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💀 SCARE-FEST: PURGATORY 💀 - Oct. 29th, 2pm EST / 8pm CET

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💀 5   D A Y S   T I L   S C A R E - F E S T 💀

P R E P A R E   Y O U R   S A N I T Y


Hey Guys, Natsumi Here :3, The new venue for this year's Scare-Fest is almost complete. I've added a few Easter eggs in the build. Try to guess where they're all from! See you there!

👻 Costumes/Cosplay Encouraged 👻

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Something Evil lurks beyond this door...

There are 15 Easter Eggs/References to Horror that can be found throughout the build

First person to name all references correctly will receive a free copy of the room, and

Any song of their choosing to be played on the piano by me! 

(The Song may take a few weeks to be uploaded for download so I have time to make a rendition of the song) 

3   D A Y S   T I L   S C A R E - F E S T !

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An awesome night for Scare-Fest! I loved everyone's reaction to the venue and thank you for your praise. I also wanna thank all the DJs that participated and brought life to the spooky atmosphere. Thank you all for coming and have a Happy and spooky Halloween. 

If you weren't able to figure out the 15 easter eggs/references found in the build here they are. 

  1.  Looping Room - P.T.
  2. Bunny Plushie -  Silent Hill 3
  3. Chained Door - Silent Hill 4: The Room
  4. Typewriter - Resident Evil 2
  5. Good Guys Box - Child's Play
  6. Crystal Ball - (Two Answers) The Haunted Mansion (Madame Liotta) / Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Prophecy) 
  7. Chainsaw - Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
  8. Upside Down Crosses - The Conjuring Series
  9. REDRUM - The Shining
  10. Bloody Walls - Sinister
  11. Claw Mark - Freddy Kruger (Nightmare on Elm Street) 
  12. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill
  13. Red Balloon - IT
  14. Upside down cross (on fire) - Outlast 2 
  15. Otherworld - Silent Hill 
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