, as I've never done in real life, I started a conversation as best I could with no expectation other than to likely be ignored. But alas I was wrong, we RP'ed a conversation, and....spent a good few hours together (*smiles*). Would it be this way in real life? I thought. Likely not, but I felt really good none the less - lived a virtual dream one might say of still being me, but able to be something to someone else and give them as much pleasure as they gave me (in conversation and other things that is). A new experience in a small way for me, but thought provoking, inspiring and confidence building to say the least! :wub:


 ...if only that happened in real life, I think I could just die on the spot, but at least I'd go happy!  :)


Now, I could be alone with the overall feelings about this sort of game and what it can do for people such as myself, but I wanted to share my experience just in case it helps inspire someone out there who is a little shy and not sure to really embrace the essence of the game, and explore things they might never dream of carrying out in real life (according to their tastes of course). I really want to highlight, through the insane amount I have written here (sorry again), how its benefited me at this point in my life and even though I don't expect I'll be here long (eg. when I establish a new relationship) I know it will give me a boost in many areas, even teach me a few things with the help of others.


....And who knows, I may even meet someone as a real life companion, friends or more, through here - it's not impossible at all!  ^_^


PS) Can anyone tell me why it is that after a sexual encounter with nearly every female avatar, the guy has to give a gift? Why can't the guys get gifts for doing most of the work for once!  :D (jokes...well, a little anyway).


PPS) I am 'Andromeda' in the game, I have 2 other avatars too which are also named after galaxy's within the Sagittarius constellation as that is my birth sign. 

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Males have to give a gift after sex  ?  Really  ??     :wacko:


Maybe you should stop look for females in  "private rooms " with a whorehouse  atmosphere    :P


I dont belive a single player on my friendlist have sex for gifts...   and i dont see the point unless you do a prostitute roleplay     ^_^

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Oh. I enjoyed this... appreciated you taking the time to introducing yourself and sharing personal data about yourself.. I'm sure many here can relate. We all have reasons for being here...and most wouldn't be comfortable explaining Why. I wish more 3Dxers would do the forum..many don't post , most stalk or hide in the shadows. BTW there are many here that Love a Good conversation... in all honesty this place isn't really just about virtual sex. I myself have made some really Good friends here in these past 2 months.



So welcome!


LOl@ the gifting ...you are new to this. You met one of the gift zombies

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Thanks all!  :) - I certainly seem to have been 'had' by the wrong sorts, but hey, I'm quickly learning  :D


On the overall, life in general, not just here I mean, I'm completely honest and an open book as they and there is the hope that what I go through in life, good or bad, can help make someones life better somehow. The internet is a new and vast means of communication. Perhaps an example (sorry its a bit deep) is many countries will have internet access, but very limited access to anti-depressants and counselling, as an example. Sharing information might just one day make a small change in someone else's life, far far away - so why not speak I say to myself.  :rolleyes:


 Life really only gives you back what you put into first.


Yes I enjoy a good conversation, I love listening and learning! It was very quite last night though so I didn't get to chat much, or anything else. But I know it will happen more when more people are online. I hope so anyway as my friends list is about 5 so far  :(


:)  Gift Zombies! Yes, it made me laugh - "...you were great baby! Lets hook up again sometime, yeh?",  ...

"....Sure.....how about a gift?",

" Well babe I just gave you one all over your face?.....Oh, wait....(*Goes away and comes back with a towel*)... Here! ",

"...No! I mean a gift! "

"...Ahhhh...........okay....Right let me click open a list of pointless pictures of meaningless things for 300XG to give to you so that you can do sweet FA with and can't even sell........(*clicks buttons in annoyance*) - Here! Have a God Damn picture of a Teddy Bear and get the f**k outa here! ".


... My only guess is its a way for the 'hoes' ?, the gift Zombies to take score of how many virtual encounters they have had. I might just start being even more annoying and give them the worst gifts ever with a message under saying " Thank you! I now know what a sausage feels like being thrown a large corridor!...Next time please bring a needle and thread so I don't feel like I am just waving my manhood around in a dank smelly cave......love you! " 

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Ah I am sorry, I will need to find an alternative term won't I as I forget about the international variations on certain words :D


..........A woman who is to loose in the booty.... says the Urban dictionary (*chuckles to himself*). Maybe I'll just stick with gift Zombies for now :) 


 So far the highest count I can find is 244, but I am certain there will be some with a lot more 'gifts' than that. And I have two gifts, both from the same person to express sympathy for the lack of action I get   :lol:  ......no seriously.... :unsure:



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 So far the highest count I can find is 244, but I am certain there will be some with a lot more 'gifts' than that. 


Hey, I hope you don't think that every girl who has many present, is a zombie :) Please remember that gifts are used to communicate with friends cause we don't have a possibility to send PM to a friend from a friend list. And... girls tend to receive more presents just for being awesome ^_^ So if you are more then half year or even less, you can easily have many gifts.


Although I have to admit at some point I envy those girls who RP gift zombies. Awesome how they just don't care what others think about them. 

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Hahha! I 'LOL' as the saying goes, and actually that's very true so I'll apologise, I didn't factor in the long term members just having a lot of friends. That being said, the 244 was on a profile reading something along the lines of ........fuck me even if you're a Goblin from lord of the rings with countless diseases and must be willing to rape me with fish hooks, and, a Post Script "No gift, no finish!".


(I might have made the first bit up  ^_^ )


And the Gift Zombie's can absolutely have my brains!......Nothing else though, especially gifts  :P


A room full of Vampire ladies though............I might (willingly) struggle there......





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