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Thank you everyone. Happy Christmas and an amazing 2021

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That was awesome DyllanD!  Now I'll get to hear your voice in my head as I read your posts/msgs - lol.  I want to thank you for being the incredible DJ and friend to me over the last year.  We've had our shares of ups and downs in this "world" of ours on 3dx - not with one another, but with stuff in general - but I think we've both come out on top and it's nice to have you of all people there with me.  Honored to call you my friend!  See you in 2021!  

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@Rand You are right. Mostly that is because we are talking with text only.
Mistakes are made fast. People don't hear intonation of the voice neither face expression.
In the long run it is important to have fun. Gather people around you that you feel safe / good with.
People who take you who you are. People who take the time to listen to you when you try to explain what you feel.
In RL people write whole books about feelings that can be understood with just one look in someone's eyes.
A feeling you both understand when you look at each other. 
In 3dx that is missing and people don't take the time to either write or read the book when someone's trying to do either way.

I am sure we will have much more fun in the future !

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